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Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes: Cat, Scarecrow, Nerd

This year the Cool Family opted for some extremely cheap, simple, and easy no-sew Halloween costumes.

Easy Halloween Costumes: Black Cat, Scarecrow

Thankfully Adaline insisted on being a Black Cat this year. I was going to go the leotard route but figured it was pointless to spend the extra money, especially if she would end up being too cold. She wore a black long sleeved shirt and black pants that she already had. We got a cat kit for $5 at Target which included the ears, tail, and bowtie (it also came with a weird nose, but it looked awkward). A little eyeliner nose and whiskers and we’re done!

Easy Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Jon wanted to be a scarecrow. The costume was simple: overalls and flannel shirt. Jeans would work as well especially if the shirt is a little longer and you could cinch the waist with some rope. For the straw “cuffs” I just tied some yard into a circle and then tied yarn around it and put it on his wrists and shoes. For the hat/hair I stuck pieces of yarn to duct tap and then safety pinned the strip of duct tape to the hat. Simple! I was going to put a scarecrow nose and stitched mouth on him, but he wouldn’t let me 😦

Scarecrow Cuties: Mom and Son Comparison

When I was 2 years old I was also a scarecrow for Halloween. That’s me on the left. Do you think Jon and I look alike at all?

Nerd Halloween Costume

I decided to go as a nerd because I only needed a few accessories to complete the costume: nerd glasses, suspenders, and a bowtie. I will tell you that I’m not happy with my accessories at all. We went to Party City because it was closer and these were the only options. I think the glasses are too “trendy”, the bowtie is too “cocktail waitress”, and it was all pricier than I would’ve liked. After I’d already bought the stuff I found cheaper and more appropriate accessories at a Halloween store at the mall. So I’m disappointed.

Nerd glasses, suspenders, bowtie: Party City 2014
Nerd knee socks: Target 2014 (I already had these, because they’re awesome)
Hair Pom Poms: Gymboree 2010 (They’re Adaline’s, I thought they worked perfectly)

Potterhead (Harry Potter Nerd) Halloween Costume

Because I wasn’t entirely thrilled with my nerd costume (I hated the bowtie in particular), I decided to change it up and go specifically as a Harry Potter Nerd or a Potterhead, if you will. I already had the awesome Gryffindor t-shirt and scarf, and the round Harry Potter glasses. Yes, I already had those, just for every day use. Because, shut up.

Harry Potter Glasses: Amazon
Gryffindor T-shirt: Wal-Mart 2014
Gryffindor Scarf: Universal Islands of Adventure 2011
Nerd glasses, suspenders: Party City 2014
Nerd knee socks: Target 2014
Hair Pom Poms: Gymboree 2010

Potterhead (Harry Potter Nerd) Halloween Costume

It ended up being chilly so I wore a gold cardigan that I already had that matched perfectly and in the end I decided to wear the nerd glasses instead of the Harry Pottery glasses. Fascinating stuff, right?

Gryffindor T-shirt: Wal-Mart 2014
Gryffindor Scarf: Universal Islands of Adventure 2011
Gold Cardigan: Target 2013
Nerd glasses, suspenders: Party City 2014
Nerd knee socks: Target 2014 (I already had these, because they’re awesome)
Hair Pom Poms: Gymboree 2010 (They’re Adaline’s, I thought they worked perfectly)

Last year Adaline and Jon went as an Artist and Masterpiece.
Click for costume details.

Artist and Masterpiece Sibling Halloween Costumes

What did your kids dress as for Halloween this year?
What’s your favorite go-to last minute costume?
Let me know in the comments!

