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50+ Ideas for Thanksgiving Kids’ Table (Links)


During the holidays we’ve all had to sit at the kids’ table at some point in our lives. Now everyone will want to sit at the kids’ table if you use these creative ideas for making your Thanksgiving kids’ table the coolest on the block!

*Thanksgiving Kid’s Table: @ Fiskars
Silly turkey leg place card, pie treat holder, Mayflower drinking straw, decorative turkey clips, pilgrim hat crayon holder, Native American headband, and grateful tree centerpiece.
*The Kids’ Table: Thanksgiving Placecards, Paper Bag Turkey, Thanksgiving Quiz, Bite Sized Pumpkin Pies, Faux Pumpkin Pie Place Cards, Game Time Thanksgiving Boat Races, Thanksgiving Pumpkin Roll: @ One Charming Party

*Thanksgiving Kids Table: @ 11 Cupcakes
*How to Create an Amazing Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Happy Home Fairy
*Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Ideas: @ Craftberry Bush
Black Bristol board lines the table as a placemat or table cloth on a kiddie table that works just as a chalkboard. Wrap the utensils with a yellow and green napkin to simulate corn.
*Eat, Drink, Be Thankful Kid’s Table: by Mirabelle Creations
@ Amy Atlas: Sweet Designs and Kara’s Party Ideas
*Embrace the idea of a kids’ table: @ Country Living
*Thanksgiving Place Settings: @ Fiskars
*Giving Thanks: A Thanksgiving Kid’s Table: @ Frog Prince Paperie
*Kids’ Thanksgiving Table: We Are So Thankful!: @ Frog Prince Paperie
*Turkey Day Table Centerpiece: @
*Happy Gobble Day: @ Anders Ruff
*A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Denna’s Ideas
*It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Halloween/Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Denna’s Ideas
*Fun Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ La T Dah
*Mayflower Celebration: Sandra Lee’s Cute and Crafty Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving:
@ IVillage
*Thanksgiving Kids Table: @ Alesya Bags
*Set a Special Place for Kids: Ritzy Bee @ Southern Living
*Set a Great Kids’ Table for Thanksgiving: @ Pottery Barn Kids
*Mini Thanksgiving Feast: @ Small Fry Blog
*Ultimate Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Party Bluprints
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Giggles Galore
Kids Thanksgiving Table
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table: @ Saratoga Mama
*The Best Thanksgiving Yet: @ Rococo Report
*Kids’ Thanksgiving Table: by Parties for Pennies
@ Creative Home
*Whoot of Thanks Playdate: @ The Savvy Mom’s Guide
whoot 5
*Thanksgiving Child Setting: @ Momtastic
*Color Full Kids Thanksgiving Table: @ Kara’s Creative Place

*Free Printable Paper Pilgrim Hat and Bonnet: @
*Free Thanksgiving Kids Table Printables: @ Shindig Parties to Go
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table and Free Printable: @ Sweet Metel Moments
*Kids’ Table Printables: @ Alpha Mom
Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece, Thanksgiving Napkin Rings, Thanksgiving Crayon Holder, Thanksgiving Coloring Page
*Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Setting: @ Lily’s Laundry Blog
*Printable Turkey Trivia Cards: by Skip to my Lou @ Alpha Mom
*Free Printable Thanksgiving Placemat: @ Whatever Dee Dee Wants
Thanksgiving Children's Activity Placemat Printable 12x16
*Free Thanksgiving Fall Printable Kit: @ Paper Glitter
*Free Printable Thanksgiving Play Set: @ Chickabug
*Free Printable Kid’s Thanksgiving Placemats: @ Darling Doodles Design
*Thanksgiving Table for Kids: Free Printables: @ Design Dazzle
*Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Tips: @ How Does She

*Mayflower Crayon Holder: @ It’s Overflowing
*Mayflower Treat Holder!: @ My Cotton Creations
*(Pottery Barn Inspired) DIY Thanksgiving Treat Holders: @ Sheek Shindigs
*Kids’ Table Centerpiece: @
*DIY Paper Mayflower Centerpiece: @ Martha Stewart
*Mayflower Place Setting: @ Whatever Dee Dee Wants
Mayflower place setting
*DIY Mayflower Tutorial (Pottery Barn Inspired): @ The Pink Peony of Le Jardin
*DIY Mayflower: @ Making Life Whimsical

