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Half Birthday Celebrations

halfbirthday02 IMGP3517ctxt

Yesterday was Adaline’s Half Birthday!
She turned 3.5 🙂

2013-02-04 IMGP3556cb

I’ve always wanted to celebrate her half birthday but never have before. When she was younger I didn’t really want her to have the extra cake…and without the half-cake it seems kinda pointless to celebrate the half birthday. Last year I was super pregnant so we skipped it again.

This year seemed like the right time to start. Jonathan’s first birthday is a few days away (can you believe he’s already a year old?!) and Adaline was a little jealous and having a hard time understanding that this is not her birthday, or party, or cake. Giving her a little half-birthday celebration was something special for her before all of the focus shifts to Jonathan.

2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3523ctxt
halfbirthday05 IMGP3511txthalfbirthday07 IMGP3512txt

We celebrated with half of a cake, 3 and a half candles, and half plates.
2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3528txt
halfbirthday03 caketxthalfbirthday04 IMGP3507txt

We also sang Adaline “Halfie Birthday”.
It still sounds like “happy”. Oh well.

(Email and feed readers click here to watch the video.)

At the end of the video she’s running away from the candle smoke. She told us to “Get that stinky thing outta here!”

Adaline received half of a birthday card and a small present from the dollar store. We gave her the whole present. Only giving half of a present to a 3.5 year old would be a little cruel since she doesn’t quite understand it yet.

2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3532txt
halfbirthday06 IMGP3510txt

She was happy with her little celebration but she did get upset because there weren’t any balloons and she asked, “Where are all the people?”. All of those big birthday parties are coming back to haunt me.

In addition to measuring height on their birthday each year it has also been our tradition to measure height on each half birthday. Now I know why none of her clothes fit anymore!
2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3545c

Look how grown up she looks after just 6 months!
2012-2013 Adaline 3.5yo

This half-birthday took me less than a half hour to plan 😉 All it took was a trip to the dollar store and making/buying a small cake.
(The cake looks deceiving big in the photos…it was very small.)
halfbirthday01 IMGP3517ctxt2

The scary part is that I only have 6 more months to plan her 4th birthday party!

Do you celebrate half birthdays in your family?
Let me know in the comments!


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