Jenn’s 28th Birthday 2007

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

On my 28th birthday I was complaining about how no one cares about your birthday once you get older. While I was working (from 1997-2003) I spent most of my birthdays alone.
I would get the day off of work but everyone else still had to work, so I’d be by myself 😦

My birthday was on a Sunday that year, so after church 
Mom stopped by the store and then threw this together for me.


This cake was a totally awesome ice cream cake that my mom made. I had actually destroyed a pan of brownies and wasn’t sure what to do with them (I’d put a bunch of raspberry jam in the batter and they never did cook right), so mom put them in her freezer and eventually used them as the “crust” for this cake. Soooo yummy!

Mom got me a plastic tiara and a scepter that lights up.

She also got fake ugly teeth for everyone.

Hours minutes of enjoyment!

The candles in the middle cake were really cool. The flames burned different colors. Be sure not to drag the singing out too long, 28 candles on top of an ice cream cake doesn’t last long.

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Be sure to check back tomorrow!



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  1. this reminds me of my 25th BDay party – my sister threw it, it was a “Faery party” with faery foods [mini-everything, like mini cupcakes and such] and i wore a tiara and had a “magic wand” and such.

    fun times 🙂


    • denelian, that sounds like so much fun! I love the mini-foods. I think there’s definitely a fairy party in my daughter’s future.

      Thanks for sharing, I love your comments 🙂


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