Jenn’s 15th Birthday 1994

(a.k.a. Happy Birthday to me!)
I did not have a party for my 15th birthday.
But I will tell you what I did on my 15th birthday because I know that you’re very interested.


The day before my birthday I was inducted in my school’s Usher’s Club.
The coolest part was that I got to sign my name in the same exact book
my mom had signed 20 years prior when she was in the Usher’s Club.
(Let’s all say “Hooray!” for shoulder pads and giant hair bows!)

When I turned 15 my birthday was on a Friday, which means that there was a football game that night.
I was on the Dance Line in the band so that evening I was busy
performing in our Fiddler on the Roof halftime show.
That’s me behind the trumpet player.



A peasant girl, Cinderella, or an Eat N’ Park waitress?  You decide!
That’s my sister on the left hiding behind a flag, she was a Color Guard.


My family was visiting from Florida at the time and it was nice that my grandparents got to see me march.
I really enjoyed the Dance Line so I didn’t mind having to march on my birthday.
Other than that I don’t remember any details.
It’s probably for the best that this is a short post.
It’ll give you a chance to rest up for the Sweet 16 Party tomorrow.

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Be sure to check back tomorrow







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