But… (Part 3)

On Friday 01/07/2011 myself, my husband, our 17 month old daughter, my mother, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my 7 month old nephew embarked on a road trip from PA to FL to surprise my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary. I had visions of sleeping in and sitting around the vacation villa writing blog posts to my little heart’s content while my daughter played with her cousin and was supervised by the four other adults present. BUT…things didn’t quite work out like that. This is Part 3 of my story…

Read But…Part 1 and But…Part 2 first!

We managed to get Adaline to take her medicine and her fever broke after only a day. When asking my husband to fill up her bottle with some fresh soy milk before bed he and my mother discovered that for the past day I had been giving my daughter spoiled soy milk (and the Mother of the Year Award goes to…not me!). Poor baby. No wonder she didn’t want to take her bottle. The milk didn’t give her the fever since she had the fever prior to me opening up the brand new, factory sealed container of soy milk (with a May 2011 expiration date) for her in the van on Saturday. It may, however, have contributed to the vomiting experience we had.
Adaline decided that after be traumatized by a long, grueling ride strapped into a car seat with a fever while being force-fed spoiled soy milk that the only way that she was going to sleep on Saturday night, and Sunday night, and Monday night would be directly on my chest. She would take naps the same way (if she napped at all). That’s okay, though, right? Because with all of the sleep that she’s getting now surely she’ll be in a great mood during the days and I can get some rest while her Grandma and others take turns fawning over her.

Adaline napped on Mommy throughout the trip

Adaline also decided that she would want to be attached to me every single minute of every single day or incessantly cry “Mama!” until your ears would bleed. Daddy? No, thank you. Grandma? No, thank you. Aunt Jessie or Uncle Matt? No, thank you. Mommy? Yes, please! All Mommy, all the time.
Mommy while sleeping, Mommy while awake, on Mommy’s lap while she uses the toilet, Mommy in the bathtub with me when I take a bath, on Mommy’s lap while she tries to eat.
Walking with Mommy? No, thank you. Strapped to Mommy in an Ergo Baby Carrier? Yes, please. Sitting next to Mommy? No thank, you. Sitting on Mommy’s lap clinging to her like a baby monkey? Yes, please.
Oh, the separation anxiety…it was extreme, intense, severe, and unlike anything I’d ever experienced in my life. Luckily as the week went on she became a little more herself. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights she slept in the pack-n-play. And while she still wanted to be attached to me a good bit of the time she began to warm up to the rest of the family again and let them hold her on occasion and she began playing a lot more. We would be heading back home soon and hopefully the return trip would go much better since Adaline was feeling well.

Adaline's attached to Mommy

(*Note the white arrows in the top row pointing out Adaline in the Ergo. She’s also in the Ergo in the bottom middle photo, but you can’t tell in the picture.)

On Thursday we spent all day at the Magic Kingdom and it was cold. Friday morning Adaline woke up with a wet sounding cough and a mildly runny nose and…her diaper had exploded. I’m not talking about some wet jammies…I mean that the diaper busted open and she was covered in pee-filled gel. We had to go right directly into the tub to try to wash the junk off of her. The runny nose and cough must’ve made it hard for her to sleep, so she slept on my chest again on Friday night (and left an outrageous amount of drool soaking on my shoulder). We left for home around 9am on Saturday morning. We planned on stopping to stay at hotel again since the whole “driving straight through” thing didn’t work for us the last time. Adaline did really well. Although she had her moments from time to time she was pretty quiet through most of the trip and took regular naps (one of them lasting three hours).

Adaline sleeping during the trip home

Dominic, however, did not fair so well. On the first trip he slept most of the way and was quiet and happy when he was awake. Not so this time. He didn’t sleep as well and when he’d wake up he was screaming and it was near impossible to calm him down. He wanted out of that car seat in the worst way. He was kinda driving us all crazy, waking up Adaline from her naps, and the whole thing was really upsetting my sister. She wanted to stop at a hotel (so that he could wake up screaming in his pack-n-play every 45 minutes rather than the van?). We were making great time and Adaline was really behaving so we wanted to keep driving as long as we could.

(To be continued on Friday 01/28)

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  1. Ah! Well I hope your little girl feels better…I believe I once gave my son spoiled milk and sure enough a fountain of vomit later. My son is the same way, when he is sick, its mommy mommy mommy.

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs


  2. Oh, my goodness! I just read all three parts, and your trip was definitely not the trip you hoped it would be! Does it help to know that I’ve been there? When I had babies, everyone told me car trips were easy because babies fall asleep the minute they get strapped into their seat. Not my babies! My babies also love to sleep on me, and I was a very tired mommy. But now… they aren’t quite as needy! And they sleep much better…by themselves!

    Looking forward to part 4, and hoping it gets better!


    • Thanks for reading, Ginny! It was quite a trip. My mom was certain that the kids would fall right to sleep, but I knew that Adaline wouldn’t. And she sure didn’t. Ugg! Thankfully when Adaline is at home she sleeps from 6p-7a…it’s heaven 🙂


  3. What a sweetie…the pics are so cute =)

    Sandie lee


  4. very cute girl and cute pics too! you have some trip there! 😀 looking forward for the next post!


  5. Still, you got some great ‘cutie pie’ photos!


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