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10 Things I’d Rather Do Than the Dishes

I truly hate doing the dishes so much that I felt it necessary to give you a list of things I’d rather do than the dishes so that you can truly understand my distaste.


10 Things I’d Rather Do Than the Dishes
1. Pluck my eyebrows
2. Clip my toenails
3. Clean the dog’s ears
4. Wipe boogies
5. Watch Elmo’s World 3,000 times
6. Change a poopy diaper
7. Clean the toilets (Yeah, you read that right.)
8. Repeatedly bang my head against a wall
9. Drive a sharp object into my skull
10. Push a nearly 10 lb baby out of my nether-regions

No Housework Party

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

This post is for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop #3.) A lie you told. I also linked up #5.) What was the occasion? Write about the last time you stayed in a hotel here.

I made a friend at school in Kindergarten. I think her name was Amber, but I’m not sure. One day I told Amber that I was going to be having a birthday party at Brady’s Run Park. I was not. What was actually going on was that our church was having the Sunday School Picnic at the park fairly close to my birthday. I knew that it wasn’t my birthday party…but I told her that anyway. I had forgotten all about it until we were at the Sunday School Picnic. Our family was at the shelter when a car pulled up. A little girl with a wrapped present got out of the car. Oops…busted! I had to tell my mom, and Amber, and her mom that I had lied about my birthday. I really don’t recall getting into a lot of trouble. In fact I remember our moms telling us that we could have a play date and maybe I could even ride the bus home with Amber one day (which was exciting for me because I was a “walker”). Then Amber and her mom got back into the car with the present and drove away. I don’t have any memories of Amber after that. I know that we never had our play date and sometime before the end of the year she moved away (probably to a place where people tell the truth). Amber did not come to my real birthday party that year. I’m not sure if it’s because we didn’t invite her, or if she just didn’t believe me, or if she had already moved away by then. I have absolutely no idea why I lied. It was very out of character for me. In fact while preparing for my Mommy’s Piggy Tales posts I asked my mom if she had any cute stories of me at this age. She told me that I was such a good girl all the time, I never did anything wrong, and there just isn’t anything funny about a little girl who’s always behaving herself.

The thing that I find weird about this story is…how did two 5 year old girls get the details right? How did I tell Amber the exact day, time, and place with shelter number to come to? How did she then relay that information to her mother…correctly? Why did her mom just take her to a birthday party without there being a written invitation and without speaking to my mother first? I have no idea! But aside from the lying, those were some great communication skills at work!

This post was originally included in the post Dancing in a box for my Mommy’s Piggy Tale series. That original post has been edited to create this new post.

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1 Week Left! (3rd Trimester Recap)

Today I am 39 weeks which means only one more week to go (maybe)! Here’s what I’ve been up to (pregnancy-wise) during this trimester since my last update.

(2011-11-16 28w3d)

At 28 weeks I had an appointment. I found out that I passed my glucose test, baby’s heart-rate, and my blood pressure and fundus measurement were good. This was my first appointment with “Dr. Motormouth”…called such because of his tendency to say a lot quickly and not give you much opportunity for questions. He didn’t seem concerned about the VBAC either way but was sure to let me know that I can (and should probably) schedule a c-section anyway because I can always cancel it and the schedule fills up quickly. I declined. He also gave me a VBAC consent form to sign.

(2011-11-17 28w4d) Total Weight Gain: 19.2 lbs

Signing the VBAC consent form.

(2011-11-20 29wks)

Thanksgiving Day.
It looks like I smuggled the turkey under my shirt!
(2011-11-24 29w4d)

Around this time I stopped the prenatal workouts that I’d started the month prior. Mostly just from being busy and tired.

