Jenn’s 5th Birthday Party 1984

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)


My 5th birthday party was none other than…Herself the Elf!
Complete with a Herself the Elf cake, made by my mom, and Herself the Elf paper products!



I’m not sure who the little blond boy on the left is. It’s quite possible that he just has chubby cheeks, but to me it looks as though he has them puffed out to blow out my candles! How rude! Everyone knows that only the birthday child gets to spit all over the cake before everyone eats it!

Don’t you wish that you had a sweatshirt with panda butts on it?  Eat your heart out!

When I saw this photo I couldn’t remember what the name of my sister’s doll was. I tried to do a search for 80s crawling baby dolls but baby “Oopsie Daisy” kept coming up. It just didn’t look like the same doll to me. Somehow I managed to come across this doll Piccolo Luca. This definitely looks like the right doll, but I couldn’t find an “Americanized” version of it. I thought for-sure it had some kind of catchy name. Guess not.

Jenny and Grandpa 1984

 This was my largest party yet, in terms of guests, and this time there’s only 3 strangers there! I don’t know who the 2 boys on the right are, nor do I know the girl on the right. I do believe, though, that they are siblings (whoever they are).


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