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Beego the Elf: Week 1 (2011)

Last week I introduced you to our Elf on the Shelf…Beego! Here are some of his adventures.


December 01

Our elf arrived on December 01 and Adaline was so excited
(Click here to see a video of Adaline discovering our elf.)

Adaline named the elf “Beego” and he was found sitting on top of our television armoire. And yes…those are Sweatin’ to the Oldies VHS tapes to the right of the DVD/VHS players. Obviously I’m extremely serious about fitness.

December 02

Beego was hanging on to the blinds and he had a special note for Adaline!
(Email and feed readers click here to view video.)

It was a card from Santa saying that Adaline has been put on the nice list 🙂
(Email and feed readers click here to view video.)

December 03

On Friday Adaline spent the night at her (Grandma) Muggie’s house and when she woke up…Beego was there! He was sitting on the mantel above the fireplace.

What has your elf been up to this week? Let me know in the comments!

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A (Long) Trip Down Bunnylane

Warning: This post is much longer than it should be. I was in the zone. I apologize in advance. Good thing I can count this as Wordful Wednesday 🙂

On Saturday we planned on traveling out to Volant for their various Easter festivities and also stopping by Kraynak’s in Hermitage, PA to see Bunnylane. It was raining quite a bit in our neck of the woods so we decided to drive out to Kraynak’s anyway since it’s an indoor activity and we’d stop by Volant if it dried up. It seemed like quite a far drive just to see Bunnylane. I was just hoping that meeting the Easter Bunny wouldn’t be as traumatic as our last trip to Kraynak’s to meet Santa and then again at the mall. Well.

A few weeks ago my mom and I drove out to Boardman, OH with Adaline and she fussed the entire ride there “up, out, down” (yippy). Thankfully she was a perfect angel during the trip to Kraynak’s. Not only did she not fuss, but she even did a little “dancing” in her car seat (these are the thrilling details here, people, try to stay awake). When we got to Kraynak’s we found one glorious available space in the front parking lot (yippy for real this time). It was still raining so Daddy rushed the little princess into the store as fast as he could. They were both still wet. Both of their hoods flew off during the sprint. When I finished attempting to dry off my family I had a really awesome view straight up Adaline’s nose since her Daddy was holding her and he’s 6’3 and I’m 5’1 (there goes those details again). I could see an entire family of dried kangaroos up there, and this is unacceptable, so I started picking at the poor dear in the middle of the store. She hated it and the people came by and took my Mother of the Year Award away.

I’m not sure exactly what time we arrived there, with all of the excitement from the rain and the boogers I forgot to check my watch (which would actually be my cell phone since I don’t wear a watch and you wanted to know this because, that’s right, you love the details), but it must’ve been the perfect time because there wasn’t a gigantic line for Bunnylane.

We went right into Bunnylane and Daddy walked Adaline around while I busied myself taking videos and photos of every precious second.

Here are 20 photos of Adaline looking at displays.
They are probably too small to see but when it comes to picking out photos of Adaline I am chronically indecisive. I’m certain that everyone wants to see her sweet little face from every.possible.angle. You are welcome.

Because I wasn’t thinking clearly when I made the photo collages I didn’t match up the photos of Adaline looking at the displays with the actual displays themselves. So now I shall show you displays and tell you about that while you’ll have to imagine what her face was like as she looked at them. If you’re really ambitious you can go back up to the collage of Adaline and try to match the tiny pics of her to the proper display, but that’s probably asking too much. Moving on…

The first display was the duckies and Adaline loved it. The song about “the one little duck with the feather on its back” was playing over and over. She didn’t want to leave that display, but eventually we got her to move on to the bees and the gnomes.

The bunny display had a tv with The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music playing over and over. Adaline gave us a little shimmy, but wouldn’t let me catch it on camera. She liked the bunnies and pointed out “big” bunnies and what they were wearing and doing.

I’m not really sure why, but I love this picture of the back of her head! 😉

The next display was the most popular among the toddlers that were there…Sesame Street. I’m not sure exactly what Sesame Street in the Old West has to do with Easter or spring, but the kids loved it.

The wheel that Elmo is attached to was spinning. I find it a little disturbing to find a beloved Muppet strapped to a spinning wheel with the implication that someone was shooting arrows at him. The kids didn’t mind (sorry Elmo). Adaline loved pointing out and naming all of the characters and we had a hard time convincing her to go to the next display.