Mayflower Boat-kids table
*DIY Thanksgiving Tallship: @ Let’s Go Fly a Kite…

*Turkey Handprint Tablecloth: @ How Does She
*Thanksgiving Party: @ Happy Hawkins
*Pilgrim Straw Toppers: @ Daily Party Dish
*Turkey Pencil Holder (Tutorial): @ Pottery Barn Kids
*Pom Pom Tom Turkey Decoration: @
*Thanksgiving Entertainment for Kids: @ The Idea Room
*Thanksgiving Kids’ Table Activities: @ The Mother Huddle
*Moccasin and Pilgrim Treat and Placecard Holder: @ Can’t Stop Making Things

*Turkey Table Topper and Turkey Nut Holder: @

*Thanksgiving Chalk Cloth Placemats: @ Flamingo Toes
*Toddler to Teen Thanksgiving Table: @ The Celebration Shoppe
*Turkey Chair Covers: @ Wild Olive
*Turkey Chair Covers Tutorial: @ Spoonful
*Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Ideas: @ Spoonful
Turkey Napkin Holders, Pilgrim Napkin Rings, Photo Napkin Rings, Fall Tableware Napkin Rings, Wrapped Rings, Button Indian Corn Napkin Rings, Funny Fall Napkin Rings, Turkey Napkin Rings and Holders, Indian Corn Napkin Rings

*Thanksgiving Table for Kids: @
Thanksgiving Place Mats, Paper Pilgrims Thanksgiving Table, Gourd Gobblers, Cornhusk Dolls, Mayflower Centerpiece, Headdress Napkin Wrap, Paper Boat Place Cards, Finger Puppet Favors, Turkey Trivia

What’s your favorite memory of sitting at the kids’ table?
Do you have ideas for making the kids’ table more fun?
Please share in the comments!


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How to Make Shadow Puppets (Links)

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If you’d like to learn to make shadow puppets with your hands, shadow puppets with paper, or a shadow puppet theater…try one of the many links below. Shadow puppets are a great activity for Groundhog Day or Halloween and kids love them!

Click here for more Groundhog Day ideas

If you need to get your room completely dark during the day, check out my review for the awesome room darkening shades Blackout EZ Window Covers!

Hand Shadow Puppets*
The most difficult hand puppet subject may be accomplished after only a few minutes.

*Fun with Shadows for Home Entertainers (Jan, 1930) @ Modern Mechanix
This feature explains how anyone can cast the shadows of sixteen different figures, an accomplishment which will provide many full evenings of entertainment for either children or adults.

*How to Make Shadow Puppets @
Teach your kids to have fun without their toys by bringing shadows to life. See how to make a dog, swan, and bunny rabbit with nothing but your hands, light, and a little imagination.

*Shadowy Days @ Little Page Turners
I stretched a sheet between two chairs, placed a naked lamp on the ground, and voila! We had ourselves a shadow puppet stage.
02 IMG_8112

*Hand Shadows @ Apples 4 the Teacher
What a delightful way to expand on the concept of the Groundhog’s shadow – teach children how to make their own shadow characters! These can be made in front of an overhead projector or behind a hanging sheet with a light source.
25 apples4theteacher-logo25 boxerhandshadow01c

*Showy Shadow Puppets @ Disney
Animal Hand Shadow Tips: Puppy Face, Spider, Goose, Elephant Head
30 disfam01

Paper Shadow Puppets*Kid Craft: Make a Groundhog Shadow Puppet
by Modern Parents Messy Kids @ Momtastic
Here’s a fun kid craft that’s part art project, part puppet show
04 012612-groundhog1

*Shadow Puppets for Kids @ Drawing Mom
11 Picture 4

*Winter Shadow Puppets @ Little Wonders Days
They played with making the shadows bigger, smaller, and disappear altogether by moving their flashlight or the puppet.
03 DSCN9552

*Shadow Shapes Craft @
Regardless of whether the ground hog sees his shadow or not on February 2, kids can create their own Shadow Shapes—and make them all year ’round.

*Shadow Puppets @ (formerly FamilyFun)
Your kids can cast a shadowy show of their own with just a few of these simplified paper puppets and a tabletop stage.

*Shadow Puppets (Free Printable) @
This craft is easy and fun plus it’s a great way to entertain young children! (Free printable polar bear or muskox puppet template.)

