Jenn’s 31st Birthday 2010

(a.k.a. Happy (Belated) Birthday to me!)

After all of the thrill and excitement of my Celebrating 30 Years in 30 Days posts, I figured I wouldn’t leave you hanging until next year before giving you the edge-of-your-seat details from my 31st birthday on Thursday.

Cool Daddy invited the Cool Fam over for some cake and birthday festiveness.

There was a veggie tray.
The meat-eaters slipped some meat in there 😦




There was an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.
(Clearly our DQ hires from only the country’s finest ice cream cake decorators)
I’m not sure who “Jemm” is, but I’m sure that she’s truly outrageous.
(Truly, truly, truly outrageous)


Here’s what it looks like all lit up!
There is no meaning behind the 8 candles…that’s what we had so we went with it.
(It’s a good thing that there was only 8 of them since I could barely blow them out. I think I need to exercise or something.)


I had already blown out the candles when my sister said, “Oh, I missed it!” (She was busy taking pictures of her adorable son…like anyone cares about him on my birthday!) So I told her, “Here, I’ll pretend to blow out the candles and you can take the picture!”


Then we got out Adaline’s old jumperoo to pass on to her little cousin.
He loved it and she loved showing him all of the toys on it.


Adaline had a dirty diaper and this was the reaction.


I wanted a picture of me with my little sweetie pie on my birthday.
She did not.
This is the best one we ended up with.


And this is her smiling only a few minutes later.
(What a snot!)



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  1. Your little girl is precious. Stopping by from the SITS girls’s group. Keep up the good work here!


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