Adaline loves animals and she’s really good at naming a whole bunch of them so needless to say she love the Noah’s Ark display too. I’m not sure which animal was her favorite (I’m partial to the kangaroo with the animated joey popping out of the pouch 🙂 ), but she seemed the most excited about a barrel of apples that was towards the end of the display. Okay then.

With all of the political correctness these days I’m glad to see that Kraynak’s was not afraid to display The Last Supper and a Cross with a sign that says “Forgiven”. 🙂
Still the bearded mannequins freak me out a little. Or maybe a lot.

At the end of the display was the line to see the Easter Bunny, but they had just put up a sign saying that the Easter Bunny was going on a break. Fine. So I told hubby that we could walk around the store while we waited. This resulted in us spending a lot of money we hadn’t planned to spend. Oh well.

So, we started looking around and saw a person dressed as a big jellybean handing out…jellybeans (duh). Daddy was carrying Adaline and she seemed to like the jellybean and waved to it, but when I said, “Let’s take a picture with the jellybean” (with every intention of my husband being in the photo and not handing my daughter over to a giant candied stranger in the middle of a store), Adaline was suddenly scared of Mr. Jellybean and clung to her Daddy. She now didn’t want to be anywhere near the jellybean.
(Oh I can’t wait to see how this Easter Bunny thing will go…but they already took my Mother of the Year Award so what the hay?!)

Adaline loves playing the piano.
We’re thinking this might be a 2nd Birthday present 🙂

Eventually we go back to stand in line for the Easter Bunny. While we’re in line Adaline notices some bears on the other side of the rope that she didn’t notice when we’d left Bunnylane. We cross the rope to go visit the bears. Adaline gives them hugs and kisses, but never long enough to catch a decent photo. Use your imagination.

The whole time that we were shopping and while we were waiting for the Easter Bunny Adaline kept repeatedly asking for the ducky song. We told her we’d go see it again before we left.

We were getting closer to the Easter Bunny and finally we were waiting there while a little boy was on the Easter Bunny’s lap. Suddenly Adaline cries, “Big Bunny!” and when I tell her we have to wait and hold onto her before she runs over into the middle of some other kids photo…she starts to cry. I’m thinking that other people probably think that she’s crying because she’s afraid of the bunny, but she wasn’t. As soon as the little boy was out of sight I let her walk up to the Easter Bunny and she asks, “Touch?” and I tell her that she can and then I say, “Do you want to sit with the Easter Bunny?” She says yes and I put her right in his lap! She got slightly nervous when the bunny moved his arm (I’m pretty sure she thought it was a stuffed animal prior to that), but she was fine and started poking the Easter Bunny in the eye. Nice. I told the girl taking the picture that Adaline wouldn’t smile, but that didn’t stop her from trying over and over again to get her to smile. Okay. Then the Easter Bunny gave Adaline some Smarties.

I have video of this entire exchange which I was going to post here and then after seeing that I appear about 8 times bigger than I actually am (or than I actually think am I), it grossed me out and I decided to leave that little gem for immediate family. Sorry about your luck.

When we left the Easter Bunny I got into line to pay for our stuff while Hubby and Adaline got into line for Bunnylane. The line was long now, clear past the front door. By the time I was done with my purchase they were just approaching the Bunnylane entrance. Adaline was in ducky song heaven. It played over and over and over again and she stood there and stared at it and did a little wiggly dance that got a lot of ”awww”s from passersby. When someone else would dare to get too close to her beloved ducky display she would get upset and tell them “No! No!” Woah, there, settle down Princess NoNo the Duck Nazi…spoiled much?!

Here is a cute little video of Adaline dancing to the ducky song.
(If you’re reading this via email or a feed you’ll need to click through to the blog to view the video)

We stayed there for a good long time and let her watch the duckies and then I bribed her with chocolate to get her to leave. We drove away from Kraynak’s while Adaline happily munched on M&Ms and then Smarties from the Easter Bunny.

It wasn’t raining anymore and we were hungry so hubby and I decided to swing by Volant and see what was going on there. We decided to stop at a cute little restaurant, The Tavern on the Square, just outside of Volant, where we had stopped to eat when we went to The Apple Festival last October. Adaline was telling everybody about how she saw the Easter Bunny and he gave her candy and was wearing a blue bow and she poked him in the eye…and they thought she was adorable (maybe they would’ve felt differently had she poked them in the eye too). We had a nice lunch and Adaline was excited every time a horse passed by the window (attached to an Amish buggy).

