Jenn’s 1st Birthday Party 1980


(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

After just having Adaline’s first birthday party last month and with my 31st birthday coming up the end of September, I thought that I’d share photos from my first birthday party.

I don’t remember it, well, because I was only 1!  It appears as though my mom did a woodland creatures theme.  The raccoon and squirrel on the paper products are so adorable.  The little cottage cake was my mom’s first attempt at cake decorating she tells me.  By the way…she was only a month away from delivering my sister in these pictures!

Cottage Cake for Jenn’s 1st Birthday


The Birthday Girl




That’s my aunt hiding in the background behind my mom. 


That’s all of the photos that I have.  If any family out there has more pictures from my first birthday party, please send them!

If you haven’t already, head over to Adaline’s first birthday party post and take a look!

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Be sure to stop back tomorrow and check out my 2nd Birthday!







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