*How to Make a Shadow Puppet (Free Printable) @ Frolic Blog
The template for an octopus, a shark, a wolf eel and a ship.
15 6a00d83451c0f869e2014e8b23c61c970d-500wi

*Halloween Shadow Makers (Free Printable) @ Mini Eco
The best thing is that they are very easy to make – all you need is some black paper, a craft knife, sticky tape and some wooden sticks.
06 halloween-1

*Shocking Silhouettes (Free Printables) @ Martha Stewart
As day turns to night, call on candles to cast an eerie glow throughout your home. When fierce silhouettes are propped above them, spectacular shadows dance across the walls.
08 la0907_hall07_spooksil_l

*Shadow Puppets @ While Wearing Heels
The possibilities for making your own shadow puppets are endless and the cost involved is next to nothing.
21 shadow puppets 005

*Shadow Puppets and Their Presentation
In shadow puppetry you are limited only by your imagination! Go make some fun puppets!

*Shadow Puppets @ Martha Stewart
More elaborate shapes require some supplementary materials, such as our templates for a shark, sea horse, angelfish, tuna, crab, and mermaid.
29 tvs6636_l

*How to Make Shadow Puppet @ The Organic Lemon
They are easy to make, affordable and provide hours of entertainment for little ones!
31 5823498471_84bc829954_z

*Glow-in-the-Dark Star Shadow Puppets
by willowday @ The Crafty Crow
The shadow puppet can be used for: 1) a window shadow puppet 2) a flashlight shadow puppet (Something for summer nights in tents) and 3) a glow-in-the-dark toy or decoration.
24 6a00d8341cc08553ef017616009118970c-400wi

*Make a Shadow Puppet Play @ Acorn Pies (also found here)
”For the theater, you could stretch a white sheet across a doorway, glue vellum to a wooden canvas stretcher, or like me, tape one-ply white paper to an old metal frame from the attic.”
36 DSCF0320

*Shadow Puppets (Free Template) @ Education
Make the most of some ordinary household supplies to create this fun puppet craft that hails from Indonesia.
34 file_324957

*Shadow Puppet Cutouts @
37 tryout

*Shadow Puppets (free printable) @ National Wildlife Federation
Dolphin, fish, starfish, octopus, squirrel, rabbit, turtle, butterfly
38 animal_shadow_puppets_695x316.ashx

*Easy Shadow Puppet Show @ Rhythm of the Home
”We stretched a sheet over two chairs in our living room. We attached the sheet to the chairs using clothespins, and stretched it all tight by using the weight of the chairs themselves.”
40 shadowpuppet8-500x333

*Make Bedtime (even more) Theatrical with Shadow Puppets
@ Canadian Family
”We just lay down with our puppets close to the wall and shone a flashlight right on them.”
42 shadow-puppets

*Make Shadow Puppets @ Squidoo
Illustrated step by step directions how you can make your own shadow puppets, set up your stage, and put on a shadow puppet play.
43 shadow-puppet-play

*Kid Craft: Shadow Puppets @ Gardening without Skills
We got two barstools and stretched out a piece of freezer paper in between the stools and taped it in place. We put a halogen desk lamp behind the stools and turned off the lights in the room.
46 feb20-Jace-dinoattack

*Shadow Puppets @ Nuture Store
Puppets are a wonderful way for children to work out real-life relationships and develop their language – and so much fun to make!
48 6940634184_601fb7d2c8

Shadow Puppet Theaters
Make a Shadow Puppet Theater

*Cereal Box Shadow Theater @ Mini-Eco
This cereal box shadow theater makes a great project for an older child. It’s really simple to make, and can be made from household scraps.
07 shadow-theatre-1

*Shadow Puppet Theater Tutorial @ Givers Log
Supplies: Freezer paper, Elmer’s Glue, Masking tape, permanent fabric paint (like textile paint or acrylic), sponge brayer for applying paint, Fabric that will let a little light through, Tulle (optional)
12 homemade-fabric-shadow-puppet-theatre

*DIY Shadow Puppet Theater @ Givers Log
”Tie a piece of string between two chairs and clothespin your theatre to the string. All you need is a flashlight and a puppeteer or two and you’re ready for a performance.”
13 s8-puppet-theater

*Little Light Theatre @ Home Adventurer
”At home we simply transformed our little entrance hall into the theatre; using a floor lamp for illumination, and a small table covered with a large sheet of baking parchment* as a screen.”
14 099

*Table Top Shadow Puppet Theater
@ (formerly FamilyFun)
Your kids can cast a shadowy show of their own with just a few of these simplified paper puppets and a tabletop stage.

