Age 15 10th Grade: The Newsboys Wouldn’t Ditch Their Friends

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1.) Write about a time you got in BIG trouble as a kid.

10th Grade
The Newsboys Wouldn’t Ditch Their Friends

In 1994 I entered the 10th Grade and turned 15 years old. Kelly and I had a friend, Jon, who had graduated the year before. He was attending a local college and had the lead role in a play he asked us to attend. On Friday night Kelly and I went to see the play. Jon did a great job, as usual, and afterwards he autographed our programs. The play was going on again on Saturday and our friend, Kendra, said that she wanted to go. Kelly and I said that we’d go with her to see the play again.

When we were dropped off at the theater on Saturday we were early so Kelly and I decided to walk across the street to the college where they were hosting a Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline concert. We were jokingly looking on the ground to see if anyone had dropped tickets that we could use to get into the concert. While we were doing this a guy came up to us and asked if we wanted tickets. He said that he had extras and we could have them for free so we took them. I don’t remember what happened next. I don’t remember if Kendra was with us during the ticket part or if she was still at the theater. I don’t remember how the whole “we’re not going to the play, we’re going to the concert” convo went down. All I remember is that Kendra did not want to come with us to the concert and as far as I know she went to the play as planned. Kelly and I went to the Newsboys / Audio Adrenaline concert with free tickets given to us by a stranger when we were supposed to be at a play across the street.

Kelly and I had a blast. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we screamed, we praised, we prayed, we jumped up and down. I bought two cassette tapes (yes, cassette tapes). I don’t remember how long we were there, but it must’ve been long because we were the last ones in the building and we were able to get autographs from everyone in the band.

There are a lot of details I don’t remember about that night, like how we got home. I have a vague memory of Kelly’s brother, and a more vivid memory of my mom being really angry. Maybe it was both. This was a time before everyone and their 8 year old sister had a cell phone, so we never called our parents to tell them that we changed our plans. We honestly thought that we wouldn’t get into any trouble because we decided to go to a Christian concert. And God had obviously wanted us to go since he had blessed us with free tickets. Truly it was meant to be and our parents would understand.

Um, no. We were in big trouble, HUGE. Oh, I must’ve blocked out exactly what my mom said to me and exactly what my punishment was, but believe me when I say the message was clear. What Kelly and I did was wrong, I know that now. I didn’t even really know it then, even though the vein in my mother’s forehead should’ve been a clue. I just kept thinking “But it’s a Christian concert! I thought you wouldn’t mind!”. First of all ditching our friend was completely, totally, 100% wrong. We never should’ve left her and I can’t imagine how she felt being left there all alone. I certainly would’ve cried and tried to find a way home right away. That was terribly selfish of us. Second the danger involved in us going someplace we weren’t supposed to be when no one even knew about it, I shutter to think what could’ve happened.

The concert did rock. But it wasn’t worth the risk involved and certainly not worth ditching our dear friend. Kendra, I don’t remember if I ever apologized, but I am truly, deeply sorry for ditching you that night! You were right and we all should’ve listened to you! I hope you can forgive me.

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  1. Lesson learned…. the hard way. I think we all have memories of situations when things could have gone wrong, terribly wrong, and didn’t! Glad this all turned out OK. Enjoyed your rendition.


    • It took me a long time before I really realized we were wrong. We were in such denial because of the “Christian concert” we thought that they’d be proud of us as if we were making the more spiritual choice. Kids are so stupid. Even the smart ones 😉


  2. Isn’t it funny that we remember the reason we got in trouble, but most of us don’t remember the punishment?!

    I also chose this prompt today.
    Visiting from Mama Kat’s


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