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SITS Blog Critque


Hi, SITStahs!

Is this awkward?  It feels like this might be a little awkward.

Is this awkward? It feels like this might be a little awkward.

I just got word that my blog is going to be critiqued today and I’m kinda sweatin’ buckets here! (Mmm, what a delightful thought!)

Back in 2010 when my blog was only a few months old I actually had my SITS day…except I thought the following day was going to be my SITS day and I was like, “Hey, why are all these people visiting my blog?” Then I had to scramble around to get a post up…and then another post.

I think maybe I talk too much.  Which is probably why I started a second blog, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. My blogs are because moving to .org is too intimidating. I scared!

Soooo anyway…I’d love to hear your constructive criticism on how I can improve my blog. I hope that it is easy to navigate and not too cluttered, but we’ll see. Do the polka dots cross your eyes? No. They don’t. You’re probably just mesmerized by my incredibly gifted blogging ability. Ahem.


Give me your worst. And your best. I’ll keep my eyes closed until you’re finished.

You can check out the critique over on the SITS Girls Facebook Page!


What’s going on here?

It seems like I abandoned my blog. I kinda have for awhile. I’ve been trying to figure out where I want to go with this blog for awhile now. Every time it grows it is very exciting, but then I also feel pressure to put more time into it that I just don’t have. Consequently that takes all of the fun out of it since I’m blogging primarily as a hobby.

I’ve been looking at my most popular posts and the search terms that bring people to this blog. It seems as though they’re visiting for the creative family fun stuff and not for the awkward posts where I ramble on about myself. I haven’t had the time or the inspiration lately to put up any new holiday posts and when the mood has struck me to blog about myself, it just doesn’t seem like it fits anymore. I’m now going to focus this blog’s content entirely on “helping you find creative ways to have fun and make memories with your family all year-long”. That means birthdays, holidays, traditions, family fun, and creative ways to make memories and celebrate every day. Woo to the hoo! I’m still going to be taking most of the summer off from this blog and hope to come back strong in the fall. In the meantime make sure that you’re following me on Facebook and Pinterest where I’m often sharing creative ideas from other bloggers.

I’ve started a second blog. The kid-centric, family-fun stuff will remain here at Coolest Family on the Block, but if you want nonsense, rambling, and “humor” (depending on your definition of humor) you’ll find that over at my new me-centered blog, I Make Myself the Queen. You can also “like” I Make Myself the Queen on Facebook.
Pointless. Sarcastic. A giant waste of your time. Read the nonsensical ramblings of the self-proclaimed Queen of Random.
I Make Myself the Queen…and the peasants rejoice!


I’ve begun vlogging regularly. Vlog is just a fancy word for video. If you’d like to follow my vlogs you’ll want to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I also post all of my videos on my Vlog Magic page and to the IMMTQ Facebook Page
Here is the trailer explaining my YouTube channel and both of my blogs. (Video here)

If you follow my blog and you’re in my local area (Beaver County, PA or the Greater Pittsburgh Area), I’ve started a Facebook Page just for local stuff. You can also check my “Local” tab at the top of my blog. I will likely no longer post any local stuff directly to the blog that gets sent to email subscribers so you’ll want to “like” the new page on Facebook for updates.

Apparently ads have always shown up randomly on my blog, and honestly, I had no idea because they don’t show up for me when I’m logged in as admin. I was asked to join the WordAds program and once I found out that they put ads on my blog anyway, I decided to accept for now. I have no control over what ads they put up or where they are at. I do not personally endorse any of the products or companies advertised here. I’m hoping that they will be family friendly, but if you see any ad that you find offensive please take a screenshot and email it to me.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to send me ideas, suggestions, comments, critiques, and concerns. You can comment here, on my Facebook pages, or email me.


Thank you, Mister Postman!

This is for Mama’s Kat Vlogging Workshop prompt
2.) Share something interesting you received in the mail.
And heck out my other vlog for Mama Kat’s prompt
3.) Make a video about anything…from a table in your kitchen.
How to Fold a Towel (A Pointless Video Tutorial)
(It was meant to be kinda sarcastic and “funny”, but may be helpful it you wanna learn how to rock a trifold like a boss.)