*How to Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater
@ Inner Child Fun
Shadow puppet theater was made from an empty cardboard box with the bottom cut out, and replaced with two sheets of white tissue paper held in place with packaging tape.
23 shadowpuppets1a

*Shadow Puppet Theater @ Make Monthly
32 DSC_0018-777589

*DIY Shadow Puppet Theatre @ Salsa Pie
Here’s an easy way you can turn a cardboard box and some freezer paper into a shadow puppet theatre!
33 shadow puppet theatre covercollage text

*Shadow Puppets Cereal Box Theatre @ Red Ted Art
35 cereal-box-shadow-puppet-4

*Shadow Puppet Theatre @ Kirsten Rickert
41 IMG_8374

*Shadow Puppet Theater @ Squidoo
Making a shadow puppet theater is an inexpensive family time activity that will build memories. All you need is a cardboard box (a cereal box works very well), scissors, tape, thin white paper or wax paper, and either straws, craft sticks, or skewers.
39 lens2802852_1329871366--a-a--a


Fun Ideas for Groundhog Day / Groundhog Day Goodies / ”I Love You” Shadow Groundhog Day / Valentine’s Day Tradition
cfotb iluvushadow
Product Review: Blackout EZ Window Covers
The easy way to darken a room!
Product Review Blackout EZ Window Covers


Police Officer Crafts for Kids (National Police Week)

May 11-17, 2014 is National Police Week!
National Tell a Police Officer Thank You Day is in September!
Here are some great police crafts and activities you can do with the kids! These crafts are great for preschools and schools to use when learning about community heros and helpers.


*Policeman Thumbprint Character: @ Scrappin Cop

*Bank Robber Money Bag Tutorial: @ Craft Apple


*Policeman Crafts: @ Squidoo
Policeman pompom craft and free sheriff badge template.

*Police Officer Badge-Making Page: @ Community Club:

*Official Badge Generator: @

*Community Helpers Preschool Themes: Police (Printable Police Badge): @ Early Childhood Fun
Personal Safety, Traffic Safety, Police Theme Crafts, Printable Police Badge

*Make Police Badges with Preschoolers: @ ehow
*Kids Cutout Police Badge Crafts: @ ehow
Templates, Lacing Badge, Name Badges – Name Tags, Personalized Badge, Foil Badge
*Police Badge Crafts: @ ehow
Preschool Craft, Costume Craft, Crafty Gift, Decoupage Plaque
*Police Memorial Day Crafts: @
Making a Police Badge, Coming to the Rescue: Shoe box cars, Red White and Blue Key chain


*Police Officers Hat and Badge Craft: @ Kids Crafts Blog

*Policeman Crafts: @ Easy Kids Crafts
Police Hat using a visor, construction paper, pencil, scissors, tape and glue. Police Notepad using construction paper, white letter paper, pipe cleaner, black marker and scissors.

*Police Visor: @ Making Friends

*Labor Day Craft: Printable Hats: @

*Community Helper Felt Board Police and Fire: @ Making Learning Fun

*Policeman Hat: @ The Idea Box
*Police Officer Crafts for Kids: @
Hat and Badge, Crime Prevention Puppets, Family Emergency List


*Police Car Craft: @ Making Learning Fun

*Police Car: @ Activity TV (Video)
Visit the ATV garage and learn how to make this fun toy police car.

*Police Car Coloring Page: @ The Kidz Page

*Cardboard Box Police Car: @ Red Ted Art


*Police Officer TP Roll: @ dltk-kids

*Poliecman Toiletpaper Tube Puppet: @ Making Learning Fun

*Paper Doll Police Uniforms and Squad Car and Paper Doll Bad Guys: @ Scrappin Cop

*Community Helper Paper Dolls: @ First Palette

*Policeman Mask: @


*Policeman Lapbook: @ Homeschool Creations

*Police Officers: PreK and Kindergarten:
@ Homeschool Creations
Counting Fingerprints, Personal Safety, Stoplight Crackers, Badge and Hat, Stoplight Craft

*Police Printables: @ Homeschool Creations

*Kindergarten Police Officer Printables:
@ Confessions of a Homeschooler
Police hats and badges, What Police Officers do, K9 Units, Police Coloring, Finger Prints, Traffic Lights, Stop/Go sign and game, Traffic Light Snack, Math: Play “Domino Parking Lot”

