Jenn’s 9th Birthday Party 1988

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)


Today is yet another day that I don’t have any birthday photos to share with you. I know, I know it’s sad. I’ll wait while you go to get a tissue.

I also don’t have any riveting sleepover details to share with you either. However, I do have an awesomely bad photo from 1988 to share with you. Hopefully it will make up for everything!


Just in case you can’t see it…here’s a closer look!

While my sister and I were away on vacation in FL with my grandparents, my mom redecorated our bedroom. Just in case you can’t tell, those walls are Pepto Bismol pink. My favorite color is blue. The walls were blue before they were painted pink. Needless to say I was unhappy about the change. In particular I was sad that our snuggly well-loved comforter had been replaced. I’m certain, though, that I was the most unhappy about my unfortunate hairdo. I don’t how my sister managed to slide by with a cute side ponytail while I got the “night at the Grand Ole Opry” special. My word, that is some poufy hair!


Now I will tell you a semi-related story that has nothing to do with birthdays but everything to do with the doll that I’m holding. When I was four years old I still had a bad thumb sucking habit. My aunt told me that if I stopped sucking my thumb she would buy me this porcelain bride doll. I think that it was on display in a Hallmark store and little 4 year old me thought it was so pretty. I successfully quit sucking my thumb and Betty the Bride (I know, I’m so creative, right?!) became mine. I still have her, but now I think she’s pretty scary. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of her, though, 4 year old me would be so sad.
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Be sure to check back tomorrow





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  1. NIght at the grand ol opry….ROFL!!! I love the merry go round ponies on the wall to…very cute room.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and very happy birthday to you!


  2. 🙂 Thanks, Kelley! That was quite the hairdo wasn’t it?

    I need to stop by your blog again soon, I’m very behind 😦
    Hope that I’ll see ya around again!


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