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Healthy Halloween Snacks

Easy Healthy Halloween Snacks

We were in charge of bringing classroom snacks for the Kindergarten Halloween party. Homemade treats were not allowed (which is just as well since I don’t cook or bake). I really get tired of all of the junk my kids accumulate from October to January during the holidays, so I really didn’t want to give the kids loads of sugar. Instead I prepared healthy snacks (fruit and cheese) with a fun “Halloween” twist…and they got organic lollipops as well. Yep, I’m one of those super fun parents :P.
(Don’t worry, they also got store bought cookies filled with sugar and artificial junk and bags of artificially colored Cheetos 😦 That was my husband’s doing. He’s everyone’s favorite.)

These healthy Halloween snacks were ridiculously easy to make. Seriously, I can’t express to you enough how quick and simple this was! I made 16 of each and it only took about half an hour to complete. I know, right?! All you need is a black Sharpie Marker!

Healthy Halloween Snacks: String Cheese Ghosts

These String Cheese Ghosts were the easiest to do. I just drew little ghostly faces on the back of a cheesestick and was finished in only minutes! Effortless!

Healthy Halloween Snacks: Jack-o-Lantern Oranges

Using a Sharpie marker I drew Jack-O-Lantern faces onto oranges. Okay, okay…so they were Halos or Cuties which are technically Mandarin Clementines. But I’m still going to call them “oranges” anyway because this is my blog and I’m a rebel that laughs in the face of accurately classifying fruits by their proper species and binomial name. Suck it, science!

Healthy Halloween Snacks: Banana Pirates

I’ve seen these Banana Pirates around cyber space for years now. They’re not particularly “Halloween-y” but I still thought they were cute and fun. Halloween is a time you can dress up and be whatever you want…so can your banana! Maybe if I wasn’t so lazy I could’ve come up with a different more appropriately themed “character”, but this will have to do.

Healthy Halloween Snacks

What are your kids’ favorite healthy Halloween themed treats?
What other creative character can you turn a banana into?
Do you call Clementines “oranges” too?
Let me know in the comments!

Need last minute Halloween Costumes for siblings?
Check out these adorable and easy Artist and Masterpiece costumes!

Artist and Masterpiece Sibling Halloween Costumes

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Artist and Masterpiece Sibling Costumes

Artist and Masterpiece Sibling Halloween Costumes

I am lazy. I don’t sew and I refuse to spend $30 on a child’s costume that is ugly and will fall apart. My 4 year old daughter kept changing her mind about her costume from ghost to kitty to my personal favorite, “I just want to be a regular little girl”. My daughter loves, loves, LOVES to draw and paint and so I suggested that she be an artist. She loved the idea. She loved the idea even more when I said that her little brother could be her work of art and that she could (pretend to) paint him. So simple and easy!


The costume was a huge hit! We got a lot of compliments on how cute and creative the concept was. It was mostly laziness rather than creativity, but hey, I’ll take it!


-Art Smock / Art Apron / Old button down shirt
-Artist’s Palette
-Paint Brush
-Paint smudges on face and smock
-Pencil mustache (optional)

My daughter already had this art smock from Ikea. I wanted to have paint splatters all over her, but that smock wipes up so nicely that nothing will really dry on it 😦 I found the beret on Amazon and I had a Swagbucks giftcard, so it was free! I got the artist’s palette and paint brushes at Michael’s. We have paintbrushes at home but I wanted something a little bigger. There was a less expensive plain white palette but I let Adaline choose which one to get. She chose the watercolor palette which was fine because she would definitely use the watercolors and now I didn’t have to add paint to the white palette for her costume.
If you don’t have an art smock you can use an old white button down shirt as a smock. Be sure to smear it with lots of paint…artists are never clean! If you don’t have a palette and don’t want to buy one you can always make one by cutting the shape into cardboard or cardstock and coloring in the paint. That was more work than I wanted to do (remember the keyword today is “lazy“), so the $4 I spent on the palette was worth it to me.
I also think it would be cute to draw a curly mustache on your artist, but my daughter was having none of that!


