Jenn’s 12th Birthday 1991

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)
1991 was another year that I didn’t have a party (and if I did I don’t have any photos of it).
So today I present to you my sister’s 4th birthday.


It was all about The Mouse for my sister’s 4th Birthday,
complete with a Mickey Mouse cake and paper products.




And just in case you were having any doubts about what year it was the Cabbage Patch Kids book and My Little Pony should tip it off. (Pssst…It’s 1984!)


A Cabbage Patch Kids purse? Yes, please!
My sister was quite the little tomboy at this age, but she loved purses. One time we were on a hike she was lagging behind as usual. We were in the back seat on the way home and she opened up this very purse and dumped onto the back seat about 10 caterpillars. She had been collecting them as we were walking and putting them in her purse. They were all pretty much dead and the smell that was coming from her purse was indescribable. I was really grossed out at the time, but now I giggle every time I think of it.



I know who everyone in this picture is except for the girl next to me that looks like she’s 12 years old.

And once again to give you at least a glimpse of me at age 12, here are some photos from 1991.



We’ll take the Physical Challenge!

Anybody have a guess as to what was going on in this photo?


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Be sure to check back tomorrow






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