My Mother’s Day Gift

So some people might think that this is a little weird. That’s okay, I’m going to tell you anyway.

When my husband asked me last week what I wanted for Mother’s Day I told him, “Honestly the only thing I really want is a copy of Jordan’s ultrasound.” Jordan was my first pregnancy that I later miscarried. It was a blighted ovum, but we named the baby anyway.

During the miscarriage I had asked several times for a copy of the ultrasound they did the day they told me I was losing the baby. I asked clerks, I asked the OB directly…every time I got the run around. I don’t think they understood what I even wanted it for. To them it was just a picture of an empty sac…and a medical record. But to me, that sac represented my baby. My baby that we had tried 4 ½ years for. Yes, the sac was empty…but that ultrasound was the closest thing to a picture of my baby that I would ever get. I’d pretty much given up hope of getting a copy of it and the thought of asking for it again just stressed me out.

On Wednesday I went shopping with my sister for the day. When I got home hubby wanted to run out and deposit his paycheck. When he got back he handed me the receipt for the deposit and a small manila envelope with his name on it. “What is this?” I asked him. “I don’t know. Open it.” “But it has your name on it. Is this from the credit union?” I asked while I was opening it. “I don’t know, just open it.” I finally opened it up and in there were three copies of the ultrasound 🙂 I thanked him and I teared up and asked him several times “How did you get this?!” and he kept responding, “I’ve got connections.” And to spare you the details…he does have connections 😉

The first two images were during the regular abdominal ultrasound. The sac is the dark ovular hole on the left. The larger hole above it I believe is my bladder.

This image was during the transvaginal ultrasound, again the dark ovular hole in the center is the sac. I was supposed to be 11 weeks and 3 days along, but the sac was empty (blighted ovum 😦 ) and was measuring at only 6 weeks.

So that’s the story about how a 3 ½ year old ultrasound of an empty sac is the best Mother’s Day gift that I could get :).

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Absolutely heartwarming. So glad you got the ultrasounds! Happy Mother’s Day to you.


  2. Glad you liked your present..I love you and Happy Mother’s Day!


  3. When I first saw this post on Facebook, I was like whoa, an ultrasound? Is she… Then I read the post and wow, how incredibly sweet. Its a perfect gift. I am curious of how your husband pulled it off, but am so glad he did. Happy Mothers Day to a smart, nice, terrific mama.


  4. Rachel Little Snyder

    Oh Jenn! I’m so happy for you! What a wonderful gift! I hope you have a great Mothers Day!


  5. Happy Mother’s Day!! I’m glad you got your Mother’s day gift that was priceless:-)


  6. Awww!! You have the best husband ever! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day!


  7. I’ve been reading your fertility posts and I must say, your husband is an absolute angel. What a blessing this Mothers Day gift must have been for you. YOU are an amazing and very loving mom, even to Jordan! Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. 🙂


  8. That is the best gift! Right after my miscarriage the first thing my husband did was go back to the hospital and get a copy of the ultrasound. I treasure that picture so I can absolutely understand why it was so important to you. Hugs!


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