(2011-11-27 30wks)

(2011-12-04 31wks)

At 31 weeks I had another appointment with “Dr. Sunshine” (see this post for more info). My sister had to take me to this appointment since Cool Daddy had to work. I gave her my signed VBAC consent form and she started right away with the negativity. Without getting into much detail about our exact conversation she just kept repeating to me that I might need another c-section, that I was “making it harder on myself” for attempting a natural birth, and then nearly yelled at me about needing to understand that they might just have to take this baby by c-section. Golly-gee, that appointment was a lot of fun. I was infuriated, however, instead of arguing with her I just nodded and said, “I understand.”. I called my husband on the way home and I was in tears for fear that I would end up with this same OB again for delivery. My husband calmly told me not to worry and that when I’m in labor we’ll simply call and find out who the doctor is and if she’s there…we’ll go to a different hospital. I was so proud of him for understanding how important this is to me 🙂
All of that aside, that day once again baby’s heart rate and my blood pressure were good (she didn’t measure my fundus). And thankfully I haven’t had to see Dr. Sunshine at an appointment since then and shouldn’t have to.

(2011-12-09 31w5d) Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs
Don’t let my smiley face fool you…I was furious!

Here is where I tell you that on 12/13 I came down with a stomach flu and was sick all day. Worse than that my husband came down with it 3 days later…the very day we were supposed to go for our 3D/4D ultrasound. I called everybody that I knew to try to get a ride up there for the appointment, but nobody could take me. We couldn’t reschedule because they were booked up clear through January. So disappointing 😦
On the plus side after I had that stomach bug the little guy started moving around like crazy. I really hadn’t been feeling him too much before that. Maybe it was just coincidence but after being sick he became much more active…particularly in the evenings. I love baby wiggles 🙂

(2011-12-18 33wks)

At 33 weeks I had another appointment. This one was with “Dr. Tiny” (she’s seriously little and thin). I asked her all of the same questions I’d asked Dr. Sunshine at my previous appointment. Somehow she managed to answer everything without raising her voice, being negative, or raining gloom and doom down upon me. Fancy that.

(2011-12-23 33w5d) Total Weight Gain: 22.2 lbs

On Christmas Eve my nephew became very interested in my bump and it quickly became the favored source of entertainment among the toddlers.

Which then led to this…

For our 2nd annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition I decided to deck the bump out in style.
I know…that sweater vest is awesome-sauce!
(2011-12-24 33w6d)

New matching jammies for the whole family is another Christmas Eve tradition of ours. This year I went with the grand-daddy of all Christmas pjs…red footed long johns with a drop seat! Don’t be jealous.

(Left: cousin Aunia Center: Jenn and her big belly Right: sister Jess)

After Christmas I had maternity photos taken.
Here are a few of my favorites.
(2011-12-26 34w1d)

Another OB appointment with Dr. Tiny. Everything went well.
(2012-01-04 35w3d) Total Weight Gain: 24.6lbs
Apparently if you take photos with a crappy cell phone it will result in you looking like a squashed mushroom from Super Mario Brothers.

So…a hippo gets dressed up for a wedding…
(2012-01-07 35w6d)

My sister-in-law got married. She looked beautiful and thin therefore I will not be posting her picture here 😉 Seriously, though, I do hope to write a post in the future about Adaline’s experience as a flower girl. Anyway, there was a wedding and I went to it and I was all big and I totally shook my pregnant groove thang on the dance floor. Coincidentally this causes complete strangers to fear that your water will break before their very eyes.

By the way…a few days after this I caught a head cold (which I got from Adaline) and the stuffy/runny nose continued for several weeks. Nice.

OB appointment with “Dr. Favorite” (She’s been my favorite since before I got pregnant with Adaline. She’s that doctor that I saw for preconception/infertility treatments as well.). My blood pressure and fundus measurements were good and baby’s heartrate was good in the 150s. I had to be swabbed for the Group B Strep test and had to do a clean catch sample so they could check for a UTI.
(2012-01-11 36w3d) Total Weight Gain: 26.4 lbs

This OB appointment was with “Dr. Lurch” (he’s quiet and kinda creepy with a mortician vibe to him). Everything was good and baby’s heartrate was 137. I didn’t have an internal exam (yay!).
(2012-01-19 37w4d) Total Weight Gain: 28.4 lbs

(2012-01-22 38wks)

Another appointment with “Dr. Tiny” went well. Blood pressure, fundus, and heartrate were all good. Internal exam, bleh, but showed I’m making some progress. I experienced some pain and difficulty walking the rest of the day.
(2012-01-25 38w3d) Total Weight Gain: 28.4 lbs

(2012-01-29 39wks)

And here are the weekly belly shots from my 3rd trimester.
(Click photos to enlarge)

As far as pregnancy symptoms go…

My heartburn has been on and off. It’s unpredictable.
For the most part I don’t ever seem to get back or rib pain anymore.

