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Guest Post: Top 10 List of Things to do with Toddlers this Summer

This is a guest post by Stephanie from Always Just a Mom. She has some great ideas for keeping your toddlers busy this summer. Be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!

Hi!  I’m Stephanie and I’m stopping by today from my blog Always Just A Mom!  I’m a stay-at-home mom to String Bean (3) and Biscuit (2) who are just 13 1/2 months apart, so we’re always doing something!  This summer has started off HOT!  I’ve had to adjust the way we do things around our home because of the heat and the fact that I’ve got two very active toddlers…so I thought I would share with you my…

Top 10 List of things to do with Toddlers this Summer!

1.  WATER:  Get them in the water and get them drinking water!  We have invested in a small inflatable pool (found on sale at Toys R’ Us for $69.99) but even if you don’t have the money for the pool get a sprinkler!  (I got a great ring sprinkler for $6.00 at Walmart the other day…perfect for toddlers because you adjust the height and strength of the water!)
It’s also important to get them to drink water.  This has been a challenge so we invested in some fun CamelBak water bottles for the boys…they now reach for them in the fridge.  I let them pick them out (we had a 20% coupon from REI) and we carry them with us all the time now!  You can also get great reusable kid water bottles at Target ($3.00)!
2.  PARK:   Get up and go to the park.  The beds can be made in the afternoon, the dishes can get done later.  Get your kids outside before it’s super hot.  We are very lucky to have a park up the road…we can actually walk to…but pack some granola bars, some water and get to the park!
3.  PUDDING:  Make pudding with your kiddos.  This is great for your toddlers!  Get a Tupperware container, put the pudding mix in, add the 2 cups of milk, secure the lid and let them shake it until their little hearts content!  Then stick it in the fridge and they’ve made pudding.  It’s such a little thing and they will have helped make the dessert for that evening (add some whipped topping and a few bits of candy and you’ve really made something fancy for dinner). 
4.  GARDEN:  No you don’t need an acre of land or a green thumb.  Go grab a box of triscuits or wheat thins that have the plant the seed logo on the box.  All the directions are on the back and you can plant fun herbs in your house in a small pot (Terra Cotta pots are like $2.99 at Joanns).
5.  NIGHT OUT:  Let your kids be outside after dark.  This is really tough for a mom like me because I’m all about the schedule but I usually just let them sleep an extra 30 minutes or so on a day we’re going to do this, then let them run around outside as the street lights are coming on.  They love playing in the backyard with flashlights and chasing lighting bugs!  It’s just a change for them…it’s also fun to give them a yummy Popsicle or some other messy, cool treat.
6.  MAKE ICE CREAM:  Some of you are thinking…WHAT?!?  Make ice cream with toddlers…well not the ice cream maker ice cream.  Take some fresh fruit (strawberries), blend it with some ice and some milk, pour it into little containers, freeze for 20 minutes, add some craft Popsicle sticks and let them freeze for a few more hours…you made ice cream.  Yes…your toddler will think you are AMAZING!  (Remember they are impressed with very simple things!)
7.  TAKE PICTURES:  Take pictures of everything they are doing.  Let them have fun and pose and be silly.  Just try to capture all those summer events.  You can later make them into fun little cards/notes for family far away and share a little of their summer with them.  Very easy!  Don’t want to pay for printing pictures…just use your computer printer, print on regular paper, cut it out, glue to some fun cardstock or a card you already have and just let them “color” a little note.

8.  THANK YOUs:  My kids love to paint with those little water paints (little cup of water, get the hard paint color wet, make some pictures).  We use those for Thank You notes.  They paint them and then I hold on to them throughout the year to send as “thank yous” to family and friends when they receive a gift or have a special day with someone.  They have painted them, and then I write the words they want me to write over the painting.  It’s just a little more personal and it makes them part of the process!!!  (Who doesn’t want a cute little water color painting from a toddler hanging on their fridge door!)

