Celebrating Leap Day (Links)

Happy LEAP DAY! Leap Year only happens every four years so make Leap Day special. Try something new, do something out of the ordinary, and have fun with it.

When coming up with a new tradition for Leap Day consider these key words that are important to the day: Leap, 4, 29, 229.
+Find something fun to do that incorporates leaping
+Set a timer and do something every 4 minutes (Change activities, switch seats at the table, leap in the air, etc)
+Invite over all of your Leaping Lizards for a sLEAPover and play Leap Frog!
+Create a time capsule to be opened on Leap Year 4 years from now.
+Since Leap Day is an extra day try doing something extra and make the day extraordinary!

When searching for Leap Day ideas the internet was unanimous…frogs. Frogs “leap” therefore they are apparently the perfect Leap Day mascot. Below you will find links to Leap Day and Frog themed games, crafts, foods, and more!

Why do we have a Leap Day?
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LeapYearDay.com and RaenellDawn.com

The aim of this project is simple – Stripped down blogging to its simplest form to record one special day in time across the globe. As soon as the first time zone enters Feb29th.net this blog will be open to posts. It’s simple, by filling out the form, you will be creating a blog post on this blog.


*Kids Leap Day Birthday Party Planner: @ Leap year Day

*Leap Year Kids Party Ideas: @ Peppers and Pollywogs
Leap Year Party – Frog-themed ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, menu, and goodies.

*Leap Year Party: @ Grey Grey Designs
Featured here and here

*Frog Prince Birthday Party: @ Kara’s Party Ideas

*Frogs and Butterflies Party in the Garden: @ Bird’s Party

*Make a Leap Day Birthday Special: @ Parents.com


*Leap Year Frog Cookies: @ The Celebration Shoppe

*Cookie Frog: @ Kraft Recipes

*Frog Cupcakes: @ Cutest Food

*Froggy Cupcakes: @ Family Fun

*Prince Naveen Frog Face Cupcakes: @ Disney Family

*Apple Frogs: @ Clean and Scentsible

*Kermit’s Green Apples Peanut Butter Dip: @ Disney Family

*Pickled Frog: @ BHG

*Froggy Friend Lunch: @ This Lunch Rox

*Princess and the Frog Lunch: @ Meet the Dubiens

*Leap Year Snack: @ JDaniel4’s Mom

*Toad-ally Fun Frog Fiesta: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Frogmelon: @ Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

*Frog Bread: @ Edible Crafts
The recipe from the original source was taken down, but the comments are still there in case that’s helpful.


*Frog Activities for Children: @ DLTK Kids

*Paper Frog Puppet: @ Family Fun

*Letter “F” Frog: @ Play and Learn with Dana

*Paper Plate Frog Hand Tracing Craft: @ Busy Bee Kids Crafts

*Handprint Frog Craft: @ Fun Handprint Art

*Fly Catching Frog: @ Family Fun

*Leap Year Frog: @ Times Record News

*Leap Year Frog Craft: @ Lakeshore Learning

*Frog Catch Game: @ Ziggity Zoom

*Clay Pot Frog Craft: @ FamilyCrafts.About

*Paper Bag Frog Puppet: @ DLTK Kids

*Paper Bag Puppets: @ Enchanted Learning


*Leap Year Free Printables: @ Creatividee Workshop
Download here

*Celebrate Leap Year with Free Printables: @ Creative Party Buzz

*Leap Day Printable: @ Sherri Foxman

*Frog Maze: @ Print Activities

*Pin the Crown on the Frog Free Printable: @ Tip Junkie
“Here’s a poster you can print out on 4 sheets of paper, glue on a green posterboard and laminate, or simply tape together for an easy and fun game!”

*Musical Lily Pads Free Printable: @ Tip Junkie
Print out these lily pads and tape on the floor. Play with the same rules as musical chairs.

*Frog Hunt and Leap Year Games Free Printable: @ Tip Junkie
Frog Hunt, Ribbit, Ribbit, Jump, and Pass the Toad

*Origami Jumpin Frog Printable: @ Family Fun

*Frog Party Favor Bags: @ Mr. Printables

*Five Green Frogs: Kid’s Music Printable: @ Pickle Bums

*Freebie Printable: Butterfly and Frog Mask Templates: @ Bird’s Party

*Leap Froggin Game Board Part 1 and Part 2: @ Family Fun


*Frog Beanbag Toss: @ DLTK Kids

*Leap Year Activities and Party Ideas: @ Craft Jr.
Frog Paper Plate Craft, Frog Paper Bag Craft, Froggy Catch Game, Musical Lily Pads, Leap Year Coloring Page, Frog and Fly Game, Frog Dominoes, Frog Coloring Pages, Sherbet the Frog Dessert, Frog Cupcakes, Flippin’ Frogs Game, Leap Frog Bingo

*Leaping Groundhogs Game: @ JDaniel4’s Mom

*Frog Activities for Leap Year Day: @ ehow

*29 Fun Things to do on Leap Day: @ Mother Nature Network

*Children’s Games & Activities for Leap Year: @ ehow
Leap Year Division Challenge, Leap Year Beanbag Toss, Leap Year Birthday Cake Relay, Leap Year Verse, Leap Year Frog Cakes
Frog Chorus, Frog Diner, Tadpole Watch, Ribbit, Froggy May I?

*Leap Year Activities: @ Family Corner (forums)
Talk about leaping animals, Find a Leap Frog, Leaping and Jumping, Frog Straw Game, Kangaroo Jumping Fun, Froggy Snack, Leap Year Jump, Tracing, Leap Year Song(Tune of Bingo)



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