There were guest books at every table, so I decided to sign one and then trace Adaline’s hand and date it. She’s always excited about getting her hand traced until the pen has to go in between her fingers and then she scrunches them up and tries to pull her hand away. This is why most of her hand tracings look like she has swollen thumbs and webbed fingers.

(I like to leave you little secretive notes on the pictures. Click on the photo (and then click again) to enlarge it and decode your secret message. Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine.)

After eating we drove through Volant but it didn’t look like anything was going on there. We were too tired to walk in and out of the shops so we drove home.
A short way into the trip, this happened…

We really had a nice day together as a family. Adaline really enjoyed herself and I think it was definitely worth the trip to Hermitage. She’s still talking about the ducky song and of course how the Easter Bunny gave her candy and was wearing a blue bow and she poked him in the eye. Memories 🙂
Oh, and then the people came by and gave me back my Mother of the Year Award thankyouverymuch.
(though I’m fairly certain that once I hit publish the people will come by again and take away my Blogger of the Year Award that I like to pretend that I have and replace it with the Long-Winded Writer of the Year Award instead)


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Eco-Friendly All Natural Dyes for Coloring Easter Eggs (Links)

Did you know that you can color eggs using natural dyes you may already have in your kitchen? Beets, onion skins, coffee, tea, and more, are all great natural ways to color eggs!

Check out the links below for pictures, tips, and tutorials on how to die your eggs naturally.
(Click on the titles or photos to follow the links.)

(For 50+ other ways to dye and decorate your eggs click here!)

Natural dyes for coloring Easter eggs
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*Natural Egg Dyes @

*Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally @

*Naturally Dyed Eggs @ The Herb Society of America:

*Natural Easter Egg Dying @ Oh Dee Doh:

*How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally, Without a Store-Bought Kit
@ Serious Eats:
“A couple of beets, some ground turmeric, and a red cabbage, and I was turning out gorgeous eggs in all three primary colors.”

*Vibrant Eggs, Dyed Naturally @ The Kitchn:

*How to Make Onion-Skin Easter Eggs @ The Kitchn:
This is a great, natural way to make subtly beautiful Easter (or Passover) eggs. And they answer the question, “what to do with all those left-over onions?” here.

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50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas (Links)
Round up of 50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


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50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas (Links)

Round up of 50+ Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
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If you’re looking for a new way to decorate eggs with the kids or a new hobby for yourself…we have all the inspiration you need! Whether you want something quick and easy or a new challenge the best egg decorating ideas from around the web are all here in one convenient list! Find new techniques using chalkboard paint, Kool Aid, fabric, tissue paper, electrical and duct tape, rubber bands, leaves and flowers, silk ties, doilies, stencils, tie dye, decoupage, crayons, rubber cement, sequin, stickers, beads, foil, string, glitter, and more!

Click the title links or photos for details, directions, and tutorials!

(For ways to dye your eggs naturally click here!)

*Decorating Easter Eggs with Your Preschooler @ Quirky Momma:

*How to Make Chalkboard Easter Eggs @ Skip to my Lou:

*Tiny Chalkboard Eggs @ Style at Home:

*Kool Aid Colored Eggs @ Measuring Flower:

*Van Gogh Easter Eggs & Polka Dot Easter Eggs
@ No Time for Flash Cards

*Fabric Eggs @ Holiday Haven:

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*Duct Tape Eggs @ kateandersok flickr:

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Rubber Band Technique, Masking Technique, Botanical Print Technique

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*How to Make Geode Easter Eggs:
Make Fun and Unusual Crystal Eggs for Easter. You can make Easter Eggs full of beautiful crystals with this a fun Easter craft that could double as a fun science project using common kitchen ingredients.

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Looking for a fun Easter craft? Raid your pantry, craft closet, and sock drawer to make our cute Easter projects.