Around 37 weeks my belly started to get super itchy and within a week I developed a rash. I asked the doctor and she didn’t think it was PUPPP rash and said it just seems to be irritated, dry, stretched skin. The itching has lessened over the past few days and the rash hasn’t spread.

I’ve been having hip pain during the night for most of the third trimester. This past weekend it’s getting worse and sometimes I can barely walk even during the day as they pain has also spread to my pelvis.

This weekend I’ve experienced an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions.

Since it’s unlikely that I’ll post again before baby boy gets here I suggest keeping an eye on my Facebook page for baby updates. I’ll probably post the birth announcement there long before I get a chance to blog about it.

Make your predictions now…
When do you think baby boy will get here?
How big do you think he will be?

(If this helps…Adaline was 5 days late and she was 8lb6oz 21.5”.)

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Cool Baby Boy due 02/05/2011
(Clomid baby) VBAC hopeful

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Third trimester already?

I hit the 28 week mark on Sunday, so I’m now officially in my 3rd trimester! Here’s what I’ve been up to (pregnancy-wise) during the past 8 weeks since my last update.

I was 20 weeks on 09/18/2011 and the following day we found out that our little one is a boy! 🙂 A few days later I had a prenatal appointment. Everything looked good and baby’s heart rate was in the 150s.
This is how Cool Mama rocks an OB appointment…
(09/22/2011 20 weeks 4 days)

On 9/30 I turned 32. That has nothing to do with the pregnancy, I just never bothered to blog about it and thought I’d mention it.
(09/30/2011 21 weeks 4 days)

(10/02/2011 22 weeks)

(10/09/2011 23 weeks)

My sister was taking these photos and she said, “You’re boring just standing there…do something.”
This is what I came up with…

It’s also a cruel joke that my wedding photo is visible in the background when I was 8 years younger and 40ish pounds lighter.

Around 23-24 weeks the rib and back pain started. It’s only the right rib (mostly when I sit working at the computer desk for hours) and my back pain is on the upper right side. I had the same pains only on the same side while pregnant with Adaline, however the pain with her was more constant.

(10/15/2011 23 weeks 6 days)
Click here for more photos of me in the pumpkin shirt. You know you want to.

(10/16/2011 24 weeks)

Around 24 weeks I had another OB appointment. Baby’s heart rate was good again although they didn’t tell us a number. Adaline came with us to this appointment and the OB I was meeting this time was the one that delivered Adaline in 2009. Adaline was a very good girl during the appointment.

This OB (who I’ve taken to calling Dr. Sunshine…sarcastically) spoke to me briefly about my desire for a VBAC. To make it short she basically said that I can try for a VBAC but that my daughter was a big baby and chances are this baby will be big too and I may end up with another c-section. Mmm-kay.

After the appointment they let Adaline choose a toy to take home. She chose a small yellow Frisbee with a dinosaur sticker on it. In the car on the way home she says, “Thank you for the…what is this?” 🙂

At my 24 week appointment I wasn’t thrilled with my 7 pound weight gain, although no one seemed concerned with it. I started doing some prenatal exercise dvds. In the past four weeks I’ve done 8 days of prenatal aerobic, 5 days of prenatal sculpting/strength, and 5 days of prenatal yoga. I can only work out once Adaline is in bed so I don’t have a real schedule going yet, but my goal is to do aerobics 5 days a week and strength and sculpting 3 days a week. For weeks now my weight has stayed the same (although my belly is definitely growing) but all of the sudden yesterday I weighed in 5 pounds heavier than the rest of the month! Seriously, 5 pounds in one day? I hope my scale’s just wonky.

