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Children’s Book Signing in Pittsburgh: Papa’s New Home

Book Review: Papa's New Home by Jessica Lynn Curtis

Papa’s New Home is the award-winning story of a young girl who loses her grandfather, Papa, only to get to see him again in a miraculous visit to his new home, heaven.

Book Review: Papa's New Home by Jessica Lynn Curtis

Here are a few of my favorite things about this book.
I like that the book not only mentions Jessie’s sadness and confusion about Papa’s death, but also her anger. I think that anger is an often overlooked stage of grief in regards to young children. While anger is only mentioned in one or two sentences I think that it’s enough to open up communication with a child who is experiencing anger in grief.
I like how Papa explains that bodies can get old, or sick, or hurt and stop working, but that our spirits never die.
I really like that Papa is portrayed as still looking the same age as when he passed. Many hold the belief that everyone in heaven is young, but I think that concept can be confusing for young kids.

Book Review: Papas New Home by Jessica Lynn Curtis

This book obviously contains spiritual elements with mentions of heaven, spirits, and angels. However, this is not a specifically Christian book as there is no mention of God or Jesus. This book would appeal to families of many different faiths. It paints a very vivid picture of Heaven beyond what is mentioned in Scripture depicting lost loved ones with jobs they enjoyed on earth (such as gardening) and living in houses with beloved pets and eating chocolate cake with relatives.

Book Review: Papa's New Home by Jessica Lynn Curtis

The story is beautiful and the lovely illustrations definitely help portray a feeling of peace. For the right child it could be a powerful tool to help with the loss of a grandparent.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area you can meet the author of Papa’s New Home, Jessica Lynn Curtis, at a book reading and signing this Saturday!

Book Signing: Papa's New Home by Jessica Lynn Curtis

Meet author Jessica Lynn Curtis, who will be reading and signing
copies of her Mom’s Choice, award winning title, PAPA’S NEW HOME!
Saturday July 26, 2014 11:15AM
The University Store on Fifth
4000 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Click here for directions or more information
(Book can be purchased at the University Store on Fifth)

Buy Papa’s New Home on Amazon!

You can also like the book on Facebook and follow Jessica on Twitter (@JessieLynn817!

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Edible Mud Play Dough (Guest Post: A Pinch of Perfect)

I’m excited to share this guest post with you by Katie from A Pinch of Perfect. Katie posted on my Facebook wall that she found me through the SITS Girls and as soon as I saw her blog I knew I had to ask her to guest post right away. Katie’s blog is packed full of great activities and fun ideas for your little ones, so be sure to visit her blog after reading and commenting on this post! Now here’s Katie…

I have noticed that mud must have some sort of magnetic properties because my son can’t seem to stay away from it. My poor garden has suffered multiple assaults from my son and his shovel. To try and deter him from the garden I wanted to make him some mud that he could play with indoors or outdoors and as often as he would like. This is how Edible Mud Play Dough came to be. It had to be edible because I think you never can be too safe when toddlers are around (my son just turned 1.5) so I work really hard at coming up with safe activities for him.
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DIY Edible Mud Play Dough Recipe

Our homemade mud can be made with things found in your pantry. It’s fast and simple to make and looks exactly like mud. After coming up with this awesome recipe, when my husband came home from work and took a look at the “muddy” tray on the table he wondered why I had brought mud into the house. Oh the look he gave me when I took a bite was priceless, lol! By now he should know we are always up to something fun and interesting.

The awesome part about Edible Mud Play Dough is it is dry and crumbly and at the same time doughy and shapeable. Although it is edible, it doesn’t taste good at all so this activity shouldn’t turn into snack time. Get those trucks, shovels, and mud pie pans out because your kiddo is going to love playing with it. What a fun new Sensory Play experience!
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1 Large box of chocolate pudding mix (we used the instant kind)
1 C. baking soda
1/4 C water
3 Tbs. oil

I suggest making one batch per kid.

DIY Edible Mud Play Dough RecipecfotbwmDIY Edible Mud Play Dough Recipe

Mix dry ingredients together.
Add wet ingredients and mix evenly and it’s ready to be played with.

DIY Edible Mud Play Dough Recipe

Makes a perfect mud ball because it can hold its shape, but will still crumble apart.

DIY Edible Mud Play Dough Recipe

Here are my busy little kiddos smashing, filling, and building away.

DIY Edible Mud Play Dough Recipe

My daughter used the words, “crumbly, brown, and soft.” What sensory words will your kiddo use to describe it?
Sometimes toddlers are hard to keep entertained…well my little man played with his dough for an impressively long time and even outlasted my daughter. He must love his new mud!

DIY Edible Mud Play Dough Recipe

We hope you enjoy our Edible Mud Play Dough Recipe. Thanks for playing with us. Drop by A Little Pinch of Perfect to say hi and make sure you catch our next fun idea!

Love-Katie and the Kiddos

Katie Pinch from A Little Pinch of Perfect blogKatie is a Stay-At-Home-Mom who is kept busy by her spunky 3 year old daughter and curious 1 year old son. She is always coming up with new, fun, and creative ideas to keep her kiddos excited throughout the day. She believes that creativity helps little minds learn & grow in amazing ways that conventional methods only dream about. Visit A Little Pinch of Perfect to discover more or follow her on social media on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Bloglovin’

Thank you, Katie! 🙂

Do your kids love playing in the mud?
Have you ever made mud play dough?
Please leave a comment for Katie below!


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