9.  INDOOR PICNIC:  It’s HOT!  I hate the heat.  Summer is my LEAST favorite time of year.  Plan an indoor picnic.  Put on a movie, get some cheese, crackers, grapes, and juice cups and sit on a blanket in front of the TV.  Just changing the environment where they eat and getting to watch TV while they eat a meal (something we rarely do) is a noteworthy event!  This can be done for dinner with PB&Js just sayin’!
10.  PLAY IN THE MUD:  Let your kids play in the mud.  Although I have two very rowdy “BOYS” and they are all boy…let your girls play in mud.  You can put it in a little plastic tub and let them just put their feet in it…mud is fun!!  It’s messy, it’s a pain to clean up, it’s a picture you’ll cherish and it’s fun you can’t replace!

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 and I hope you try a couple ideas!  These are nothing Earth Shattering but sometimes it’s the little things we forget to do!  Summer is here and like the lyrics say “There’s a 104 days to summer vacation…” enjoy these days and enjoy your little ones!!!  Have a great summer and thanks for letting me share a little bit of me with you!!!  Look forward to seeing you over at Always Just a Mom!


30+ April Fools Pranks to Play on Your Kids!


April Fools Pranks to play on your kids

April 1st, is April Fools Day! Here are some fun, safe, quick, easy, harmless pranks to play on your kids.
*Please remember to use your own discretion regarding pranking your child. Each child is different. Please do not prank a child that is overly sensitive, easily embarrassed, or one that simply can’t take a joke. Keep in mind the age of the child. Some pranks are more appropriate for tweens and teenagers as younger kids may get upset or simply not “get it”.*

*Draw on them with washable markers: Sneak into your kids’ rooms at night and draw on their faces with washable markers. Draw pink hearts on the boys or the classic mustache on the girls, or sign a message like “Gotcha!” or “April Fools” (bonus points for writing it backwards on their forehead so that it’s readable when they look in the mirror!)
*Move them into a different bed: While your kids are sleeping gently move them to a different room/bed in the house.
*Change and hide the alarm clock: Change the time on the alarm clock and hide it in the room (under the bed?) so that when it goes off your child will have to search for it to turn it off.

*Model Parent: Make a fake parent and set them up at the breakfast table. Even funnier if the real parent comes into the room later before the kids discover the fake one!

*Put salt on their toothbrush: Wet the toothbrush and then dab it into salt. Be sure to shake off the extra salt before putting it back.
*Latherless soap: Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and put in the shower/bathtub. This makes the soap appear normal, but it won’t lather at all!
Put one at the kitchen sink too!

*Stuff their shoes with tissue paper: Put tissue paper in the toe so they can’t get their shoes on all the way. This is the perfect complement to the small-clothes trick below.
*Replace your child’s clothes with smaller ones: This would work best if you were able to duplicate the same outfit in a smaller size, otherwise the kids might notice that their old clothes are back in the drawer.
*Sew all of their underwear together: This requires only a few stitches at the side seams, then fold neatly and place back in the drawer.

*Early Wake Up!: Change all of the clocks and wake the kids up for school (at 3 a.m.) and serve them breakfast. Mom and dad should be already dressed for the day however they normally would be. Feed them breakfast and start out the door…once they’re outside they’ll notice it’s dark…April Fools! It would be great to have an April Fools sign outside…maybe even something made with glow sticks that shine in the dark ;)!
*Don’t be late!: Set all of the clocks in your house an hour early and hurry everyone as if you will all be late.
*School on a Weekend: If April Fool’s day is on a Saturday wake up the kids like a normal school day. Go through your regular school day routine and even drive them to school! When they’re about to get out of the car (or they notice the parking lot is empty!) say “April Fools!”.
*Scroll down to the “Around the House” pranks section for tips on coloring your bath water.
*If you do have somewhere to go, you may want to keep an outfit the correct size, pair of underwear, good bar of soap, and unsalted toothbrush set aside to keep you on schedule ;).

*Cereal Box Mix Up: Take all of the cereal out of their original boxes and put it back into a different box.
*String the Cheerios: String an entire box of Cheerios or other “o” shaped cereal on one long string and put it back in the box.
*That’s not cereal!: Remove the cereal from the box and replace it with packing peanuts or some other type of non-food that pours.
*Freeze the cereal: Freeze a bowl of cereal and milk with the spoon inside.
*Magic Milk Bowl: This trick makes milk change color when it’s poured on top of cereal. Put a drop of food coloring on the bottom of a bowl or glass and the milk will change color when poured on top.

