Jenn’s 30th Birthday 2009

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)

This is it…the last post in the Celebrating 30 Years in 30 Days series 😦
TODAY is my birthday!
I’m 31. Woo-hoo (I guess)!

Today I’m going to share my 30th birthday with you.
Check back this weekend to see a post about whatever 31st birthday festivities that may transpire today.

I had been telling Cool Daddy for months that he better plan something big for my 30th birthday. We’ve never been big on celebrating birthdays, but I figured that the 30th birthday was worth some sort of celebration. He really had no idea what he was going to do, but once he selected a theme (a surprise to me) he ran with it. My mom took care of the food but other than that he did everything. My daughter was 2 months old at this point and I was breastfeeding and cloth diapering. Needless to say I was pretty sleep deprived, but I was excited about my party.

We actually ended up with three “celebrations” (one for each decade that I’ve been alive). The day before my birthday we went to Cool Daddy’s parent’s house where they had a cake for me.



On my actual birthday Cool Daddy got me an ice cream cake from Bruster’s.



That weekend was my Totally 80s party!

Cool Daddy decorated my mom’s house and told the family to come dressed in 80s garb. He had an 80s Diva costume for me to wear and an 80s Pop Star blond wig. As you’ll see in the photos, the dress didn’t fit me (I just had a baby!) and the wig ended up looking more Goldilocks than Madonna. But that’s not Cool Daddy’s fault and he gets and A++ for effort.



On the table he placed the place and napkins so that it said “80”. He also scattered the table with Nerds, Pop Rocks, jelly bracelets, and stickers of My Little Pony. He put a “chair cover” over my chair of honor because chair covers are a running joke in our family. When we got married I wanted chair covers for the reception but for many reasons ended up not being able to get them. Anytime someone says how perfect my wedding was I say, ”Except I didn’t get my chair covers.”


My favorite part was the 80s phrases. He just wrote different 80s phrases and words on neon paper and taped them to the walls. If I had been doing this I probably would’ve printed it on the computer so that it looked all fancy…but I actually like it better in his handwriting. If we would’ve been having this party in the 80s we wouldn’t be printing things out in snazzy fonts…you’d make it yourself. It made it seem a little more authentic as if it was the 80s when we were having the party. 

My cake says “Don’t have a cow Jenn, just chill and have a really rad 30th birthday!”



Here’s the gang me, my sister, my brother-in-law, my cousins, and Cool Daddy.



I’ll be starting a few new series in October.
Details to follow so be sure to stop back!

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  1. You forgot to mention that was when Matt and I walked out the door saying “Oh yeah, and~JESS IS PREGNANT” =( You forgot about lil baby Dominic’s arrival already…=( So sad, he is trying to cope now. Thanks a ton. j/k sad to see it end. See ya tonight, HAPPY 31st Jenny Renny “Sister Cat” we all love you.


    • Hey Jenn,

      I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! You’ll notice I left you a message on here as opposed to fb. 😉

      Anyways, I doubt I’ll actually see u today considering I still feel a bit under the weather, and I don’t want to risk getting the babies sick. :/

      ps. Thanks for the piece of icecream cake that u’re not saving for me since our birthdays are so close together! 😛 haha

      I hope u have a good one! 🙂 Love you! ❤


  2. What a great hubby! I love the 80s!


  3. WOW – you’re honey really went all out for your 80’s party! SO fun! I love that he even got you a costume – you look just adorable! 🙂

    My honey did great on my 30th as well – he planned everything – got a sitter, a reservation to a really nice and swanky itialian place with all the courses except dessert. He suggested going to one of our favorite coffee shops for dessert and coffee and when we arrived there was a table full of my favorite local gal pals! He had invited them all without me knowing and left us to have a little girls night out as well!


    • I had been bothering him for months telling him he’d better do something great for my birthday. At first he had no clue, but once he got the idea (which he kept a secret) he definitely ran with it. Thanks for saying that I looked adorable…I felt like a cow!

      Your 30th sounded awesome! I’d love to do that but none of my friends live around here 😦


  4. So fun! 80s parties are the best! Yours had a bunch of great decorations! For ours we just put up retro posters that we got from a store that sold old posters and comic books. I had the cake made at SamsClub and gave them Prince’s Purple Rain album picture. Imagine the look that the woman at the bakery gave me. 🙂


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