(10/30/2011 26 weeks)

Last Tuesday I had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. The stuff that they gave me to drink was a bright red fruit punch flavor. I decided to check the ingredients while I was drinking and sure enough there was the artificial color Red #40 in it. That kinda really irritated me. I’m a grown woman who could care less about the color of the nasty stuff you’re making me drink. Is it really necessary to put fake junk in my body so that we can all pretend that it’s red? I don’t get it. Anywho, I’ll get my results at my OB appointment tomorrow.

This month I interviewed a couple of doulas and I made a decision over the weekend. I’m so excited about having doula for this birth. It makes me feel much more confident that I can achieve a successful VBAC. Yay for me!

Now I shall leave you with the lovely weekly belly shots from my entire 2nd trimester. I’m sure you’ll want to set this as your computer wallpaper (um, please don’t…creepy stalker!)
(Click photos to enlarge)

Proof that my belly is really that big…

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Cool Baby Boy due 02/05/2012
(Clomid baby) VBAC hopeful

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I sold my teacher what?!!!

This is for Mama’s Kat Writer’s Workshop prompt #4.) A time you felt wronged by a teacher. I had considered writing about this last year during my Mommy’s Piggy Tales series but thought it may be too scandalous for my nice, respectable, Mommy-blog and instead wrote about the time my grandma ran over my foot with the car. Still the story is begging to be told…

It was around March or April of 1991. I was in 6th grade. I was 11 years old. I had the misfortune of having the same math teacher two years in a row. He wasn’t all that bad and still I wasn’t very fond of him. Maybe because Math was my least favorite subject and my grades were slipping that year.

(Look at that face of innocence! And also that sa-weeeeet outfit ;))

Middle School was the time when we learned what “going together” was all about (sorta). Kids were “going together” and breaking up every week. “Going together” more than 2 weeks was rare and nearly unheard of during these formative years. I myself had already had one other “going together” and breaking up experience so far that year. Now I found myself “going with” another boy. I don’t remember much about our “relationship”. I don’t remember how we got together or how we broke up…I only remember that it happened and was, in the scheme of things, quite an uneventful period of time in my life. The only mention of the “relationship” in my diary was short, cryptic and written 3 months after the fact.

(Names were erased to protect the privacy of those mentioned in my diary ;))

There’s probably more I don’t remember about this experience than what I do remember and I regret that I can’t provide you with all of the compelling details. All I know is that the halls had recently emptied, I’m guessing that the bell was about to ring for the start of class. My boyfriend was in the hall with me and before he left he gave me a quick peck. I’m fairly certain that this was the first time that had happened, yet it happened so quickly it almost seemed routine. I’m not even sure the kiss hit my lips although I know it had intended to. Then he came walking up to me…my math teacher. Tall (in comparison to me), round, balding, and bearded he towered over me with his eyes narrowing at me through his round glasses. He informed me that he had just seen what had happened and would be calling my mother. I wanted to yell that he had kissed me and that I was the innocent victim of a hit and run (which was the truth), but I said nothing and walked with my head down, red-faced and embarrassed into class.

I don’t think my math teacher ever bothered calling my mother because she never talked to me about it, and believe me, she definitely would’ve talked to me about it. I suppose there was nothing to worry about, yet I still couldn’t help feeling embarrassed that my teacher thought me a naughty girl. In fact this very incident may have been what led to the ultimate demise of my “relationship” with Mr. Kiss-and-Run. I bet you’re thinking that this is rather a boring story and so far you’re right. Little did 11 year old me know the irony that awaited me 7 years later.

It was around September or October of 1998. I was 19 years old. I was working in the lingerie department of a very newly opened department store in the mall. Half of our department’s merchandise consisted of respectable sleepwear and robes, the other half of bras and panties and other foundations. Far from being Fredrick’s of Hollywood or even Victoria’s Secret we only carried a few racks of “special occasion” lingerie, otherwise known as…the sexy stuff.

(Me 1998, still the picture of innocence.)

