Guest Post: Traditions, Truces, and Cartoon Moments

The following guest post is by a fellow Goose, Anne, from Homeschooling 911

Traditions, Truces, and Cartoon Moments

Family traditions are important in that they give us a connection to our past and strengthen the family bond. However, when a couple gets married, traditions can actually become a point of contention. After all, you have two people, possibly from very different backgrounds, each having their own traditions, memories, and a lifetime of experiences – joining their lives together.

For instance, maybe you grew up in a family that bought their Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and had all the decorations up that weekend, while your spouse’s family never bought their tree until just days before Christmas (or even the day before like my husband’s family).

It may sound simple enough to adjust and make peace with each other’s traditions…if you don’t understand how humans really work!

After all, you went through the planning and execution of a wedding – hmm…maybe execution isn’t the best word – but keep in mind that infused in that event was a romantic element that helped to cushion some of the tensions.

When the day-to-day of married life hits and the holidays start to roll around things can take a turn…for the annoying or possibly for the comical!

When my husband and I first married, even though our background was somewhat similar, how our families approached and celebrated the holidays was very different. And it did cause some, uh, lively discussions in our home! After sharing this predicament with my mom she clipped a cartoon out of the newspaper that illustrated our dilemma perfectly, and hilariously.

The cartoon was titled “Cathy.” You might remember this comic strip – it ran from November 22, 1976 through October 3rd of this year. The comic my mom had clipped showed Cathy and her boyfriend Irving decorating for Christmas. The gist of it was that they both had their own ideas of how it should be done – and at the end of the strip Cathy is standing there with a tangle of Christmas lights all over her. It was perfect.

Over the years we adapted and called truces and found our way through the holidays. These days my husband and one of my sons decorate the outside of the house in style. The four children decorate the tree. I try to stay out of all the decorating if possible. Not my cup of tea anymore. But I do send out approximately 100 Christmas cards every year and cook a bang-up Christmas dinner.

So take heart. You too can combine those traditions that work for you as a couple and a family, as well as forging those special traditions that belong to your family alone.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” (Unknown)

Anne Galivan is a home-schooling mother of four whose website is dedicated to helping prospective and current home-schoolers find answers to their questions about home education. Check out her website for home-schooling tips, curriculum reviews, and much more!


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  1. Hi, happy Monday!

    I have a giveaway going on if you’re interested: We Don’t Have It All Together


  2. My husband and I (after 14 years) still have issues with some of the traditions. All the way down to what should be on the tree (he likes balls, I like ecclectic handmade ornaments). This year I noticed my cute dangly little ornaments have almost taken over his glass balls as there are only 6 left. I don’t think he has noticed yet! : ) Or maybe we have finally reached the happy medium where neither of us are bothered by it. Anne your inspiring!


  3. Holidays are real memory makers! Your understanding of ‘getting out of the way’ is noteworthy….Merry Christmas!


    • Thanks Donna! Yes, I try to make things easy on myself now that I have so many grown-up kids. And the 8-year old has gotten to be very good at the decorating too. Apparently he directed the others on where to put everything on the tree this year. Too funny!


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