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Half Birthday Celebrations

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Yesterday was Adaline’s Half Birthday!
She turned 3.5 🙂

2013-02-04 IMGP3556cb

I’ve always wanted to celebrate her half birthday but never have before. When she was younger I didn’t really want her to have the extra cake…and without the half-cake it seems kinda pointless to celebrate the half birthday. Last year I was super pregnant so we skipped it again.

This year seemed like the right time to start. Jonathan’s first birthday is a few days away (can you believe he’s already a year old?!) and Adaline was a little jealous and having a hard time understanding that this is not her birthday, or party, or cake. Giving her a little half-birthday celebration was something special for her before all of the focus shifts to Jonathan.

2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3523ctxt
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We celebrated with half of a cake, 3 and a half candles, and half plates.
2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3528txt
halfbirthday03 caketxthalfbirthday04 IMGP3507txt

We also sang Adaline “Halfie Birthday”.
It still sounds like “happy”. Oh well.

(Email and feed readers click here to watch the video.)

At the end of the video she’s running away from the candle smoke. She told us to “Get that stinky thing outta here!”

Adaline received half of a birthday card and a small present from the dollar store. We gave her the whole present. Only giving half of a present to a 3.5 year old would be a little cruel since she doesn’t quite understand it yet.

2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3532txt
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She was happy with her little celebration but she did get upset because there weren’t any balloons and she asked, “Where are all the people?”. All of those big birthday parties are coming back to haunt me.

In addition to measuring height on their birthday each year it has also been our tradition to measure height on each half birthday. Now I know why none of her clothes fit anymore!
2013-08-04 Adaline 3.5yo IMGP3545c

Look how grown up she looks after just 6 months!
2012-2013 Adaline 3.5yo

This half-birthday took me less than a half hour to plan 😉 All it took was a trip to the dollar store and making/buying a small cake.
(The cake looks deceiving big in the photos…it was very small.)
halfbirthday01 IMGP3517ctxt2

The scary part is that I only have 6 more months to plan her 4th birthday party!

Do you celebrate half birthdays in your family?
Let me know in the comments!


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Adaline’s Half-Birthday 2011

Adaline turned 18 months old today. These are the accounts of the day as told by her mother (that would be Me).

Adaline spent the morning hanging out with Daddy and then they went to rent an Elmo DVD at the library but it was closed so Daddy bought her one at Wal-Mart (he’s not indulgent at all…). By the time they got home it was nap time. When Adaline woke up from her nap Daddy had to leave for work.

I decided to go into the kitchen to make myself scrambled eggs and figured I’d also make some for Adaline with cheese in it and serve it with peas and black-eyed peas. We have a gate to close off the kitchen but Adaline’s taken to screaming the whole time I’m in there and it’s too distracting for me so I left the gate open so that she could play in the kitchen.

She played well while I got things set up. I got out her plate and put the peas on it and set it next to the sink. I put the black-eyed peas in the microwave. I got out the eggs and set them on the counter along with a plate, a bowl, a fork, and butter. I put the pan on the stove and turned on the heat. The egg carton was empty and the trash was full so I set the egg carton on top of the trash can.

I got the eggs beaten up and I was going to put the butter in the pan when I look back and notice that Adaline had pushed open the garbage can and was putting her hand inside of it (ew). I quickly said to her, “Adaline, no! Don’t touch that, that’s yucky!” Yucky is also the word I use every time she spits, so when I said it she instinctively started spitting and rubbing her hand all over her mouth. The hand that was just inside the trash can (mbleh)! I picked her up stood her onto a kitchen chair (which was still too short so I had to lift her onto my knee) and washed her hands. While she was getting her hands washed she noticed the plate of peas sitting there and starting saying “Peas, eat! Peas, eat, eat!”. I was about to set her back onto the floor when I noticed a smell. “Did you poop?” Yes, of course she did. But the stove was already hot, so I thought I could scramble the eggs real quick and then change her diaper so that I didn’t forget about the stove being on.