*Unit Study: Police: @ Lawteedah
Flashcards, My information, Color by number Traffic light, Fingerprint Numbers, Whistle Patterns, Make a Police Badge, Role Play, Police Officer Says, Songs & Fingerplay

*Community Theme: Police Officers: @ PreKinders
Scroll down for Police theme!
Police Officers: License Plate Game, Police Officers: Fingerprints, Police Officer Prop Box

*Community Helpers Preschool Themes: Police (Printable Police Badge): @ Early Childhood Fun
Personal Safety, Traffic Safety, Police Theme Crafts, Printable Police Badge

*People Who Keep Us Safe: @ 2 Teaching Mommies
Lesson Plan, Memory Verse, S is for Safety, Safety Lapbook, Fire Fighting Beginning Writing, Shape Fire Truck, Catch the Robber (Dice Game), Stranger Danger

*Policeman Theme and Police Officer Theme @ First School
Alphabet theme printable materials for Letter P Police Officer, Book recommendations, Coloring Pages, What does a police officer do?, Police Officer Headband and Badge Craft, Safety Theme: Crime Prevention

*Police Theme Ideas: @ Preschool Express
Blue art, Police Officer Puppets, Personal Safety, Officer Help Me! Game, Traffic Safety, Police Officer Dramatic Play, I’m a Police Officer Song, Police Officer Placemats

*Community Helpers Theme: @ Pre-K Pages

*Community Helpers (Police Songs and Fingerplay): @ Hummingbird Educational Resources
Scroll down for POLICE ACTIVITIES: I Am A Policeman (Sung to: I’m A Little Teapot), Our Friend, Police Officer, The Policeman, The Policeman (Sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb), Lost Child, Two tall policemen met in a lane, Police officers are helpers wherever they may stand, Police Officers fingerplay, Police Art, Dramatic Play Police Station, Fingerprints, Police Week Line Up

*Labor Day Lesson Plans: The Police Officer:
@ Bright Hub Education


*Learning Telephone Numbers (Printable): @ Spell Outloud

*Learning to Dial 9-1-1: @ I Can Teach My Child


*Police Car Coloring Page: @ The Kidz Page

*Police Coloring Pages: @ Coloring Book Fun

*Policeman Coloring Pages: @

How does your family honor police officers throughout the year?
Let me know in the comments!


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Celebrating Leap Day (Links)

Happy LEAP DAY! Leap Year only happens every four years so make Leap Day special. Try something new, do something out of the ordinary, and have fun with it.

When coming up with a new tradition for Leap Day consider these key words that are important to the day: Leap, 4, 29, 229.
+Find something fun to do that incorporates leaping
+Set a timer and do something every 4 minutes (Change activities, switch seats at the table, leap in the air, etc)
+Invite over all of your Leaping Lizards for a sLEAPover and play Leap Frog!
+Create a time capsule to be opened on Leap Year 4 years from now.
+Since Leap Day is an extra day try doing something extra and make the day extraordinary!

When searching for Leap Day ideas the internet was unanimous…frogs. Frogs “leap” therefore they are apparently the perfect Leap Day mascot. Below you will find links to Leap Day and Frog themed games, crafts, foods, and more!

Why do we have a Leap Day?
(Email and Feed reader click here to view video.) and
The aim of this project is simple – Stripped down blogging to its simplest form to record one special day in time across the globe. As soon as the first time zone enters this blog will be open to posts. It’s simple, by filling out the form, you will be creating a blog post on this blog.


*Kids Leap Day Birthday Party Planner: @ Leap year Day

*Leap Year Kids Party Ideas: @ Peppers and Pollywogs
Leap Year Party – Frog-themed ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, menu, and goodies.

*Leap Year Party: @ Grey Grey Designs
Featured here and here

*Frog Prince Birthday Party: @ Kara’s Party Ideas

*Frogs and Butterflies Party in the Garden: @ Bird’s Party

*Make a Leap Day Birthday Special: @


*Leap Year Frog Cookies: @ The Celebration Shoppe

*Cookie Frog: @ Kraft Recipes

*Frog Cupcakes: @ Cutest Food

*Froggy Cupcakes: @ Family Fun

*Prince Naveen Frog Face Cupcakes: @ Disney Family

*Apple Frogs: @ Clean and Scentsible

*Kermit’s Green Apples Peanut Butter Dip: @ Disney Family

*Pickled Frog: @ BHG

*Froggy Friend Lunch: @ This Lunch Rox

*Princess and the Frog Lunch: @ Meet the Dubiens

*Leap Year Snack: @ JDaniel4’s Mom

*Toad-ally Fun Frog Fiesta: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Frogmelon: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Frog Bread: @ Edible Crafts
The recipe from the original source was taken down, but the comments are still there in case that’s helpful.