-Long-sleeved white shirt (a few sizes bigger)
-Painted Canvas
-Picture Frame (optional)
-Hot Glue Gun (to glue the canvas to the shirt)

My original idea for the masterpiece was to use larger canvases and have my son wear them hanging over his shoulders sandwich board style. He’s 20 months old and falls over for no reason at all sometimes, so when I saw the smaller 9×12 canvas panels I got the idea to hot glue it directly to his shirt instead. I also thought it would be really cute to glue a frame from the dollar store around the canvas, but I didn’t think that sounded too comfortable or safe for my little boy. Instead I just added the little sign that said “Masterpiece” so that I didn’t have to keep explaining the costume to people. It worked brilliantly and we got a lot of compliments 🙂

It’s important to note that I got my son’s shirt a little larger (he wears 18-24m and this shirt is a 3T) because you need the extra room once the canvas is glued to the shirt. If the shirt were any smaller I wouldn’t have been able to fit it over his head.

The canvas panels I used were a set of 5 from Michael’s. You can get single canvases as well, but they didn’t have any at Michael’s and I knew that my daughter would use all of them.

Instead of using a canvas you could use card stock, card board, poster board, a pillowcase, just about anything that you can paint/draw on and then attach to or hang from a shirt. You can even just draw/paint directly onto the shirt itself. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Adaline actually painted the canvas herself. After it dried I hot glued the canvas onto a long sleeved tee.

Here’s the list of actual items that I used:
(None of these are affiliate links)
SMOCK: Ikea MÅLA Long sleeve apron, green $3.99
PALETTE: Michael’s Creatology Watercolor Palette $3.99
PAINT BRUSH: Michael’s Creatology Brushes (Set of 3) $1.99
BERET: Classic Black Wool Beret Cap $5.91 Sold by Accessory World on
TEE: Garanimals Long Sleeve Basic Tee $3.88
CANVAS: Michael’s Artist’s Loft 9×12 Canvas Panel Value Pack (5 pack) $7.99

Did your kids dress up for Halloween this year?
What is your favorite “lazy” Halloween costume?
Let me know in the comments!

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Pittsburgh Area Pumpkin Patches 2012 (Local)

This list of farm festivals has NOT been updated for 2013. However, below you will find links to each farm’s website where they should have details about their festivals.  For more local updates please check my LOCAL PAGE and FACEBOOK PAGE.


Please visit the individual websites for details on each farm’s activities.
Cheeseman Farm – Portersville, PA
Harvest Valley Farms – Valencia, PA
Hozak Farms – Clinton, PA
Janoski’s – Clinton, PA
Jodikinos – Clinton, PA
Port Farm – Waterford, PA
Pumpkin Patch Trolley – Washington, PA
Reilly’s Summerseat Farm – Pittsburgh, PA
Renshaw Family Farm – Freeport, PA
Schramm Farms – Jeannette, PA
Shenot Farm – Wexford, PA
Simmons Farm – McMurray, PA
Soergels Orchards – Wexford, PA
Spring House Market – Washington, PA
Trax Farms – Finleyville, PA
Triple B Farms – Monongahela, PA
Wooden Nickel Buffalo Corn Maze – Edinboro, PA
Woodward’s Orchard – Beaver Falls, PA (Chippewa Twp)
Columbiana Maze Craze – Columbiana, OH


Listed here are local farms hosting fall/harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hayrides, and fruit picking in Western PA’s greater Pittsburgh area during October 2012. A list of fall festival and events in Beaver County, PA and beyond can be found here for 2012.