Because the store had recently opened I was scheduled to work with several other cashiers, something that would be unheard of in the future as many resignations and lay-offs would occur. I was standing near the register talking with another girl when I happened to glance over towards the “special occasion” lingerie…
And then I saw him. Looking through the racks of sexy lingerie was my 5th-6th grade math teacher. He didn’t appear as tall since I was now (a little) taller than my 1991 counterpart, but he was still round (although perhaps more round), still balding (although more bald), still bearded (although more gray), and still wearing round glasses.

Before I had a chance to tell my co-worker and then flee from the scene…horror of all horrors he came walking up to the cash register. Suddenly I found myself alone. Where did my co-worker go so quickly?! I took my long hair and threw it in front of my face to hide my features and turned my name badge around to hide my name. I was hoping he would quickly purchase a nice tasteful negligee for his wife without recognizing me (I wasn’t sure whether or not he was married…nor did I care at the moment.). Well, he didn’t recognize me…at least he didn’t acknowledge that he recognized me. In fact I’m not sure he even looked directly at me as I’m sure he may have been quite embarrassed of himself. Embarrassed because, no…he was not in fact buying a nice tasteful negligee. Instead I found myself ringing up a pair of crotchless panties…in size 2XL…for my 6th grade math teacher! (*shudder*) Paying with a credit card confirmed my suspicions that it was indeed him. Aside from me mumbling the purchase total I’m quite sure that neither of us spoke during the whole transaction including any hellos or goodbyes.

He left and I pulled my hair back out of my face which was much redder than it had been 7 years ago in the hallway at school. Once I had a moment to recover from the horror of what had just happened, a smile broke across my face and I found myself wishing that I had his mother’s phone number…that naughty, naughty boy!

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10 Shows I’d Like to Make Comeback

I don’t watch much tv these days. I recently had my heart broken by a tv show and on top of that my basic cable “package”, which only gives us 10 channels, doesn’t offer many options for tv viewing. But whether you have 10 channels or 310 this one fact remains…they just don’t make good tv shows like they used to.

When Mama Kat offered “A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.” as a writing prompt for this week’s Writer’s Workshop…I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

It’s hard to narrow the list to just ten…and many of the shows that I would pick have actors who have left us long ago. At the risk of being the 126 person to say, “Bring back The Cosby Show!” (and seriously…bring it back!). I thought I’d take a different approach and put out a plea for some shows you very well have never heard of. To give my other favorite shows of all time the recognition they deserve I have listed them at the bottom of this post in no particular order with no additional commentary.

1. MST3K:

If you don’t know what that abbreviation stands for than chances are that you’ve never seen this show. Mystery Science Theater 3000, called MST3K by fans, was a series about a man named Joel who is trapped on a space station by an evil scientist and forced to watch bad movies. Joel created robot friends, Crow and Tom Servo, out of spare parts and to keep sane, Joel and the robots provide “commentary” by cracking jokes throughout each film.

My dad introduced me to the show when I was in high school with episode 312 Gamera vs. Guiron. By the “Hello…thank you!” scene I was hooked. It takes a special kind of person to see the humor behind MST3K and you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it. I personally found it hilarious and I’d love to see it make a comeback. But I only want episodes with Joel. You can keep Mike.

Hello…thank you! Oh so funny!

2. Swans Crossing:

I think I’m one of the five people in the world that remember this short-lived teen drama series that aired in 1992. One of the few actors from Swans Crossing who managed to make it out with her career still alive was Sarah Michelle Gellar who played mean rich girl, Sydney Rutledge. The summer before 8th grade my sister and I would watch this show every afternoon and then play some Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo back when video game controllers still had joysticks. No, it wasn’t near as good as our beloved Saved by the Bell…in fact it was downright awful…but we loved every awful, cheesy, minute of it! For more info about Swans Crossing click here or here

The Swans Crossing Theme Song

You also don’t want to miss this video of Mila’s Birthday Party Invitation (starts at 5:00).

3. Fifteen:

Another short-lived teen drama of the early 90s was Canadian-American teen soap opera, Fifteen, which ran on Nickelodeon from 1990-1993. It was equally as cheesy as Swans Crossing, but with slightly better production quality and a longer run on air. It still wasn’t as awesome Saved by the Bell (what is?), but it had the right amount of drama and crushes and whatnot for a teenage girl.
Looking for a well-known actor from Fifteen, how about this guy right here…
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds played the role of Billy Simpson.