*Frog Activities for Children: @ DLTK Kids

*Paper Frog Puppet: @ Family Fun

*Letter “F” Frog: @ Play and Learn with Dana

*Paper Plate Frog Hand Tracing Craft: @ Busy Bee Kids Crafts

*Handprint Frog Craft: @ Fun Handprint Art

*Fly Catching Frog: @ Family Fun

*Leap Year Frog: @ Times Record News

*Leap Year Frog Craft: @ Lakeshore Learning

*Frog Catch Game: @ Ziggity Zoom

*Clay Pot Frog Craft: @ FamilyCrafts.About

*Paper Bag Frog Puppet: @ DLTK Kids

*Paper Bag Puppets: @ Enchanted Learning


*Leap Year Free Printables: @ Creatividee Workshop
Download here

*Celebrate Leap Year with Free Printables: @ Creative Party Buzz

*Leap Day Printable: @ Sherri Foxman

*Frog Maze: @ Print Activities

*Pin the Crown on the Frog Free Printable: @ Tip Junkie
“Here’s a poster you can print out on 4 sheets of paper, glue on a green posterboard and laminate, or simply tape together for an easy and fun game!”

*Musical Lily Pads Free Printable: @ Tip Junkie
Print out these lily pads and tape on the floor. Play with the same rules as musical chairs.

*Frog Hunt and Leap Year Games Free Printable: @ Tip Junkie
Frog Hunt, Ribbit, Ribbit, Jump, and Pass the Toad

*Origami Jumpin Frog Printable: @ Family Fun

*Frog Party Favor Bags: @ Mr. Printables

*Five Green Frogs: Kid’s Music Printable: @ Pickle Bums

*Freebie Printable: Butterfly and Frog Mask Templates: @ Bird’s Party

*Leap Froggin Game Board Part 1 and Part 2: @ Family Fun


*Frog Beanbag Toss: @ DLTK Kids

*Leap Year Activities and Party Ideas: @ Craft Jr.
Frog Paper Plate Craft, Frog Paper Bag Craft, Froggy Catch Game, Musical Lily Pads, Leap Year Coloring Page, Frog and Fly Game, Frog Dominoes, Frog Coloring Pages, Sherbet the Frog Dessert, Frog Cupcakes, Flippin’ Frogs Game, Leap Frog Bingo

*Leaping Groundhogs Game: @ JDaniel4’s Mom

*Frog Activities for Leap Year Day: @ ehow

*29 Fun Things to do on Leap Day: @ Mother Nature Network

*Children’s Games & Activities for Leap Year: @ ehow
Leap Year Division Challenge, Leap Year Beanbag Toss, Leap Year Birthday Cake Relay, Leap Year Verse, Leap Year Frog Cakes
Frog Chorus, Frog Diner, Tadpole Watch, Ribbit, Froggy May I?

*Leap Year Activities: @ Family Corner (forums)
Talk about leaping animals, Find a Leap Frog, Leaping and Jumping, Frog Straw Game, Kangaroo Jumping Fun, Froggy Snack, Leap Year Jump, Tracing, Leap Year Song(Tune of Bingo)



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*A Splendiferous Dr. Seuss Breakfast
*10 Easy Dr. Seuss Snacks
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*50+ Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables (Links)


Groundhog Day Goodies (Links)

Groundhog Day Goodies
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Groundhog Day is February 02 and if you’re looking for some great ideas for Groundhog Day snacks, treats, and eats…look no further!

How should you eat on Groundhog Day? On the ground, of course! Rock it picnic-style all day!

What should you eat on Groundhog Day? Below you’ll find all sorts of Groundhog-themed goodies great for breakfast and snacks. For lunch or dinner try some burrow-itos (tee-hee)! If you’re looking for something healthier you can try a groundhog’s diet for the day. Groundhogs are vegetarians so load up on the veggies!