*Gelled Juice: A thirsty family member is the perfect target for this glassful of trickery that’s impossible to drink. And since the undrinkable beverage is made by the batch, you’ll be able to fool more than one person.

*Vinegar Juice: Replace apple juice with vinegar. Yuck!
*Colorful Milk: Put food coloring into the milk container, it will pour a different color and surprise the kids. This obviously won’t work with the see-through jugs as you’ll be able to see it before pouring.

*Frozen Milk/Juice: Freeze your drinks while still in the container so they won’t pour


Can’t Un-Ziplock: To set up the prank, zip the bag closed and place a length of double-sided scrapbook tape on one of the flaps just above the closure. Firmly press the flaps together to make them stick. Your kids won’t be able to unzip their sandwich!
Wormy Apple: Use a plastic ballpoint pen, washed and with the ink cartridge removed, to bore a hole in the fruit, then insert a gummy worm. (Don’t make it the night before, or the worm may get mushy.)
Snack Switcheroo: Make the switch by carefully opening a snack bag along the top seam. Empty out the original contents and fill the bag with another edible item such as baby carrots. Add a playful message such as “April Fools!,” then use a strip of double-sided tape to reseal the bag along the seam.
This sneaky mom opened the snack bags from the bottom.

Slice a banana without peeling it: When your kids peel the banana, they’ll find the fruit inside is already cut into bite-size pieces.

*Backwards dinner!: Serve breakfast for dinner or serve dessert first. That would work well with the next prank below!
*Dinner/Dessert Disguise: Here are some great recipes for making your dinner look like dessert or making cupcakes that look like other food. Announce “dessert first!” and then serve the kids this ice cream sundae that’s actually mashed potatoes and gravy!

*Fly in the Ice: Freeze a plastic fly inside an ice cube.
*Salt/Sugar Switch: Replace sugar with salt. Only do this if one of these is used every day (like in coffee or tea) otherwise you may forget and end up cooking with it!

*Mixed up place settings: Set the dinner table with all of the plates, cups and utensils upside down or put all of the silverware at one place all of the plates at another, etc.
*Use giant utensils, tiny plate: Set the table with giant serving spoons and tiny plates (like saucers or dessert plates) to eat with.
*Serve food in a glass and drinks in a bowl or on a plate?! Messy!
*Declare all utensils forbidden…eat with your hands!

*Switch the drawers: Either move around the contents of the drawers (underwear where the pants go, etc.) or switch siblings drawers
*Rearrange the Room: This one takes some time and effort. You could just move around the furniture or turn everything backwards and upside down. You can go as far as turning pictures, posters, and shelves on the walls upside down or backwards.
*Short sheet the bed: And oldie, but a goodie. Instructions found here.

*Take the batteries out of the remotes: This is sure to frustrate older children and husbands alike!
*Make your water change color: Add Crayola Color Dotz Bath Tub Tints inside the faucet by unscrewing the cap on the faucet, and setting a couple of tablets inside.
Not just for the kitchen sink…use these in the bathtub or shower, or simply run a bath for the kids and add food coloring!

*Tape the hose open: Wrap a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer so whoever turns on the faucet gets a big, wet surprise.

*Toilet paper messages: Unroll a roll of toilet paper and write messages or jokes on some of the sheets inside, roll it back up and place it on the holder (I personally like “Help, I’ve been kidnapped and forced to work in a toilet paper factory!”).
You can also write a note (or a joke) to your kid on toilet paper with a Sharpie and then place it in the toilet bowl right before they go to the bathroom.
(The classic “I C U P” is always a winner 😉 )

After giving a clue of what’s to come using the Joke on the Water prank above, send your target laughing all the way to her piggy bank. Conceal a dollar bill inside your toilet paper roll by unwinding it several turns, then wrapping it back up with the bill inside. Rehang the roll flap-side down as shown. When your target tugs at the tissue, the money will spill out.

