Jenn’s 4th Birthday Party 1983

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

For my 4th birthday I had an awesome castle cake! I can’t really see the paper products well enough to know the exact “theme” of the party…but it’s all about the cake anyway, right?! Well, me and the cake 😉


That’s me and Cheer Bear. Cheer Bear somehow got misplaced over the years and I’m disappointed. I’m not thrilled with the new Care Bears and would’ve loved to have given my original to Adaline. Oh well, at least she’ll have a good collection of 80s Barbies to play with!


Oh yes, that’s a Care Bears nightgown!  Let us all jump with excitement! 





I don’t know who that boy is clear over to the right. I also don’t know what the poor person next to him did to not even deserve to be in the picture. Except for the elbow, the elbow is very important.



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