*Groundhog Hot Cocoa @

*Groundhog Pancakes @

*Groundhog Pancakes: @ Reeses Pieces and Me

*Yummy Groundhog Day Pancakes: @ Chocolate Cake Moments

*Groundhog Donut and Toast: @ Secrets of a Supermommy

*Groundhog Day Bagel Treat @ National Wildlife Federation


*Groundhog Day Lunch @ Lunchbox Limbo

*It’s a Groundhog Lunch: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Groundhog Marmot Bento: @ Bento Monsters

*Groundhog Meatloaf: @ Secrets of a Supermommy


*Groundhog Day Desserts: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Punxatawney Phil Groundhog Graham Crackers
@ Babble Family Kitchen

*Groundhog Goodies @ The Pharma Blog

*Groundhog Day Pudding Cup @ Domesticated Lady (also here)
Image copyright of

*Groundhog Day Treat: @ Playtime with Mommy


*Groundhog’s Day Cookies @

*Groundhog Cookies: @ Secrets of a Supermommy

*Groundhog Day Cookies @ Hi Monkey

*Groundhog Day Cookie Recipe @ Quick Cooking Site

*Chocolate Groundhog Cookie Recipe
@ Seasonal Cooking at Suite101


*Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops: @ Sweetology

*Groundhog Day Celebration Cupcakes @ and

*Groundhog’s Day Cupcakes @

*Groundhog Day Cupcake @

*Cute Groundhog Cupcakes @

*Groundhog’s Day Cupcakes @

*Groundhog Day Cupcakes @

*Punxsutawney Phil Cupcakes: @ Created by Diane

*Groundhog Day Cupcakes: @ Cake Mix Doctor

*Groundhogs Day Cupcakes: @ Making Merry Memories

*Six More Weeks of Winter (Groundhog Cupcakes):
@ Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

*Gopher/Groundhog Cupcakes: @ Kitchen Daily (Video)

*Groundhog Day Cupcakes: @ The Peach Martini

*Groundhog Cupcakes: @ Flickr

*Cake Fun: Groundhog Day: @ Sweets & S’morsels Cakery

*Groundhog Cupcakes: @ Secrets of a Supermommy

*Happy Groundhogs Day Cupcakes: @ Patties Classroom

*Groundhog day-Devils food mini cake: @ cup.cake.CT
(also here)

*Groundhog’s Day Treats: @ Babycenter

*DIY Groundhog Day Cupcakes with Free Printable:
@ Lily Jane (featured here and here)


*Groundhog Cake Pops: @ Suburban Vegan

*Groundhog’s Day Cake @

*Groundhog Birthday: @ Cake Central

*Groundhog Cake: @ Crazy Beautiful Cakes

*Groundhog Cake: @ Flickr

*Groundhog Cake: by greeneyes3675

*Staten Island Chuck Cake: @ TLC

*Groundhog Cake: @ Flickr

*Groundhog Day Flower Pot Birthday Cake: @ Cake Central

*Groundhog Day Cake: @ Trendz and Traditions


*Groundhog Day “Shadow and Not” Cookies
@ Lizard N Ladybug

*Free Printable Groundhog Picks @

*DIY Groundhog Day Cupcakes with Free Printable:
@ Lily Jane (featured here and here)

*Groundhog Grub Treat Bag Toppers @ Teachers Pay Teachers

Fun Ideas for Groundhog Day / Groundhog Day: Shadow Puppets (Links) / ”I Love You” Shadow
cfotb iluvushadow


Hot Air Balloon Crafts and Snacks

The first hot air balloon flight was on June 5th 1783. I’ve never been on a hot air balloon ride due to my irrational fear of heights, still I thought that I’d share a few hot air balloon crafts, snacks, and activities I found around the web so that you can celebrate in style (safely…on the ground where the good Lord intended us to be 😉 )!

50+ Hot Air Balloon Snacks and Crafts

June 5th is also National Gingerbread Day, so I think that some Hot Air Balloon shaped Gingerbread cookies are in order! Use this gingerbread recipe to make the hot air balloon cookies below.