Listed alphabetically


SEPTEMBER 22 and 29, 2012 12PM-5PM
Festival Hayrides: $4.00 per person ages 2 and up (does not include price of pumpkin
It’s time for harvest and here you can pickup your local favorites, Honey, Apple Butter and of course Pumpkins. The pumpkin festival is a great way to spend a day with the family and enjoy the fall weather. Start a new family tradition take a hay ride to our pumpkin patch and pick out this year’s holiday decorations. Hay Rides, Petting Zoo, Hay Jump, Pumpkin Video (upon request), Concession Stand, Holiday Items, Pumpkins and Gourds, Indiana Corn, Corn Stalks, Hay Bales
Cheeseman Fright Farm

2012 Calender Of Events
October 6 and 7 Live Music / Saturday 10/06: Rick Bruening
October 13 and 14 Live Music / Sunday 10/14: Eve Goodman
“Treasure in the Haystack” / Proceeds benefit Local Food Bank
October 20 and 21 Live Music: Rick Bruening
October 27 and 28: Pumpkin Bowling and Pumpkin Basketball / Proceeds benefit SBC Meals on Wheels
You can take the hayride up on the hill to get a full view of the “harvest” valley, take a walk through the great pumpkin patch, and much more! Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin, Hayrides, Cornstalk Maze, Farm Animals, Concession Stand, Straw Tunnel, Fall Decorations, Fresh Baked Pies, Face Painting, Pumpkin Patch Special Weekend Features, Live Folk Music, Straw Treasure, Pumpkin Bowling, Pumpkin Basketball. Try the hot apple cider! Facebook / Twitter

Free…Hayrides to the Pumpkin Patch
September 29 and 30, 2012 10AM-6PM
COLUMBUS DAY October 08, 2012 10AM-6PM (No pony rides)
Weekday afternoons enjoy a short tractor drawn hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins. Plus, pumpkin painting, straw pile, maze, and farm animals are open every weekday afternoon.
Saturdays and Sundays Pony Rides, Pumpkin Picking, Pumpkin Painting, Face Painting, Refreshments, Musical Entertainment, Fall Decorations, Hayrides to the pumpkin patch, Scenic Hayrides through the woods. Facebook

September 29 and 30th, 2012
October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, and 27-28
$5.00 per person
Enjoy with your family our Haunted Barn, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Straw Jump, Pedal Bike Path, Pony Rides (for Children Only) Petting Zoo, Pumpkin Painting, face painting and much more. There are picnic tables and pavilions. Feel free to pack a lunch or visit our food booth. During this time our Farm Market, Gift Shop, Bakery, and Garden Center are open. Be sure to stop in and see our friendly staff and enjoy the bountiful fall harvest! Facebook

Jodikinos Farm Market
195 Hanover Kendall Road Clinton, PA 15026
Currently no information available for Pumpkin Fest 2012. / Facebook

September 15, 2012 through October 31, 2012
Saturday, September 15th
: Many special surprises are in store to honor the most fabulous, favorite, fun part of the last nine years – YOU! It will be a giant party, Port-style, with giveaways, contests and adventures galore for our guests

Sunday, September 16th – Scavenger Hunt and Scarecrows by Scouts: Searching for clues is a tradition if you visit the farm during kick-off weekend!
Prizes awarded to all who succeed in finding those clues and solving the riddle. Also,
today we host our scouts in appreciation for their scarecrow-building talents.

Saturday, September 22nd
: Third time is a charm! We are hoping to weigh-in a world record this year and have a TON of fun doing it. Witnessing these orange wonders is the ideal way to spend the first day of autumn.

Saturday, September 29th
: Jump right in and spit some seeds, be a wheelbarrow or balance a pumpkin on your head! Guaranteed fun for all who join in. Local mascots will be sharing this day with plenty of handshakes and hugs to go around.

LEGACY EXPERIENCE Columbus Day Weekend
Saturday, October 6th and Sunday October 7th
: A homage to the heritage and history of our sacred ground here along French Creek. Encampments featuring storytelling, and traditional demonstrations are passionately expressed by French Creek Living History Association.

MUSIC MAKERS Saturday, October 13th: Traditional musicians share their talents and add a joyful element to the energy of the farm. Lend your ears, clap your hands and feel free to dance and sing if you’d like.
FARMER FOR A DAY Saturday, October 20th: Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get a li’l dirty! Farm chores are hard work, but can be quite satisfying. Be a part of our Children’s Garden by pitching in and contributing to it’s splendor.
PUMPKIN-MANIA PARTY Saturday, October 27th: Near the end of the season, things get a little kooky and we see nothing but orange! This day is ALL about pumpkins and ways to use them for entertainment. Pumpkin treats and antics await you.