Watch a young Ryan Reynolds at work with the ladies…

4. Today’s Special:

Do you remember the Nickelodeon show that ran from 1982-1987 about a department store mannequin that comes to life at night and hangs out with a security guard and a mouse who are puppets? Well, I do! It was called “Today’s Special”. Sometimes the mime was a little creepy, but overall I enjoyed the show as a kid.

Today’s Special Theme Song

5. Danger Mouse:

Danger Mouse is a superhero/secret agent mouse who works with his sidekick, Penfold, and he is awesome! My sister and I loved Danger Mouse as kids. It too aired on Nickelodeon.

Danger Mouse opening

6. Banana Man:

Bananaman was a cartoon short that aired on Nickelodeon in 1983 after Danger Mouse. It’s about a boy who turns into a superhero whenever he eats bananas. I don’t remember too much about it except that my sister and I liked it at the time…probably because we associated it with Danger Mouse, which we loved.
For more banana goodness try here

Bananaman opening

7. Sharon, Lois, and Bram’s Elephant Show:

The Elephant Show was a Canadian children’s show which aired on Nickelodeon from 1987-1994 starring singing trio Sharon, Lois, and Bram. Admittedly I watched much more of this show at 15 than I ever did at 8. I don’t know, I loved all of the kid’s songs and how hokey it all was. I think that lame is fun and cool…so what do I know. And guess what…you can like them on Facebook! 😉

Sharon, Lois, and Bram’s Elephant Show opening

…and don’t forget about Skinnamarink

8. Pinwheel:

Pinwheel was a kid’s show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1977-1990 using cartoons and puppets that interacted with humans. It was pretty awesome. You may remember watching Paddington Bear or Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings on Pinwheel. Or you may remember the theme song:
Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around.
Look at my Pinwheel and see what I’ve found.
Pinwheel, pinwheel, where have you been?
Hello, how are you, and may I come in?
Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around.
Look at my Pinwheel and see what I found.
Pinwheel, pinwheel, breezy and bright.
Spin me good morning, spin me good night.

Pinwheel opening
(although it’s different than I remember, this is probably an earlier version)

9. Nancy, an operator here at the Disney Channel:

Okay, I know that it’s not a “show” and the Disney Channel is now “free” (for those of you who are willing to pay for standard cable or more)…but wouldn’t it be awesome if Nancy popped up on the Disney Channel every so often trying to sell it to you? My sister and I loved Nancy and I still remember when my mom finally picked up the phone to order the Disney Channel my sister and I were standing right next to her asking, “Are you talking to Nancy?!” I’m guessing it wasn’t her 😦

10. The Office:

I know that this show is still on the air…but being a pessimist and all I’m not predicting a bright future for the show now that Steve Carrell is gone. I hope I’m wrong, but I miss him already!

Apparently I liked a lot of Nickelodeon back in the day and apparently Nickelodeon relied heavily on Canadian and British shows in the 80s. Most of these shows aren’t even available on DVD and that makes me sad. I’d be happy to buy a bunch of DVDs of quality 80s/90s kid’s programming and show that to my kids all of the time rather than some of the junk that’s out there now. We exclusively watch PBS now (then again with only 10 channels we don’t really have other options!).

What are some tv shows you’d like to see make a comeback? Let me know in the comments!

Honorable Mentions of Great TVs Past:
Classics: I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Bob Newhart Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Welcome Back, Kotter!, Get Smart, and All in the Family.
Family Shows of the 80s/90s: The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Saved by the Bell, Home Improvement, and Boy Meets World
Other great 80s/90s Shows I Loved: Perfect Strangers, Who’s the Boss, Family Ties, The Wonder Years, Alf, Mama’s Family, and Golden Girls
80s/90s Cartoons: Muppet Babies, Care Bears, Jem, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, He-man, She-Ra, Gummi Bears, My Little Pony, Wuzzles, Popples, Pound Puppies, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Duck Tales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, and Animaniacs

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