Groundhog Day Goodies (Links)

Groundhog Day Goodies
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Groundhog Day is February 02 and if you’re looking for some great ideas for Groundhog Day snacks, treats, and eats…look no further!

How should you eat on Groundhog Day? On the ground, of course! Rock it picnic-style all day!

What should you eat on Groundhog Day? Below you’ll find all sorts of Groundhog-themed goodies great for breakfast and snacks. For lunch or dinner try some burrow-itos (tee-hee)! If you’re looking for something healthier you can try a groundhog’s diet for the day. Groundhogs are vegetarians so load up on the veggies!


*Groundhog Hot Cocoa @

*Groundhog Pancakes @

*Groundhog Pancakes: @ Reeses Pieces and Me

*Yummy Groundhog Day Pancakes: @ Chocolate Cake Moments

*Groundhog Donut and Toast: @ Secrets of a Supermommy

*Groundhog Day Bagel Treat @ National Wildlife Federation


*Groundhog Day Lunch @ Lunchbox Limbo

*It’s a Groundhog Lunch: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Groundhog Marmot Bento: @ Bento Monsters

*Groundhog Meatloaf: @ Secrets of a Supermommy


*Groundhog Day Desserts: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Punxatawney Phil Groundhog Graham Crackers
@ Babble Family Kitchen

*Groundhog Goodies @ The Pharma Blog

*Groundhog Day Pudding Cup @ Domesticated Lady (also here)
Image copyright of

*Groundhog Day Treat: @ Playtime with Mommy


*Groundhog’s Day Cookies @

*Groundhog Cookies: @ Secrets of a Supermommy

*Groundhog Day Cookies @ Hi Monkey

*Groundhog Day Cookie Recipe @ Quick Cooking Site

*Chocolate Groundhog Cookie Recipe
@ Seasonal Cooking at Suite101


*Groundhog Day Cupcake Push Pops: @ Sweetology

*Groundhog Day Celebration Cupcakes @ and

*Groundhog’s Day Cupcakes @

*Groundhog Day Cupcake @

*Cute Groundhog Cupcakes @

*Groundhog’s Day Cupcakes @

*Groundhog Day Cupcakes @

*Punxsutawney Phil Cupcakes: @ Created by Diane

*Groundhog Day Cupcakes: @ Cake Mix Doctor

*Groundhogs Day Cupcakes: @ Making Merry Memories

*Six More Weeks of Winter (Groundhog Cupcakes):
@ Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

*Gopher/Groundhog Cupcakes: @ Kitchen Daily (Video)

*Groundhog Day Cupcakes: @ The Peach Martini

*Groundhog Cupcakes: @ Flickr

*Cake Fun: Groundhog Day: @ Sweets & S’morsels Cakery

*Groundhog Cupcakes: @ Secrets of a Supermommy

*Happy Groundhogs Day Cupcakes: @ Patties Classroom

*Groundhog day-Devils food mini cake: @ cup.cake.CT
(also here)

*Groundhog’s Day Treats: @ Babycenter

*DIY Groundhog Day Cupcakes with Free Printable:
@ Lily Jane (featured here and here)


*Groundhog Cake Pops: @ Suburban Vegan

*Groundhog’s Day Cake @

*Groundhog Birthday: @ Cake Central

*Groundhog Cake: @ Crazy Beautiful Cakes

*Groundhog Cake: @ Flickr

*Groundhog Cake: by greeneyes3675

*Staten Island Chuck Cake: @ TLC

*Groundhog Cake: @ Flickr

*Groundhog Day Flower Pot Birthday Cake: @ Cake Central

*Groundhog Day Cake: @ Trendz and Traditions


*Groundhog Day “Shadow and Not” Cookies
@ Lizard N Ladybug

*Free Printable Groundhog Picks @

*DIY Groundhog Day Cupcakes with Free Printable:
@ Lily Jane (featured here and here)

*Groundhog Grub Treat Bag Toppers @ Teachers Pay Teachers

Fun Ideas for Groundhog Day / Groundhog Day: Shadow Puppets (Links) / ”I Love You” Shadow
cfotb iluvushadow


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  1. What a wonderful variety of groundhogs!


  2. Thanks so much for these ideas! My birthday is on Groundhog Day. 😀 I’m going to give those “shadow or not” cookies to my three year old class…it’s so easy, and I need something easy!


  3. You found so many ideas — thanks so much for all the inspiration. I tried the oreo cookies in baggies if you’re interested in checking out my creation, I posted a link to your blog (


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