How to Fold a Towel (Video Tutorial)

I’ve added this to Mama’s Kat Vlogging Workshop as prompt
3.) Make a video about anything…from a table in your kitchen.
Coincidentally I had just made this video last week for No Housework Day. Our kitchen light doesn’t work so I moved the table into the playroom to record the video. Enjoy 😉

I dislike all housework but if I had to pick a favorite chore it would be the laundry. I don’t mind laundry so much. Maybe it’s because there’s really no gross factor like there is with dishes. Maybe it’s because there are only four of us and the laundry is pretty manageable. I don’t know.


I’m actually really good at folding laundry, so I thought I’d show you how to fold a towel. I know, it’s exciting isn’t it? I like to rock a nice, fancy tri-fold with my towels. Also, I fold in the shadows because I am mysterious (or because I have crappy lighting in my house). Watch and learn, my friends, watch and learn.

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…and. You. Are. Welcome.
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If you’re looking for another pointless tutorial you can check out this ooooold one of mine: How to build a jigsaw puzzle.


How do fold your towels? Tri-fold, square, origami elephant? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Origami elephant?! Oh now I MUST have a tutorial for that! 😉


    • Tri-fold is as fancy as I get. Although one day years before we had kids I walked into the bathroom to find a towel elephant waiting for me. Hubby said that he got bored and looked up how to do it on the internet! He never did it again, though 😦


  2. My towels now seem so boring! Just squares for me but I’m going to try this and see if I can fit more in my boys bathroom, although I know they won’t appreciate the fancy folding job. You’re so funny!


  3. I just MIGHT have to clean off the shelves in my bathroom so I can also rock some fancy tri folded towels! 🙂 this is great!


  4. You’re too funny! I’m still celebrating no housework day – yup, four days later. LOL… Well, I have been doing some Spring cleaning, but that’s fun ’cause I get to use cleaning products and organize. I don’t have to do it so it makes it fun. If I HAD to do it I wouldn’t wanna!

    You know {glancing left then right while whispering} I think I’m going to do this. Just to honor you. I will smile every time I see my fancy tri-fold folded towels! Yippee!… My children may not appreciate it, but I sure will. 🙂

    Okay, “halfie birthday?” Never heard of that one. Does that go on for a lifetime or just while they’re young? Oh, and don’t tell my children about it. Thanks! 😀


  5. LOL, loved it. I just fold mine in a square, but I may try this tri-fold technique 🙂


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