When Adaline was first born I was cloth diapering. I used fitted cloth diapers that needed a cover and I had bought some Gerber plastic pants second hand that I found worked the best. I couldn’t find any plastic pants in small sizes (under toddler) in any of the stores. I managed to find them on Amazon through a 3rd party seller (or something like that). When I received my order there was some of it missing so I had to email the company to send me the rest of my order. They did. I received two packages in the mail. One of them had the plastic pants that I ordered. The other package had something different…

Watch the video for the whole story and to see what interesting thing I received in the mail!
*Spoiler Alert: Don’t scroll down until you watch the video!*
Please watch the video before you scroll down and see the photos of this special “item”
(they’ll ruin the “surprise”)
(Email and feed readers click here to watch the video.)

Did you watch the video?

My hubby was taking the video and I didn’t think he got a good shot of the item, so I had him take some pictures of me with it so that you can get a better view.


…and you are welcome.
Now you have the perfect photo for your desktop 😉

Check out my other vlog for Mama Kat’s prompt #3
Make a video about anything…from a table in your kitchen.
How to fold a towel (A Pointless Tutorial)

Do you have an awesome adult onesie of your very own?
What’s something interesting you’ve received in the mail?
Tell me in the comments!


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Create a video describing what happened and how you handled it.
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15 Reasons Why My Hubby is Awesome
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*04-06-11 A rule I broke: In School Suspension

Coolest Family on the Block is committed to helping you find creative ways to have fun and make memories with your family all year-long. Don’t miss an idea, tip, or trick…subscribe and have updates sent directly to your email!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Ultimate Blog Party 2013
I’m using this post for the Ultimate Blog Party and North East Bloggers Network: Getting to Know You link up.

Hi, I’m Jenn! Welcome to my blog!
This is my 3rd year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and I am so excited to meet some new bloggers and get re-acquainted with my favorites. I know how these blog parties can be. You’re trying to visit and comment on as many blogs as possible so there isn’t a lot of time to read a non-sensical diatribe by a long-winded stranger. For those of you in a rush here are the bullet points:

*1 preschool girl, 1 toddler boy, 1 small dog
*Domestically Challenged Lazy = Dirty house
*Fashion = Pajamas
*Family = important, traditions = fun
*Funny, haha!

Me blog. You read.
Blog friends? Yay!
Follow? Thank you!

Comments = 🙂
Thanks for visiting!

For those of you with more time and a longer attention span, read on. Coolness, awesomeness, and hilarity will ensue. You don’t want to miss it. There will be much laughter…it will all be my laughter, but still…


I live near Pittsburgh, PA. I’m a wife to Cool Daddy and stay-at-home mom to 3.5 year old daughter, Adaline, and 14 month old son, Jonathan (my clomid vbac baby). We’re the coolest family on the block and we put the “fun” in dysFUNctional! 😉


*I hate cooking. (I consider making a sandwich “cooking”.)
*Dirty dishes make me want to hurl on my shoes (and fyi, I’d rather clean those vomit shoes than the dishes…proof of how much dirty dishes gross me out).
*I love planning parties.
*I have a serious addiction to ice cream.
*I’m a birth and breastfeeding nerd. I think placentas are rad. I’ve never eaten one but it’s on my bucket list (just kidding…sorta).
*I totally crack myself up (I apologize in advance)!



I try to keep my blog focus on creating traditions and family fun and reasons to ditch the housework and spend time with your kids. Sometimes I post about myself and the kids and which pajamas I’m wearing underneath the boogers today (I’ll tell you now…I’m probably wearing the same pajamas that I wore yesterday. And the day before that.). The truth is that the actual “spend time with your kids” part kinda keeps me from blogging as often as I’d like…and that’s okay. Occasionally the blog will go silent while I tend to things in the real world.

Glued to Mommy

Glued to Mommy

Each year in April I co-host the annual No Housework Party linky with Non-Domestic Mama. Be sure to stop by and link up any (new or old) housework or anti-housework related posts here. (Don’t forget to add a link back or a No Housework Party Button within your post.) If you don’t link up, that’s okay, I’ll just weep buckets of tears and eat snack cakes while I rock in the corner to take the pain away.



I’m prepared for the massive amounts of subscribers that I’m going to acquire any minute now begging me, “Please share your social media links with us, Cool Mama, so that I can follow you every minute in stalker-ish fashion and never miss a moment of your riveting and entertaining bloggy ways!” Well, for you, pretend random stalker-follower from the future, I will do anything. If you’ve fallen in love with me already (it happens, people…don’t fight it) and decided that you just can’t live without me another moment then I’ve made it very easy for you to stalk my every bloggy move.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube and more. You can find follow and friend buttons, RSS, and email subscription in the header, on the top of the right sidebar, at the very bottom of the blog, and at the bottom of every post. You’ll probably want to subscribe or follow one of those ways. Or all of them…there’s no shame in being a little excessive. We applaud it around here.