*Hunt for Easter Egg Decorating Ideas @
A collection of Easter egg decorating ideas that kids will love. Dye-ving Dudes, Tie-Dye Tuffets, Melted Crayon Eggs, Surprise-inside Egg, Sheep Egg, Leaf Print Eggs, Bee Egg, Easter Dove, Decoupage Designs, A Herd of Eggimals, Bluebird Egg, Cool Crayon Colors, Superegg-man Egg, Paper Egg Diorama, Pig Egg, Tie-Dye Easter Eggs, Sticker Stencils Technique, Fancy Feathered Friends, Tissue Paper Technique, Purple Cow Egg, Daddy Deggster Egg, Mom Peggy Egg, Megg Egg, Lovely and Loopy, String Technique, Natural Egg Dyes, Simply Smashing Shells, Lots of Dots (and Lines), Nesting Instinct, Grandpa Gregg Egg, Aluminum Foil Technique, Lightbulb Sleeves Technique, Rubber Bands Technique, Thumbprints Technique, Rock-a-bye Birdies, Simple Stained Glass, Sticker Stencils, Tie-dyed Eggs, Turn an Egg Into a Christmas Tree, Bubble Packaging Technique

*Easter Egg Decorating @
Fun & easy techniques kids will be dyeing to try. Dye-ving Dudes, Easter Egg Wreath, Egg Pedestal, A Herd of Eggimals, Faux Fabergé eggs, Melted Crayon Eggs, Decoupage Designs, Aluminum Foil Technique, Bubble Packaging Technique, Lightbulb Sleeves Technique, Rubber Bands Technique, String Technique, Thumbprints Technique, Tissue Paper Technique, Sticker Stencils, Leaf Print Eggs, Dots (and Lines) using glue dots and colored sand or glitter, embroidery floss, Stained Glass, Crushed Shells, Tape and Paint Masking tape and paint, Tie-Dye Easter Eggs, Silk Tie-dyed Eggs, Decoupage Eggs, Dripped-On Eggs using rubber cement, Swirly Dyed Eggs using oil and water, Marbleized Eggs, Rubber banded, Sponge Stamped

*Easter Egg-stravaganza @ Disney Family
*13 Creative Ways to Dye and Decorate Easter Eggs @ Free Stuff 4 Kids:
Marbled eggs, tie dyed eggs, ribbons, crayons, mosaic, rubber bands, lace, sponged eggs, disco egg, stamped eggs, Easter Bunny eggs, stickers, silk-tie eggs

*Easter Egg Decorating @ Kaboose:
Crayon Eggs, Decal Dyed Eggs, Easter Egg-Heads, Egg Decoration Ideas, Egg Bunny, Chocolatescapes, Easter Eggs, Drip Dot Eggs, Easy Sponge Painted Eggs, BloPen Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Heads, Jeweled Easter Eggs, Marbled Easter Eggs, Napkin Applique Easter Eggs, Oil and Food Coloring Marbled Eggs, Paraffin Easter Egg, Decal Dyed Easter Eggs, Swirled Easter Eggs

*Easter Eggs Decorations @ Delish:

*Decorated Eggs @
Fanciful decorating techniques for your Easter eggs.

*Easter Egg Decorating Ideas @ Good Housekeeping:
Just Picture It, Decorated Eggs using simple-shaped paper punches, Wrapped Eggs, Popcorn Eggs, Fern Eggs (Go Natural)

*Quick and Easy Easter Egg Decorations @
Pretty Ways to Dye Easter Eggs: Hop to it! These pretty Easter egg dyeing techniques are perfect for the kid in you. Sticker-and-Dye Egg Designs, Banded Egg Design, Scrapbook Notions, Vibrant Dyed Eggs with Flowers, Natural Dyed Eggs, Pysanky Eggs, Easter Egg Flower Pots, Eraser Decorating, Toothpick Decorating, Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs, Polka-Dot Eggs

*Easter Egg Decorating Ideas @
Disco Egg, Chick Egg (Broken eggshell), Word Egg (Die-cut stickers), Space Egg, Bedazzled Egg (beads), Bumpy Egg (glue dots), Flower Vase Egg (blown egg), Charm Egg (The charm in this egg says, “Thank You!”), Royal Egg (necklace fasteners), Flower Power Egg (sequins), Dot Egg (stickers)

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*Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Recipe @ Steamy Kitchen:

*Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs @ That artist Woman: Tutorial!

