Jenn’s 14th Birthday 1993

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)
For my 14th Birthday Party I had a Surprise Party.
There was no theme or anything like that.
I once again had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
I had to take screenshots of my VHS tape to get some images for you to see.

Before getting into the riveting party details I have even more exciting nonsense for you. At the beginning of the VHS I sit down confessional/vlog style and tell in great detail every aspect of my actual birthday the day before. I even read straight from my diary. If I mentioned a card or a gift…I then show it to the camera.
This goes on for about 20 minutes (although in my defense it would’ve been much shorter if my sister would’ve stopped interrupting me every other sentence.).
So here is the very condensed version of my monologue.

I sing “Happy Birthday to me”.



I show you a Birthday card from my French teacher. Bon Anniversaire, Babette!



I show you a bunch of other things that I couldn’t get a half-decent screenshot of so there are no pictures (I’m sure that you’re all tore up about it.).
And then I show you the flowers my dad got me.



I tell you about my trip to the mall and how I went to The Deb
to get a pair of stretchy lightly-washed very mid-90s straight legged jeans.
Then to prove it…I show you my left leg.



I show you my Marvin the Martian t-shirt and then the matching Marvin necklace and earrings.



Then my sister shows you a cat.



Then I show you my DQ ice cream cake…yum!
It says “Keep Frozen” because even way back then I liked to keep it cool.



And now on to the incredibly fascinating Surprise Party.
First…it was a Surprise.
Second earlier before the party I went to the movies with my dad to see “Cool Runnings”.
Third, when I got home my very best friends (Kelly, Kendra, and Thadina) were there to surprise me.
A few other guests arrived later.



I was opening gifts and I bumped my elbow…ouch!



Only cool kids wear gift bows on their heads.




This is what it looks like after we eat.


Here is my chocolately-chocolate cake. It says “Happy Birthday Jennifer 14!”
which would make sense because my name is Jennifer and it was my 14th Birthday.


And now I am done torturing you with lame parties and really bad fuzzy pictures.
For today at least.

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You can take a look at my 1st-13th Birthdays by following the links on this page.
Be sure to check back tomorrow



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