10 Things I’d Rather Do Than the Dishes

I truly hate doing the dishes so much that I felt it necessary to give you a list of things I’d rather do than the dishes so that you can truly understand my distaste.


10 Things I’d Rather Do Than the Dishes
1. Pluck my eyebrows
2. Clip my toenails
3. Clean the dog’s ears
4. Wipe boogies
5. Watch Elmo’s World 3,000 times
6. Change a poopy diaper
7. Clean the toilets (Yeah, you read that right.)
8. Repeatedly bang my head against a wall
9. Drive a sharp object into my skull
10. Push a nearly 10 lb baby out of my nether-regions

No Housework Party

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  1. And of course host the No Housework Party! 🙂

    Right now my dishes are piled so high I can’t even see the sink. I don’t think there is a single clean dish in the entire house. Looks like it’s time to watch Elmo! 😉


  2. I completely understand. But since my hubby doesn’t know how to do them properly, I’m left to do dishes until my 7 year old is able to do it on her own, successfully.

    new follower
    Regina @www.thecrazynutsmom.com


  3. pretty fun post!! I figure if I cook someone (anyone but me) has the dishes.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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