*Ukrainian Egg Tutorial @ Suzy’s Sitcom:

*Getting Started in Pysanky @

50+ Creative Ideas from
*Egg Dyeing 101 @
Egg Dyeing Basics: Blowing out eggs, wax resist technique, masked designs technique, marbleizing technique, dripped on technique, creative egg carrying cases
*Decorating Easter Eggs @ Martha Stewart
*Easter Eggs @
Lace Eggs, Spring Menagerie Eggs, Cheeky Chickens, Striped Crepe Paper Eggs, Overlapping Dot Designs, Metallic Eggs, Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs, Glittered Sticker Eggs, Faberge-Inspired Eggs, Elegant Origami Eggs, Grass Appliquéd Dyed Eggs, Marbleized Swirls, Trimmed with Cord, Flight of Fancy Egg Hinged Egg, Egg Ornaments, Silk Tie Eggs, Crepe Paper Egg Bunnies, Glittered Eggs, Botanical Eggs, Stenciled Eggs, Chocolate Eggs, Beaded Egg Ornaments, Country Cow Eggs, Gilded Eggs, Wax-Resist Patterns, Pearl Trellis Egg, Metallic Polka-Dotted Eggs, Natural Egg Dyeing Techniques, Beaded Eggs, Velvet Trimmed Eggs, Stamped Eggs, Peek-a-boo Egg, Ladybug Eggs, Jeweled Eggs, Scrambled Lines and Letters Eggs, Tissue Paper Eggs, German-Style Paper Cutout Eggs, “Cracked” Eggshells and Chick Designs, Masked Designs (tape, stickers, little leaves, etc), Oversize Botanical Decoupage Easter Eggs, Dripped-On Eggs (rubber cement), Speckled Faberge-Inspired Egg , Big-Eared Bunny, Pretty with Pearls, Confetti Eggs, Stash-and-Carry Eggs, Easter Egg Tree, Square Patterned Eggs, Puddly Pigs, Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs, Baby Bird Eggs, Latticed Eggs, Egg Baskets, Silk-Dyed Eggs, Embellished Chocolate Easter Eggs, Dyed and Speckled Easter Eggs (acrylic paint), Hinged Eggs with Gold Trim, Tissue-Paper-Decorated Eggs, Egg within an Egg, Leaf and Flower Eggs

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LOCAL: Easter Egg Hunts and Family Fun (2011)

ATTENTION: This list was originally from March/April 2011 and has been removed. I am currently working on an updated list for 2014 which should be published by April 1. In the meantime, please check the Beaver County Family Fun Facebook Page for updates and check the links below for local events. Thank you.

(Town Center Beaver County Main Street Network)
For Easter Egg Hunt listings for PA and other states try:

Beaver County Easter Egg Hunts and Events 2011


Fun Prankless April Fools Day Family Traditions


April Fools Day Family Traditions
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Today is April Fools Day!
I’m surprised that our family doesn’t have any April Fools traditions. Although we’re a bunch of jokesters who love to laugh, we’ve never really gotten into pranking each other. We have been known to stick things on the head of an unsuspecting old lady while she sleeps…something we’ve been doing for over a decade. (Sorry Grandma)
Sticking things on grandma while she sleeps

If you’re not really digging the idea of pranking your kids maybe you can come together as a family and create some April Fools Day fun! Declare a day of silliness and foolishness and try some of the ideas below!

*Family Traditions: April Fools’ Day Dinner:
This family has a wacky April Fools’ Day Dinner tradition!
On April 1, we share a really wacky meal that was inspired by a summer camp game. It’s wacky not because of what we eat, but how we eat it: for every course, each family member gets to have just three random things that are on the table — and only those three things. So you could wind up with milk, butter, and pepper! The crazier the combos, the more fun it is.

*Backwards dinner!: Serve breakfast for dinner or serve dessert first.
*Mixed up place settings: Set the dinner table with all of the plates, cups and utensils upside down or put all of the silverware at one place all of the plates at another, etc.
*Use giant utensils, tiny plate: Set the table with giant serving spoons and tiny plates (like saucers or dessert plates) to eat with.
*Serve food in a glass and drinks in a bowl or in a plate?! Messy!
*Declare all utensils forbidden…eat with your hands!

*FREE Ding Dong Ditch Download: Put a “sweet” new twist to this old prank! Ding Dong Ditch someone together as a family!

*You’ve been egged! FREE Download: A great Easter tradition that’s perfect for April Fools Day! Get together as a family and “egg” somebody 😉

April Fools Day Family Traditions

The family that pranks together stays together 😉

Does your family have any April Fools Day traditions?
Let me know in the comments!

*30+ April Fools Prank to Play on Your Kids!
April Fools Pranks to play on your kids
*FREE April Fools Day Printable Pranks:
Great printable pranks for kids and adults alike and April Fools Day coloring sheets!
Free April Fools Day Printables


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