1 Museum Rd Washington, PA 15301-6133 724-228-9256
OCTOBER 2012 Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 10AM-5PM
Also open Columbus Day Monday, October 08, 2012
Children (ages 1-15) $7 / Adults $9
Enjoy fall at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum with Pumpkin Patch Trolley, where
children can pick a pumpkin and then decorate it plus much more!

/ Twitter / Facebook / Facebook Page: Frank J. Sprague Official Cat of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
Arts and Crafts Christmas Festival

Cost $6.50 per person
Reilly’s is open every weekend for a Harvest Festival of Fun! Hayrides to the great pumpkin patch where you’ll find all sizes of pumpkins for your picking pleasure, Pumpkin Patch Hayrides, the New Boo Barn with added excitement, the Cornstalk maze, Marshmallow roast, Balloon Typhoon, Pedal Go Carts, Pony Rides and Petting Zoo, Face Painting, Cow Milking, Scarecrow-Making, Country Store, Wanda’s Games, Ducky Plucky, Carmel Apples, Refreshments. A one-price a super Harvest Festival ticket includes activities. No reservations needed, just come and have fun!

314 Ford City Rd, Freeport, PA 16229
Currently no information available for 2012 festival.

We have play hay, and a corn stalk maze free of charge. For a few dollars we offer pony rides and hay rides around the pumpkin patch. Facebook

September 29, 2012
COLUMBUS DAY October 08, 2012 1PM-5PM
We offer hayrides to our pumpkin patch and corn maze. It is a great way to spend an afternoon with your family, and it’s the perfect time to get your jack-o-lanterns, cornstalks, straw bales, decorative Indian corn–as well as our delicious sweet corn, apples, cider, and vegetables. Of course don’t forget to stop at the fudge counter! Facebook

170 Simmons Road, McMurray PA 15317
7 Days a week OCTOBER 2012 M-F 9AM-6:45PM Weekends 9AM-5:45PM
Scenic Hayride and Field Pass: $8.50
Pumpkin Scenic Hayride & Field Pass: $11.00
Over five acres of pumpkins, Free Apple sample and cup of cider, Hay maze and 3 acre corn maze and 1 acre corn maze, 100ft slide and smaller Fire Truck slide!, farm animals. Weekend Extra Activities Include: Food Concessions, Pumpkin Carving Display, Pony Rides, Pumpkin Typhoon, Apple Sling Shot, Music by Fiddlin’ Mike and the Fiddlin’ Around Band, Apple Picking (weekend activity availability due to weather may vary call ahead). Facebook

September 22-23, 2012 to October 27-28, 2012
EAT: There will be a ton a great food every fall festival weekend including Amish donuts every Saturday for $1 each (cash only Amish donuts).
PLAY: Come play all your favorite festival games and try some new ones too! We have games suited for children of all ages and some free activities as well! Pumpkin Painting, Face Painting, Cornstalk Maze, Straw Tunnel, Duck Pond, Duck Race, Sluice, Ring Toss, Bounce House, Train, Spin Art, Tiny Town play area*, Straw Stack*, Pirate Ship play area*, Farm Animals*
*denotes free activity
ENJOY: Pick your own pumpkins 11AM-5PM, Hayrides to the pumpkin patch 11AM-5PM, Pony rides 1PM-3PM, Horse drawn wagon rides 2PM-4PM, Free samples and demonstrations
Facebook / Facebook: Garden Center / Facebook: Naturally Soergels / Twitter / Pinterest

$6 per person + $3 to pick a pumpkin
Hayride to Pumpkin Patch, Pick your perfect pumpkin, Pumpkin Land Characters, Corn Maze, Petting Zoo,…and MORE! Facebook