I’m not desperate, I’m just thorough. Very, very thorough. Ahem.

If you do follow me please leave me your links in a comment or message where you’re following at so that I can follow back (as in an “@” on Twitter, post on my FB wall, etc.). Thanks!

Coolest Family on the Block is committed to helping you find creative ways to have fun and make memories with your family all year-long. Don’t miss an idea, tip, or trick…subscribe and have updates sent directly to your email!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual No Housework Party! Link Up!


Today is ”No Housework Day”! Welcome to the 3rd annual No Housework Party blog hop hosted by the Coolest Non-Domestic Mamas on the BlockJenn and Rachael!

Whether you never lift a domestic finger or you are a dedicated domestic goddess…we’re giving you the day off!

(Click on the button above to get the code.)

Link up any of your housework related blog posts.
Here are a few writing prompts. Get creative!

-How are you celebrating No Housework Day?
-What do you do instead of housework?
-Tell us about that time you tried to clean something and it backfired on you.
-How did you become a Domestic Goddess / Domestically Challenged
-Share your housekeeping/organizing tips and tricks
-Confess your mess…be brave and show us pictures of your messy house
-Tell us your most/least favorite chore
-Why you hate/love housework
-How to you make housework fun (or at least bearable)
-Do your kids help with the housework?
(Link up as many related posts as you want, even ones that you linked last year, just include a link back!)

No Housework Party
<div align="center"><a href="" title="No Housework Party"><img src="" alt="No Housework Party" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Link up here or at Non-Domestic Mama Friday April 05 through Friday April 12 to party!

1. Family Friendly links only! Our blogs are the only things clean around here. We only have dirty houses, not dirty mouths.
2. ALL “housework” related posts are welcome (old or new)
3. Link up as many related posts as you like
4. Link directly to your post, not to your homepage
(Please do not link up giveaways).
5. LINK BACK! Grab one or more of our buttons and put it in your post with a link back, or simply link back to Coolest Family on the Block or Non-Domestic Mama in your post.
6. Hop and have fun!

Click below to add your link!

(Because I have a free blog that doesn’t accept javascript the links won’t be visible on my page. You have to click the link above to add/view links. Sorry :()

If you’re a No Housework Party Facebook Fan we’ll be sharing the posts that you link up on our Facebook page. Click here to “like” us.

You can also party with us on Twitter at #nohousework where @coolfamilyblog and @nondomestic will be hanging out instead of cleaning, and follow our Non-Domestic and No Housework boards on Pinterest! 🙂

Coolest Family on the Block is committed to helping you find creative ways to have fun and make memories with your family all year-long. Don’t miss an idea, tip, or trick…subscribe and have updates sent directly to your email!

How to Fold a Towel (Video Tutorial)

I’ve added this to Mama’s Kat Vlogging Workshop as prompt
3.) Make a video about anything…from a table in your kitchen.
Coincidentally I had just made this video last week for No Housework Day. Our kitchen light doesn’t work so I moved the table into the playroom to record the video. Enjoy 😉

I dislike all housework but if I had to pick a favorite chore it would be the laundry. I don’t mind laundry so much. Maybe it’s because there’s really no gross factor like there is with dishes. Maybe it’s because there are only four of us and the laundry is pretty manageable. I don’t know.


I’m actually really good at folding laundry, so I thought I’d show you how to fold a towel. I know, it’s exciting isn’t it? I like to rock a nice, fancy tri-fold with my towels. Also, I fold in the shadows because I am mysterious (or because I have crappy lighting in my house). Watch and learn, my friends, watch and learn.

(Email and feed readers click here to see the video.)

…and. You. Are. Welcome.
I just changed your life.
Spread the word.

If you’re looking for another pointless tutorial you can check out this ooooold one of mine: How to build a jigsaw puzzle.


How do fold your towels? Tri-fold, square, origami elephant? Tell me in the comments!

Don’t forget to link up your housework (or anti-housework) related posts to the No Housework Party April 05-12, 2013!

You can “like” the No Housework Party on Facebook, party with @coolfamilyblog and @nondomestic on Twitter at #nohousework, and follow our Non-Domestic and No Housework boards on Pinterest!

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Check out my other vlog for Mama Kat’s prompt #2
Something interesting you received in the mail

Coolest Family on the Block is committed to helping you find creative ways to have fun and make memories with your family all year-long. Don’t miss an idea, tip, or trick…subscribe and have updates sent directly to your email!

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