Jenn’s 3rd Birthday Party 1982

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

My 3rd Birthday started off with a visit from Pinky the Clown who delivered a big bunch of balloons. Oooooo-Awwwww.


The theme of the party was Wizard of Oz. If you look closely at the paper products you can see The Scarecrow, Lion, etc. (Yes, I typed etc. because it would be just too time-and-space consuming to type out Tinman and Dorothy, but now it’s all pointless anyway because I used all of these words to make fun of myself).



Unfortunately this photo above is the only picture that I have of the cake 😦 It looks as though it was probably The Emerald City with a rainbow over it.
In the photo below it looks as though mom made individual rainbow cakes for each of the kids. (Wow, mom, that’s pretty ambitious!)




The girl on my right is my cousin, but I have no idea who the three boys to my left are.

Jenny and Grandpa

The Birthday Girl...3 years old!

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Be sure to check back tomorrow to see my 4th Birthday!


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  1. FINALLY you added a pic or two with your sissy, all though, you did not let every one know who the little cutie in the back ground was in that awesome high chair. Keep it up, it is fun to read your posts.


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