FREE Admission
Hayrides: Adult $8, Children (3-12) $6, Children 2 and under are FREE
Enjoy a hayride to our pumpkin patch to pick-your-own pumpkin or see if you can find your way through our giant, 4-acre corn maze! There are fun things to do and great things to eat and drink including fresh apple cider and over 15 varieties of apples grown at Trax Farm, candy apples, heavenly pumpkin gobs and other seasonal treats from our bakery. Apple Cider and Caramel Apple Dip during fall festival only!
(Free Petting Zoo; Ticketed Activities include: Rainbow Express Train, Trax Challenge/ Corn Bin Mini Maze, Balloon Chase, Slide, Bounce House, Spin Art, Land Ball, Bungee Jumper, Wall Climb; Cash Activities include: Pony Rides and Glitter Tattoos)

September 29, 2012 to October 31, 2012
WEEKENDS 10AM-6PM (begininng September 29th)
M-F 10AM-4PM Only Pumpkinland and Cornmaze ($2.50 each)
W-TH-F 4PM-7PM (beginning October 5th)
Open Columbus Day, October 08, 2012 12PM-6PM
Activity Wristband: $11.00 per child; $7.00 per adult
Children 2 and under FREE
Wristband includes: Boo Barn, Rope Maze, Pumpkinland, Funny Farm, Hayride, 2 Giant Slides, Barnyard Carnival, Cornmaze, Farm Flinger, Duck Derby, Duck Slide Facebook

727 Achortown Rd Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Monday-Saturday 10AM-5PM
Welcome to Woodward’s Orchard. We are a family owned orchard located in Chippewa Township. (Above Brady’s Run Park) Our store will open for the season August 1st 2012 Hope to see you. God bless you. 724-891-0102

Many of the above pumpkin patches include corn mazes, please check the descriptions. The following are corn mazes only.

45107 State Route 14 Columbiana, Ohio 44408
(Corner of State Routes 7 and 14)

Wednesdays: 5PM-10PM (last ticket sold at 8pm)
Fridays: 5PM-12AM midnight (last ticket sold at 10pm)
Saturdays: 11AM-12AM midnight (last ticket sold at 10pm)
Sundays: 11AM-9PM (last ticket sold at 7pm)
(Check website for weekend weather closures.)
Ages 12 and Over $9.00 Children 5 to 11 $7.00
Hayrides: $3.00 Ages 4 and up / Barrel train rides: $1.00 per ride (S/S 12PM-5PM)
(Check website for group rates and other rates/discounts.)
The maze this season is 20 amazing acres, 4 separate mazes in 2012, 18 checkpoints to locate! Play FSI and Farm Tracks. Gemstone Mining Attraction, Straw Pyramids, Corn Box, Corn Hole, Wood Cut-outs for Photos, Swingset, Hayrides and Barrel Train rides (Saturdays and Sundays check prices), Concessions by GandG (sausage sandwiches, steak hoagies, corn dogs, great french fries, apple dumplings, lemon shakes, ice cream, popcorn, and more! This is not a haunted maze, but you are welcome to come after dark and bring your own flashlight, or you can purchase one for $3.00 when you arrive.
*Pumpkins supplied by local farmers are available to purchase
/ Facebook

5970 Koman Road Edinboro, PA 16412
(814)734-2833 Toll Free: 1-866-203-5268

Open Friday August 31, 2012
Website / Facebook

Fairs/Festivals – Western PA
Pumpkin Patches and more – Western PA

Fall in PA
Pittsburgh Fall Foliage Driving Tours


Have you attended one of the events listed here? Please tell us about your experience in the comments section.

Feel free to email pictures if you would like them featured on the blog. I hope your family has a fantastically fun-filled fall! 🙂


Wordless Wednesday: Is that a pumpkin up your shirt?

Oh, great pumpkin!

My hips barely fit into that thing 😦

The sexy wind blown look.