NOTE: If your house is visited by tricky Leprechauns , Christmas Elves (Elf on the Shelf), or Dr. Seuss’ Thing 1 and Thing 2 throughout the year, you may want to skip certain “magical” tricks and leave them for the legendary figures ;). Recycle some of their pranks and tricks to use on April Fools Day when the kids are older and stop believing 😦

*Please click on photos for source credits*

Do you play pranks on your kids on April Fools Day? Let me know in the comments!


April Fools Day Family Traditions
April Fools Day Family Traditions
FREE April Fools Day Printable Pranks:
Great printable pranks for kids and adults alike and April Fools Day coloring sheets!
Free April Fools Day Printables


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Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Rules

This year we’re starting a new Christmas tradition with our family. We will be hosting the Christmas Eve festivities at our house. And not just any festivities…Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree featuring the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest! I thought that I’d share the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest Rules with you in case you were planning your own party this year. The rules don’t really mean anything, and we’ve never really stuck to them (they were just a way to keep my crazy family from cheating), but here they are anyway.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Rules

Photos and results from the 2010 Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest are here! Enjoy the Ugly 🙂

Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree
Featuring the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest
Contest Rules and FAQs

To be eligible as an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contestant you must wear a Christmas or Winter themed Sweater, Sweatshirt, or Sweater Vest to the Jamboree. Turtlenecks and long or short-sleeved t-shirts will not be accepted. You may wear such items underneath an Ugly Christmas Sweater-vest, but it will not be considered part of your sweater and therefore not eligible for judging. You may add to or alter your Christmas sweater however you like, have fun and get creative. Additional items such as hats, jewelry or other festive attire will not be considered when voting for the Ugliest Christmas Sweater. An item must be attached to your Christmas sweater in order to be eligible.

You can be disqualified from the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contest for the following:
+Putting on your ugly Christmas Sweater after entering the jamboree (You must be already wearing your sweater when you show up to the jamboree.).
+Removing your sweater before the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion has been announced.
+Altering your Christmas sweater after entering the jamboree (Any and all alterations or additions to your sweater must be completed before entering the jamboree.).
+Swapping your sweater with another contestant before the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion has been announced.
+If you are overheard using the word “boring” anytime before the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion has been announced.
+If your sweater does not have a Christmas or Winter theme
+If your “sweater” is actually a t-shirt, turtleneck, or any shirt other than a sweater, sweatshirt, or sweater vest.

How will the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion be determined?
All eligible Ugliest Christmas Sweater Contestants will have the opportunity to vote for the champion. You may not vote for yourself. You must vote for someone. Anyone not competing and anyone who has been disqualified are not permitted to vote for the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion.

What will the Ugliest Christmas Sweater Champion receive?
The Champion will receive the coveted Ugliest Christmas Sweater Trophy of Awesomeness.

Will any other prizes be awarded?
Contestants will also have the opportunity to vote for the person with the overall Most Festive Attire and the person with the Most Naturally Ugly (unaltered) Christmas Sweater. The winners of these categories will win only the title and bragging rights. No prizes will be awarded.

Where do I get an Ugly Christmas Sweater?
I don’t know. That’s your problem. I’ve got my own sweater to find.

Uncle Ugly’s Christmas Sweater Jamboree is on Christmas Eve!

Start looking for or making your Ugly Christmas Sweater right away!

labelschristmas300Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition Tradition (Coolest Family on the Block)10wayschristmaspjs1


Halloween Crafts: Kleenex Box Costume

So there’s this awesome giveaway going on over here where you can find the best blogging tips. To enter you need to write a post about something you’ve created for Halloween.

I am not a crafty person. I don’t cook/bake. And we’re not really “into” Halloween. But I really want the camera!!! So, here’s what I came up with.

When I was in 7th grade I came up with the brilliant idea to be a Kleenex box for Halloween. While my mom did most of the hands on work, the concept was all mine. I’m going to tell you how we “created” the Kleenex box.

