Jenn’s 29th Birthday 2008

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

2008 was a rough year. My dog became very sick and needed two blood transfusions. Fortunately he recovered and is still doing well today. I also became pregnant for the first time and I lost the baby a month before my birthday. Just 5 days before my birthday my HCG levels were back to zero and I had just had an ultrasound confirming that the miscarriage was complete.  My sister’s wedding was four days after my birthday. It was a pretty busy month and a stressful year.

 The family got together on my birthday to have some ice cream cake. Nothing special happened, but the most memorable part of the day was the video. We had finally bought our own video camera and I thought that we should start filming birthdays and holidays again. I don’t know why my family was so confused but people kept randomly singing Happy Birthday. Like, I wasn’t even near the cake…it was still in the other room. So then mom comes in the room with the cake and they start singing again (although mostly everyone is laughing), but Cool Daddy didn’t have the camera on yet. Finally he gets the camera on but he kept saying “where’s night vision? I can’t see anything!”. Then we discover that he was filming with the lens cap on (yeah…it would be hard to see). So I’m half laughing, half crying…and they start singing Happy Birthday again! Now any time that Cool Daddy has the camera we ask him, “Is the lens cap closed?”.



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Be sure to check back tomorrow!
Tomorrow will be the last post in the Celebrating 30 Years in 30 Days series.
I hope that you’ve enjoyed my trip down birthday memory lane.




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