(All photos were taken at 23 weeks 6 days in Brady’s Run Park, Beaver Falls, PA.)

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Volant Autumn Pumpkin Festival 2011

On Saturday, 10/08/2011, we head out to Amish country for the Volant Autumn Pumpkin Festival and the Apple Festival at the Apple Castle. Adaline was all pumped up about going to the Apple Festival 🙂

(Email and feed readers click here or click through to the blog to view the video.

These festivals are held on the same weekend every year and I always have hopes of being able to visit them both on the same day, but it’s just impossible. Last year we attended the Apple Festival first and then drove to Volant only to find that it was so packed there were no parking spaces (and Adaline fell asleep in the car anyway). The year before that we went to Volant late in the day. This year we decided to start with Volant.

We arrived right at the start of the festival and were able to find a parking space. Then we headed right for Volant Mills. There was a cute little boy sitting there on the porch just as friendly as could be saying, “Hi girl!” to Adaline, but she was not interested. It’s nice to see she’s as friendly as I am (good work, Mom).

Adaline loved finding all of the bears inside the store and riding on the rocking horse.

Next we stopped and looked at pumpkins but we didn’t pick one out since we didn’t want to carry it around with us.

After all of the pumpkin peeking we decided to go visit all of the shops locating past the mill. While we walked past the giant water wheel right next to the busy street and almost to the parking lot busy with cars pulling in and out Adaline decides she doesn’t want to hold my hand anymore and starts to struggle. Naturally there wasn’t time to explain to her that she needed to hold my hand and since desperately clinging to her arm as she tried to get away wasn’t working…I decided to pick her up and drag her across the parking lot. That’s no small feat for this 5 foot mama with a 2 year old half her size and a pregnant belly taking up all of the space. Adaline gave a real good kicking and screaming fit, “I wanna walk! I no hold hands!”. Oh, and there were about 50 people standing in line to get Amish donuts that got to witness the whole thing. I wrestled her over to the front porch of the closest store where I distracted her with a skeleton on display by getting her to sing, ” ‘Dem bones, ‘dem bones they walk around.” Once she calmed down I explained to her that she needed to hold onto my hand or Muggy’s hand when we’re outside and when we’re inside she can walk by herself. Thankfully after that we had no trouble and she held our hand every time we left a store and stayed right with us inside all of the shops. So there, judgmental onlookers…take that!

We went from store to store and everyone said how cute Adaline is (they didn’t witness the great parking lot tantrum of 2011). Sometimes she was friendly and other times not so much (“I’m not cute!”). She seemed to enjoy window shopping and would look at the stuff and then say, “Let’s go to another store!” in an excited voice. She really loved it when a store was playing music and sometimes didn’t want to leave.

Since it had been about 3 hours and I had somehow managed not to pee my pants I headed off to the bathroom. The one that I found was a single bathroom down a hallway, you’re supposed to wait outside of the hallway to give the others privacy. In front of me there was a family (Mom, Dad, and two little girls) who were taking turns using the bathroom. When Dad was in there mom came out with the girls and apologized when she saw my pregnant belly saying she knows how that is. I told her it’s no problem and that I’m used to holding it (although not for 3 hours, but she was only responsible for about 10min of that). Then all of the sudden this girl comes walking up, who looked to be my age and didn’t look pregnant, looked right at me and said, “Can I go first?” Now she did have a sense of urgency in her voice, but still…I’m pregnant. I might’ve considered it if she were elderly, or a mom with a little one, or if I flat out just wasn’t pregnant…but I am. So I told her, “I’m sorry, no. I’ve been holding it for 3 hours and when he gets out I’m going in.” And that’s exactly what happened. I made quick work of it and I apologized to her when I got out (not sure why considering I was there first…and I’m pregnant!). Ya know, having other people let you go to the bathroom first and hold open the door for you and give you their seat is part of the perks of pregnancy and apparently, I just wasn’t willing to give that up. Selfish Jenn. Selfish pregnant Jenn.