1. We got a large cardboard box (an appliance box for a refrigerator or stove). We turned the box upside down cut a hole in the top for my head and a hole on each side for my arms. We trimmed up the bottom of the box until I was able to walk in it without tripping.
2. We got contact paper and completely covered the box.
3. Using a real box of Kleenex as a guide we added a label/logo and price to the front of the box using construction paper, markers, and crayons. At the bottom edge of the box I put the information for the size of the box…just like on the real one!
4. Underneath the box I wore a white turtleneck, pants, and white tennis shoes. You want something that blends into the box well, but will also be warm and comfortable.
5. We took white tissue paper and stuck it out of the top of the box to look like Kleenex coming out. Looking back, if we would’ve been more ambitious, it would’ve been neat to fashion some sort of tissue paper hat to wear.
6. I carried the real “matching” box of Kleenex with me everywhere.

*Note that this costume was very difficult to Trick or Treat in because it was hard to get up and down the stairs. You’d need to cut the box up really short (possibly to the waist) to be able to move around easily.*

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of me wearing the Kleenex costume 😦 But, a year ago I was at my mom’s house and I saw something outside by the trash. I didn’t know that my grandmother had saved that Kleenex box all of those years and kept it in the basement. My mom finally discovered it and set it out with the trash. When I saw it I had to snap a picture of it. It was actually sitting in the grass upside down, but I turned the picture around for your convenience. It looks pretty beat up after spending 20 years in the basement…but hopefully you get the general idea.

Here are the only 3 photos that I have of my Kleenex Masterpiece!

If anyone ever decides to use this idea (or you already happened to have made a Kleenex box costume) I would love to see your photos of the finished product! If you’d like, I’d be happy to post the photos here and/or link up to your blog post about the costume.

So there you have it. My lame attempt at being crafty is to tell you about a costume that I made 20 years ago and then show you photos of garbage (literally).

To read a post about all of my childhood Halloweens and costumes click here
To see the “Halloweens Past” link up at SITS click here.

I want to thank the SITS Girls for hosting this giveaway. You can go to their website to find the best blogging tips. It’s also great if you’re looking for a way how to find blogs (Hmm, that wasn’t proper English). Also unicorns are real and Tiffany is pretty! (Hey, whatever I can do to get that camera, right?!)

Ghosts of Halloween Past: My Childhood Halloweens

I’m writing this post because I really, really want this camera!

Halloween has never really been “celebrated” at our house. We were allowed to dress up as long as we weren’t anything scary/evil. Sometimes we went Trick or Treating but most years we didn’t. Sometimes we carved pumpkins, sometimes we didn’t. My favorite part of Halloween is the costumes. I loved dressing up. Still do (although I haven’t in years). When Halloween would come around mom would take my sister and me to JoAnn Fabrics to look inside the big costume books. We would get an idea of what we wanted to be and then mom would put it together with what we had at home. Unfortunately I don’t have many photos of my costumes. We used a lot of items from home, so whenever possible I tried to use a photo of some of the items even if I’m not in full costume.

Here are the few memories that I have of my Halloween’s past.

1981: Scarecrow
I was too little to remember anything about this. I think this was my first time ever going Trick or Treating. I was just over two and my sister was just shy of one. I was a scarecrow, my sister was a clown, and my cousin was a cheerleader.

1982-1983: ?
Because I couldn’t find any pictures from these years and I was still so young, I have no idea what my costume was. One of these years (I think that it was 1983) we had moved to FL. I seem to remember my sister and I Trick or Treating with our dad who somehow lost his keys in the grass. It was dark outside and he had a hard time finding them. I found the keys. My dad started calling me “Hawkeye”. Little did he know that only 3 years later I would need glasses and now I can only see an inch in front of my face!

1984: Bunny
I actually have no memory of this Halloween at all. From the picture I can tell you that I was a bunny and my sister was a lion. I can also see that this was a church Halloween party.

For being a children’s party at church, there are some pretty creepy looking costumes in the background. (Top photo from left to right) I can’t tell if that’s a giant hat or if the person has a sack over their head. Is that a green-faced bearded lady wearing rubber kitchen gloves and holding a broom? That is actually a Care Bear, but it’s still scary. This clown is way more creepy than fun (ditto for the mini clown in front).

