Jenn’s 16th Birthday 1995

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)
Can you believe that we’re already in the second half of Celebrating 30 Years in 30 Days?!
It feels like it’s been 16 days or something (tee-hee)!

Well, today I’m going to turn 16. On the blog that is.
I had a party of 16 people (myself and sister included).
Everyone (with the exception of 4 kids from church) at the party was in the marching band.
We actually had a Band Festival that night and I live about 5 minutes away from the field, so it worked out that all of the band kids were at my house.

Once again I am missing photos but I was able to take screenshots from the VHS tape.
The tape didn’t transfer well, so the pictures are pretty fuzzy 😦
The night before my party (which was held on my actual birthday) my best good friend, Meghan spent the night. We were up until 3am watching Forest Gump while Meghan braided my hair.


This was the best picture that I could get:

Meghan also ripped my jeans for me (yay!).
I believe that she felt led to do that because 15 years later I would want to show all of you a picture of my knee. And here it is…

(That’s Meghan in the background.)

I was wearing Chucks because they are awesome.

D.C. Talk’s “Jesus Freak” was playing in the background because it is awesome.
Here’s a peek into the dining room.

This card appears to have something to do with driving,
which is funny since I still don’t drive.

We never get a chance to see the cake except for the piece on my plate.
It appears to be chocolate!
(You’re shocked, I know!)

Here are various screenshots of me. My hair was super long (down to my waist).
Later this same year I ask my sister to trim my hair and she cut it up to my chin.
It looked cute, but I was still ticked off!


And here I am waving good bye.


Or perhaps I am telling the story of a one-antlered moose named Mooster Alexander Lollighan the 3rd.
You decide.

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Be sure to check back tomorrow




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