Jenn’s 17th Birthday 1996

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)
Well, this is going to be a short one.
For my 17th Birthday I had a sleepover.
I had a few girls from the Dance Line spend the night.
I don’t remember anything else, nor do I have any photos or videos 😦
For shame.


I’m pretty sure that my senior pictures were taken very close to my birthday.
I was supposed to have them taken earlier than that but the photographer called and had to reschedule because she broke her arm (how dare she).
Once I finally got the photos taken it was a terrible experience.
I didn’t care for the photographer at all.
Without going into much more detail, here are just a few of those photos.


I hope that’s not supposed to be the Ladder of Success
because I look way too tired and disinterested to climb it!
I loved me some grunge.  Best fashion trend ever!
My hair wasn’t usually that clean either 😉


I chose the picture above for my headshot in the yearbook as I felt that it more closely represented me as a person.  As opposed to this photo which the photographer took specially to be used in the yearbook:
No thank you.
That’s it for today 😦


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You can take a look at my 1st-16th Birthdays by following the links on this page.
Be sure to check back tomorrow




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  1. wow I think you look very pretty in all of them. You should see mine! Thanks so much for the follow. I am following you back 🙂


    • Thanks Kelly!

      I appreciate the follow 🙂

      It wasn’t so much the photos themselves as much as the whole experience with the photographer. I’ll blog the details someday. Thanks again!


  2. I miss grunge…I agree, best trend ever. You could roll out of bed, throw on last nights flannel and jeans, and still be cool. Let’s bring it back…lol.


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