1985: Gypsy
I was in first grade this year. We had a Halloween parade at school. As best I can remember it, each classroom was designated a time when they would walk through the whole school in each classroom (I could be remembering incorrectly…it might’ve just been the other classrooms in your grade). I was a gypsy. I loved my costume. My grandmother had this full, puffy, white slip with red stars all over it (pictured below while playing dress up, not in costume). My mom tied it around me (because it was too big) and I wore some sort of top over it with a brightly colored shawl. Then she tied a scarf onto my head. It was the 80s and my mom had all kinds of big, tacky jewelry. I put on beads and necklaces, some jewelry on my head, lots and lots of bracelets, rings, some ankle bracelets, and I think we even put some big jangley necklaces around my waist. My mom put a lot of heavy make up on me. For shoes I went barefoot because aren’t gypsies always barefoot? (I really don’t know) Since I would be in my classroom being barefoot wasn’t a big deal…but then there was the parade. I walked all over the school in my bare feet. Yuck! I didn’t step on anything or hurt myself, but just the idea of it grossed me out. My sister and I went Trick or Treating that year with a friend of mine and our moms (Don’t worry, I wore shoes!). While we were out we had a spooky encounter, you can read all about it in “A Ghostly Tale”.

1986: Aerobics Instructor
I don’t remember anything specific about this year other than the costume. I wore my bathing suit with tights underneath it, leg warmers, and tennis shoes. I had my hair in a pony tail and wore a head band and wrist band. I wore a sweatshirt over the bathing suit, which I believe had the neck cut out so that it would hang off the shoulder. I seem to remember the bathing suit having white and purple vertical stripes and having a white fabric belt with plastic buckle attached to it. Maybe a little too cold for Trick or Treating, but definitely a cheap and easy costume.

1987: Princess
I wore my beautiful flower girl dress from my aunt’s wedding. A picture of me in the dress at the wedding can be seen below. We bought a scepter at the store. It was almost as tall as me. It was plastic with a red handle and a white star at the top. You could put batteries in it and the star would light up. I hated the red handle so my mom wrapped ribbon all around it and put glitter on the star so that it would shine when it was turned on. I don’t remember anything else about the costume, like what I did with my hair or wore on my head. I think I might’ve been a fairy princess…which means I would’ve had wings. For whatever reason, the scepter is what I remember the most.

1988: Little Bo Peep
I wore my Easter dress from the year before (Easter photo shown below). It always reminded me of Little Bo Peep. We added a poufy crinoline underneath it and I think I might’ve had some pantaloons peeking out down by my ankles. I think we may have tied a bigger, more exaggerated sash/bow around my waist. We put my hair in big baloney curls with a big huge bow. We took the princess wand from the year before and wrapped pink satin ribbon around it. For the crook we removed the star and put a wire coat hanger in there which we bent into a crook and taped to the handle. We then put an empty paper towel roll over the wire crook and wrapped it in ribbon. We tied a big pink satin bow underneath the crook. I carried a stuffed lamb with me which was actually a gift from the Easter Bunny in 1982.

1989: Southern Belle
This year there was a party at the church in the parsonage basement. I remember getting a Polaroid picture taken that night, which I had for years…but can’t seem to find it now 😦 This year I was in Middle School, so no Halloween Parade. Instead there was a costume judging contest. I believe the judging went by grade. You would go to the auditorium and were put in like groups. They kept narrowing down each group until they had the top 3 (5?) costumes in that grade. I believe I was always in one of the top-ish groups. I seem to remember this kid Kevin winning every year. He had some pretty good costumes. For the Southern Belle costume I used a dress that had belonged to my mom as a child. I think that one of her grandmothers had made it for some sort of patriotic holiday. It was blue with little (red?) flowers on it and had a matching bonnet. To make the skirt full my mom took a hula hoop and sewed it to the bottom of the skirt using small pieces of elastic. I had big baloney curls in my hair once again. Since I was a “winter” southern belle I also had a white faux fur muff that I wore.

