1 Week Left! (3rd Trimester Recap)

Today I am 39 weeks which means only one more week to go (maybe)! Here’s what I’ve been up to (pregnancy-wise) during this trimester since my last update.

(2011-11-16 28w3d)

At 28 weeks I had an appointment. I found out that I passed my glucose test, baby’s heart-rate, and my blood pressure and fundus measurement were good. This was my first appointment with “Dr. Motormouth”…called such because of his tendency to say a lot quickly and not give you much opportunity for questions. He didn’t seem concerned about the VBAC either way but was sure to let me know that I can (and should probably) schedule a c-section anyway because I can always cancel it and the schedule fills up quickly. I declined. He also gave me a VBAC consent form to sign.

(2011-11-17 28w4d) Total Weight Gain: 19.2 lbs

Signing the VBAC consent form.

(2011-11-20 29wks)

Thanksgiving Day.
It looks like I smuggled the turkey under my shirt!
(2011-11-24 29w4d)

Around this time I stopped the prenatal workouts that I’d started the month prior. Mostly just from being busy and tired.

(2011-11-27 30wks)

(2011-12-04 31wks)

At 31 weeks I had another appointment with “Dr. Sunshine” (see this post for more info). My sister had to take me to this appointment since Cool Daddy had to work. I gave her my signed VBAC consent form and she started right away with the negativity. Without getting into much detail about our exact conversation she just kept repeating to me that I might need another c-section, that I was “making it harder on myself” for attempting a natural birth, and then nearly yelled at me about needing to understand that they might just have to take this baby by c-section. Golly-gee, that appointment was a lot of fun. I was infuriated, however, instead of arguing with her I just nodded and said, “I understand.”. I called my husband on the way home and I was in tears for fear that I would end up with this same OB again for delivery. My husband calmly told me not to worry and that when I’m in labor we’ll simply call and find out who the doctor is and if she’s there…we’ll go to a different hospital. I was so proud of him for understanding how important this is to me 🙂
All of that aside, that day once again baby’s heart rate and my blood pressure were good (she didn’t measure my fundus). And thankfully I haven’t had to see Dr. Sunshine at an appointment since then and shouldn’t have to.

(2011-12-09 31w5d) Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs
Don’t let my smiley face fool you…I was furious!

Here is where I tell you that on 12/13 I came down with a stomach flu and was sick all day. Worse than that my husband came down with it 3 days later…the very day we were supposed to go for our 3D/4D ultrasound. I called everybody that I knew to try to get a ride up there for the appointment, but nobody could take me. We couldn’t reschedule because they were booked up clear through January. So disappointing 😦
On the plus side after I had that stomach bug the little guy started moving around like crazy. I really hadn’t been feeling him too much before that. Maybe it was just coincidence but after being sick he became much more active…particularly in the evenings. I love baby wiggles 🙂

(2011-12-18 33wks)

At 33 weeks I had another appointment. This one was with “Dr. Tiny” (she’s seriously little and thin). I asked her all of the same questions I’d asked Dr. Sunshine at my previous appointment. Somehow she managed to answer everything without raising her voice, being negative, or raining gloom and doom down upon me. Fancy that.

(2011-12-23 33w5d) Total Weight Gain: 22.2 lbs

On Christmas Eve my nephew became very interested in my bump and it quickly became the favored source of entertainment among the toddlers.

Which then led to this…

For our 2nd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition I decided to deck the bump out in style.
I know…that sweater vest is awesome-sauce!
(2011-12-24 33w6d)

New matching jammies for the whole family is another Christmas Eve tradition of ours. This year I went with the grand-daddy of all Christmas pjs…red footed long johns with a drop seat! Don’t be jealous.

(Left: cousin Aunia Center: Jenn and her big belly Right: sister Jess)

After Christmas I had maternity photos taken.
Here are a few of my favorites.
(2011-12-26 34w1d)

Another OB appointment with Dr. Tiny. Everything went well.
(2012-01-04 35w3d) Total Weight Gain: 24.6lbs
Apparently if you take photos with a crappy cell phone it will result in you looking like a squashed mushroom from Super Mario Brothers.

So…a hippo gets dressed up for a wedding…
(2012-01-07 35w6d)

My sister-in-law got married. She looked beautiful and thin therefore I will not be posting her picture here 😉 Seriously, though, I do hope to write a post in the future about Adaline’s experience as a flower girl. Anyway, there was a wedding and I went to it and I was all big and I totally shook my pregnant groove thang on the dance floor. Coincidentally this causes complete strangers to fear that your water will break before their very eyes.

By the way…a few days after this I caught a head cold (which I got from Adaline) and the stuffy/runny nose continued for several weeks. Nice.

OB appointment with “Dr. Favorite” (She’s been my favorite since before I got pregnant with Adaline. She’s that doctor that I saw for preconception/infertility treatments as well.). My blood pressure and fundus measurements were good and baby’s heartrate was good in the 150s. I had to be swabbed for the Group B Strep test and had to do a clean catch sample so they could check for a UTI.
(2012-01-11 36w3d) Total Weight Gain: 26.4 lbs

This OB appointment was with “Dr. Lurch” (he’s quiet and kinda creepy with a mortician vibe to him). Everything was good and baby’s heartrate was 137. I didn’t have an internal exam (yay!).
(2012-01-19 37w4d) Total Weight Gain: 28.4 lbs

(2012-01-22 38wks)

Another appointment with “Dr. Tiny” went well. Blood pressure, fundus, and heartrate were all good. Internal exam, bleh, but showed I’m making some progress. I experienced some pain and difficulty walking the rest of the day.
(2012-01-25 38w3d) Total Weight Gain: 28.4 lbs

(2012-01-29 39wks)

And here are the weekly belly shots from my 3rd trimester.
(Click photos to enlarge)

As far as pregnancy symptoms go…

My heartburn has been on and off. It’s unpredictable.
For the most part I don’t ever seem to get back or rib pain anymore.

Around 37 weeks my belly started to get super itchy and within a week I developed a rash. I asked the doctor and she didn’t think it was PUPPP rash and said it just seems to be irritated, dry, stretched skin. The itching has lessened over the past few days and the rash hasn’t spread.

I’ve been having hip pain during the night for most of the third trimester. This past weekend it’s getting worse and sometimes I can barely walk even during the day as they pain has also spread to my pelvis.

This weekend I’ve experienced an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions.

Since it’s unlikely that I’ll post again before baby boy gets here I suggest keeping an eye on my Facebook page for baby updates. I’ll probably post the birth announcement there long before I get a chance to blog about it.

Make your predictions now…
When do you think baby boy will get here?
How big do you think he will be?

(If this helps…Adaline was 5 days late and she was 8lb6oz 21.5”.)

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