So once I got to pee and we had looked in all of the shops (yet refrained from buying anything) we were hungry. I had read online that they were going to be having a “Fancy Fall Tea” at The Meeting House, so we headed over there.

Adaline’s first tea party 🙂
Well, actually she did more purposely dropping silverware on the floor, running to look out of the window, and saying, “The nice lady will be right back.” every time the waitress left the table rather than actually having tea. But it still counts.

Tea sandwiches.

Our cute little tea pot for our table.

As usual Adaline barely ate a thing, but she had no trouble finishing off a chocolate petit four. I saw her go over to the window and look out with her little face pressed against the glass and when she walked away there was a nice chocolate smudgy mouth-print on the window. That’s classy 😉
After another visit at the window Adaline walked up to the end of the table and with big tears in her eyes and a sad voice she said, “I’m alright.” I said, “Oh honey, what’s the matter?!” to which she replied, “I touched the candle!” and burst into tears. 😦 Poor little thing. It was an electric candle, but it was hot from being plugged in all day. We got her some ice and she was fine.

Here is infamous candle. The chocolately mouth-print had already been wiped off by my mother (forgive her, she doesn’t understand yet that in the blogging world one must take photos of every little detail!).

Luckily for us there was only one lady sitting in a corner by herself sipping tea (without the sandwiches) so we had the whole place to ourselves to let the 2 year old run amuck in the tea room, throw silverware on the floor for fun, wipe her dirty mouth on the window, and burn herself. We brought a lot of ambiance to the place.
Well, if we weren’t distracting enough there were all of the passersby that would walk into the tea room see us sitting only a few feet from the door eating and drinking tea, proceed to walk around the corner going, “What is this, a tea room? Is this a shop? What is this?” to which my mom and I would reply, “Yes, it’s just a little tea room.” and then they’d mumble to themselves about how this used to be a store (an art store if they were knowledgeable) and then leave. This happened countless times. I’m not sure why everyone was so confused. When they walked in and saw my mom and I sitting at a table covered in linens and china and eating food…what did they think was going on? Did they think this was a store and we just happened to bring our own lunch, complete with tea set, and just start eating in the middle of the shop? One lady even walked up to our table (without acknowledging us) and picked up our tea pot and said to her friend, “Look at how cute this tea pot is!” There was no price tag on the tea pot. Our table was in front of a window and the tea pot was on the side of the table opposite from where the entrance was…so this lady had to walk behind my mom’s chair and pass her to the other side of the table directly across from where I was sitting and eating so that she could manhandle our tea pot. When she left I called after her, “Wait a minute! You forgot to stick your finger in the clotted cream!” Even with the chocolate mouth print on the window and the silverware on the floor we might’ve been the classiest people there.

The teapot feeling dirty and used after the unwelcome advances of a stranger…

While I didn’t get any photos of the layout inside, I did snap a picture before we went into the tea room and I put notes all over it to help you get a good visual.
(Click to enlarge the photo if you can’t read the text.)

It was time to leave Volant and I was hoping that we’d make it to the Apple Festival.

About 2 minutes before we got there Adaline fell asleep in the car. We wouldn’t have been able to go anyway because by this point (3pm) it was a sea of people and had we attempted to go we would’ve been miserable. We went home.

My only purchases for the day were Amish made bread and apple butter which I treated myself to on Sunday evening. It was sooo good and I used almost the entire jar of apple butter on those 3 slices of bread.

We’ll definitely make a trip to the Apple Castle sometime even though there won’t be a festival going on. I wonder which festival we’ll decide to attend next year…Volant or Apple Castle?

Have you attended the Volant Pumpkin Festival before? Please tell me in the comments section.

Feel free to email pictures of your trip to Volant or the Apple Castle if you would like them featured on the blog. I hope your family has a fantastically fun-filled fall! 🙂

Volant Village Shops
The Apple Castle

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