1990: Cleopatra
I once again was close to being a finalist in the costume contest, but didn’t win. This year we bought my Cleopatra costume from the store. I don’t remember wearing a wig, but at the time my hair had a similar cut (although it was blonde, so…). In addition to what the costume came with we added more heavy gold jewelry around my neck. Slap bracelets were popular then and I had to shiny gold ones that I wore on each wrist like cuffs. The costume had a stretchy gold headband with a cobra attached to it, and I did wear it, but we fashioned one of my mom’s gold necklaces around it to make it look more authentic (and not so cheap). We had a gold snake to wrap around my upper arm. I wore sandals and heavy eye makeup. One thing that I remember most about this costume was that it had a big leg slit. Every time I sat down my skirt flew open and my one entire leg (clear up to my upper thigh) would be showing. I had to keep closing my skirt all day.

1991: Kleenex Box
For some reason I decided that I want to be a Kleenex box. I didn’t win a prize again, but I came close. Everyone loved my costume. I’m not going to give anymore details right now, because I’ll be writing more about this tomorrow!

1992: Kleenex Box
I was so certain that this Kleenex box was a winner that I decided to try it again this year! I was actually a finalist! I think I got 3rd place. Because of the design of the costume, I couldn’t sit in my desk at school. So I “sat” at the front of the class during homeroom. I was holding a real box of Kleenex and the other kids had fun coming up during class and getting Kleenex’s from me. This was a really difficult costume to Trick or Treat in because it was so hard to walk up and down the stairs.

1993: 50s Chick with Poodle Skirt
I was a freshman in high school in 1993. Although I believe that you were allowed to come to school in costume, no one really did. There weren’t any Halloween parties or parades or costume contests, so there was no need to have a costume specifically for school. This year my sister and her friend Julie decided that they would go Trick or Treating. This was the first year that we would ever be going alone. I borrowed Julie’s sock hop outfit. We went Trick or Treating but I didn’t walk up to any doors or take any candy. I felt really stupid and too old. I was 14. That was my last time Trick or Treating.

1994: Hippie
This year I joined the school’s Dance Line which performed with the marching band in the neighboring city’s Halloween Parade. Baby doll dresses were back in style at this time, so I started with that and some leggings for my costume. I added a tie-dye “shawl” that I found in our attic (I think it was a table runner). I put my hair in braids and added a floppy hat and peace sign necklace. I finished off the outfit with some flower power on my face and a pair of “John Lennon” sunglasses (also popular in the 90s).

1995: Flapper
This year I wore a flapper costume to the Halloween Parade. The below photo is actually from a talent show about 5 months before Halloween, but it’s the same thing that I wore except for the shoes. I wore black jazz shoes instead. The costume began as a long black dress with spaghetti straps that I had been given as a hand-me-down. The material was that stretchy, wrinkled kind and the dress was way too long for me (I tripped in it). We cut the bottom of the dress off and then my mom took rows of black fringe and sewed them around the dress and added some to the shoulders. She took some of the cut off material from the skirt and tied it into a headband/bow and then attached more fringe. The gold sequin cap, choker, and garter were all part of an old ballet costume from years before. We attached fringe to the garter and removed the giant blue feathers from the cap. My mom already had the pearls. I added a boa and black hosiery (which had seams up the back, but you can’t tell in the photos). Finish off the look with dramatic make up and spit curls (not visible in the photo).

1996: Genie
In 1996 I was a senior in high school and this would be my last Halloween parade. We bought the genie costume at the store, but embellished it with my mom’s jewelry. Everything hanging off of the hat, the top, and the waist are my mom’s jewelry with added bracelets and arm cuff. You can’t really tell in the picture but I also have a tiny genie lamp hanging from my waist. We took plain white shoes and added gold glitter and sequin. You can’t see it in the photo, but we also painted a genie onto my calf. During the parade some kid came running up to me and handed me an envelope (which I thought was weird). Later on when I got to open it I found out I had one a $5 prize for a good costume. I never bothered to redeem it.

So there you have it, all of my memories of Halloweens past.

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