Jenn’s 13th Birthday 1992

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

For my 13th Birthday Party I had a sleepover. No photos again, but I did have some video tape that I swiped some images from. I counted there being 8 other girls plus my sister and I.
There was no theme or anything like that. I had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
During sleepovers we were all supposed to stay downstairs. I don’t remember how or why but at some point all of the girls ended up in my room. One by one they all sat on my bed. My sister (who was the tiniest of all of us) was the last one to sit on the bed. Once she did…CRASH! The bed frame broke. We all screamed and ran outside of the house (I have no idea why) and then once we had all stopped laughing we began singing and dancing in the street.  I’m pretty sure that I slept on just a mattress and box spring until 1998.

That’s me and my best friend, Kelly.



On a movie or tv show or something I had seen a birthday cake with sparklers instead of candles.
I thought it was cool. So I saved some sparklers from July to use on my birthday cake.
Well, the sparklers took forever to light.
By the time one was lit the one before it had fizzed out.
I don’t know how they did it in the movie, but it did not work in reality 😦 
All of my guests were quite tired of standing around watching my mom light sparklers.
There I am stressing out about my sparklers not working 😦


This was while everyone was singing Happy Birthday to me. 
I’m pretty sure that Kelly is trying to keep me from singing to myself…
which I’ve been known to do on occasion.


Oh, and another thing about sparklers…you can’t blow them out!


We played a game of Twister. I was one of the last two, but didn’t win.


The video camera we were using was one that my parents got when I was about 5 years old. 
To use it you had to connect the camera to the VCR and carry the VCR around with you.  In this picture my friend was filming and walking and I had to walk in front of her carrying the VCR until we reached our destination.  Now you can record video from a cell phone that you can fit in your pocket. 
I am an old, old lady!
I was into Treasure Trolls for some reason. 
I just really thought that they were cute and I started a collection. 
This little fella was one of my gifts. 
Behind him was a totally awesome 90s-style shirt that I also received as a gift. 
I think that shirt is pretty sweet but I don’t have any memory of ever actually wearing it anywhere.
Another gift…cute puppy dog!  I also received the book Dawn Saves the Planet from the Babysitter’s Club series but I wasn’t able to get a good screen shot of it.  I was really into the Babysitter’s Club. 
I still have all of my books packed away.  I would bust them out right now and read them again if I wasn’t so busy being a mom and all.  Oh well, maybe in 20 years or so.

And here’s Buffalo Bill the Pink-Footed Cowboy. 
He wasn’t a Treasure Troll but that didn’t stop him from being cool. 
I mean…he has a pink foot!
Now for a more clear picture of me at 13, that is if the polka dots don’t cross your eyes!

You will be happy to know that this top had matching navy blue coolots.
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