Dr. Seuss Posts

If you’re looking for some Dr. Seuss themed ideas for his March 02 birthday, Read Across America Day, check out the links below!

March 02 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America Day!
Dr. Seuss Posts

*A Splendiferous Dr. Seuss Breakfast
Green eggs and ham, bread butterside up, and Moose Juice!
Splendiferous Dr Seuss Breakfast

*10 Easy Dr. Seuss Snacks
10 Easy Dr. Seuss Snacks

*FREE Dr. Seuss Fonts
These free Dr. Seuss fonts can be used for printables, invitations, birthday parties,
baby showers, school classrooms / preschool, and more!

Free Dr Seuss fonts

Celebrating Seuss 2011
Ideas for Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday
*Seuss Fails 2011
*Dr. Seuss Celebration at the Library 2011
*Dr. Seuss Storytime at Target 2011
*Read Across America with Dr. Seuss 2011



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