I scrambled the eggs (having to stop several times to fulfill more requests for “Peas!”). Just as I was putting the eggs onto a plate I hear a sound. It’s the sound of dog food scattering all over the floor. Poor Muppet was trying to eat when Adaline pulled the bowl out from underneath him, dumped the food on the ground and started batting it around with her hands. I started to put the food back in the bowl. Adaline began to put it in as well, without me prompting her, as if this was the little game she wanted to play all along “Yes, let’s put dog food into the bowl piece by piece, Mommy! It will be ever so much fun!” I give the dog back his food and Adaline and I go back over to the sink to wash our hands again. While doing so I’m reminded, “Oh, that’s right. We need to change your diaper.” I set her down and finish putting the rest of the food on her plate and then go to the family room and set out the diaper changing stuff.

Adaline’s fighting me as I’m trying to change her diaper (which is always fun with the poopy ones), squirming away and saying, “No!”. I manage to get her to stay still by telling her she can’t have anymore peas until she’s wearing a clean diaper. While I’m changing her, my husband calls, but I just let it ring. I flush the poop and wash my hands for the 3rd time in 15 minutes, then Adaline tells me her bottle is empty.

When I go into the fridge to get the soy milk I’m nearly attacked by a full gallon of milk. Cool Daddy had bought it earlier in the day but didn’t rearrange the fridge so that it would fit. As I’m trying to find a place for it quickly so that I can fill Adaline’s bottle, the home phone begins to ring…I can’t hear who it is, so I let it ring because I’m busy. As I’m pouring Adaline’s milk she notices both orange juice and water in sippy cups in the fridge and asks for them both. I hand them both to her and continue pouring.

I get Adaline into the living room with her milk, oj, and water, when my cell phone rings again. This time I answer it and explain to my husband why I couldn’t answer his call the last two times. As I’m talking to him my call waiting starts beeping (it’s my mom), but I don’t answer it. I get off of the phone with my husband and call my mom back, but Adaline decides that the water in her sippy cup from earlier in the day didn’t meet her standards and she wanted me to freshen it up. I’m not sure how I understood all of that from her shaking the cup and saying “Water, water.”, but I did. As I’m talking to my mom I dump out the old water put in 3 ice cubes, fill it up with new water, and hand it back to Adaline. She is happy with the fresh water (And the peasants rejoice.).

I get off of the phone with my mom and sit down with Adaline’s plate to feed her. She takes a bite of egg and she eats some peas and black-eyed peas. She takes another bite of egg that she decides to spit all over the floor. Muppet is happy about this. I try several more times to get her to eat more. She’s uninterested.

I put the plate back in the kitchen and close the gate. I decide to eat my eggs now. They are cold. As I’m eating them Adaline is laying on the floor drinking up water and then spitting it all over herself. Nice. I ignore it so that I can finish eating. I’m nearing the end of my eggs. Adaline wants to sit next to me. I put her on the sofa next to me and she points to my plate and says “Eggs” and starts smiling and bobbing her head “yes”. I say, “Do you want some eggs?” She does. (Well, tough luck, kid…these are mine.) I scarf down the last few bites and then go into the kitchen to get her plate. She takes a bite of eggs and spits them onto the floor. Muppet is happy about this. She eats a few more peas. She takes some more peas and spits them all over the floor. Muppet is happy about this. The plate goes back into the kitchen.

I attempt to fold some laundry. Adaline puts two baby dolls and Elmo inside the basket. I take them out. She puts them back in. I put a folded shirt in the basket. She unfolds it and throws it on the floor. I ask for it back. She hands it to me. I fold the laundry and put it on the sofa. The baby dolls and Elmo are still in the basket. My mom arrives. Adaline is distracted. I take the dolls out and put the laundry in the basket. The laundry is done. Adaline takes the top shirt and throws it on the ground. I refold it and put the basket out of reach.

It’s bed time. We go through our routine, I lay Adaline in bed. I shut the door behind me. And the peasants rejoice.

The End.

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