Hot Air Balloons Cookies, Cakes, and Cupcakes
*Hot Air Balloon Cookies: @ Betty Crocker

*How to decorate a hot air balloon cookie five different ways:
@ Wonder How To Video tutorial

*Hot Air Balloon Cake: @ Woman’s Day

*Hot Air Balloon Birthday Cake: @

*Balloon Cupcakes: @ Family Fun

*Disney/Pixar UP Cakes: @ Family Fun

*Hot Air Balloon Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes: @ Kids Spot

*Hot Air Balloon Snack: @ Making Learning Fun

*Hot Air Balloon Games: @ Kiwi Families

Hot Air Balloon Crafts
*Project #84: Hot Air Balloon: @ bloesem kids

*Hot Air Balloon Blow Painting: @ Teach Preschool

*DIY Hot Air Balloon Greeting Cards: @ The Crafting Chicks

*Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon: @

*Hot Air Balloon Craft: @ Free Kids Crafts

*How to Make a Mini Flyable Hot Air Balloon with Candles:
@ WikiHow

*Wrapping Paper Hot Air Balloons: @ Show Kids the Fun

*A Ballooning Craft: @ Sparkling Adventures

*Hot Air Balloon: @ Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

*How to Draw Hot Air Balloons: @ Draw While You Learn

*Hot Air Balloon Craft: @ Inspired Kids

*Hot Air Balloons: @ Preschool Storytime Crafts

*Hot Air Balloon Festival Craft: @

*Things in the Sky Craft: @ Flaming Imp

*Hot Air Balloon: @ Sprout Online

*Hot Air Balloon Craft: @ Sprout Online
Free template included

*How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Craft:
by Craft Club @ Video

*Hot Air Balloon Crafts: @
*Plastic Bag Hot Air Balloon: @ Show Kids the Fun

Hot Air Balloon Free Printable
Coloring and Activity Sheets

*Free Printable Hot Air Balloon Father’s Day Card: @ Kaboose

*Hot Air Balloon Crafts: @ First-School
Hot Air Balloon Color and Shapes Activity, Hot Air Balloon Trace by the Color and Decorate

*Free Printable Hot Air Balloon Coloring Sheets:
@ Coloring Book Fun
10 to choose from! Warning: Lots of pop-ups!

*Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page: @ Activity Coloring Pages

*Balloon Craft: @ DLTK’s Holiday Activities for Kids
Balloon template free printable

Papier Mache Hot Air Balloons
*Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon: @ The Imagination Tree

*Papier Mache Hot Air Balloon: @ First Palette

*Papier Mache Hot Air Balloons: @

*Make a Papier Mache Hot Air Balloon: @ York Blog

Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloons
*Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon: @ Teaching Physics

*Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon: @ Junior Balloonist

*Hot Air Balloon Tissue Paper Craft: @ I Can Teach My Child

Hot Air Balloon Mobiles
*Tutorial: Hot Air Balloon Mobile: @ Brown Accents

*Kid’s / Mommy Craft: Hot Air Balloon Mobile: @ Make It Lovely

*Floating Hot Air Balloons Craft: @

*Baby Mobile Hot Air Balloon: @ Fave Crafts

Hot Air Balloon Pinatas
*How to Make a Piñata: @ Family Fun

*How to Make a Paper Mache Pinata: @ Family Crafts

*How to Make a Pinata: @ Easy Party Ideas and Games

*Making a Hot Air Balloon Pinata: @ Suite 101

Hot Air Balloon Centerpieces
*A Lofty Table Topper: @ Family Fun
Jazz up your picnic with a utensil-holding hot-air balloon that really rises to the occasion.

*How to Make a Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece:
@ Meta Café Video tutorial

*Hot Air Balloon Candy Dish: @ Kim’s Kandy Kreations

*How to Make a Patriotic Hot Air Balloon Decoration:
@ Crafty Mates

Hot Air Balloon Party and Room Decorating Ideas
*Hot Air Balloon Room: @ Design Dazzle

*Up, Up, and Away Baby Shower: @ Project Nursery

*Hot air balloons theme decorating ideas: @ Marie’s Manor

*So Much Sweetness | Baby Shower Photography:
@ Simply Bloom Photography

*Hot Air Balloon Inspired Wedding Celebration: @ The Sweetest Occasion

*Vintage Travel Inspired Wedding Ideas:
@ The Sweetest Occasion

*Puffies Hot Air Balloon: @ KI Memories
You can see the rest of Maggie’s room here

*Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party: @ Steph Modo

Hot Air Balloon Costume
*Hot Air Balloon Costume: @ Family Fun

*Hot Air Balloon Costume: @ Family Fun
A finalist in the 6th Annual Costume Contest

*Hot Air Balloon Costume: @ Country Living

Have you tried any hot air balloon crafts?
Have you ever been on a hot air balloon ride?
Have you ever gone to a hot air balloon festival?
Tell me in the comments!

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